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Yoichi Shimatsu On The Secrets Bill

By Yoichi Shimatsu


Japanese citizens protesting by the millions against the return to wartime fascism, storming the Prime Minister's office and the LDP headquarters, demanding an end to the security bill, overseas weapons sales, and Constitution revision, the public overwhelmingly calling for a return to democracy and peace...

    Wait a second, what's wrong here? Who wrote this nonsensical fairy tale?

    A couple of Diet members confront the Security Affairs subcommittee for passing the secrets bill and ordering an Upper House vote without debate? That's it? Less than a handful causing an embarrassing ruckus for the patient and courteous members of the Liberal Democrat-Komeito majority. That's all there is left of democracy in Japan? In truth, was there ever any more than that?

    Fukushima is safe, go home everybody and eat the delicious fish and healthy green vegetables for the Japanese diet is the best in the world, go fishing and surfing and mountaineering, such a wonderful life on these blessed islands we call home sweet home. Never mind that tiny minority of misfits with their dosimeters, which are wrong about everything. Turn up the music on your headphones, check the Yomiuri Giants on your smartphones, be happy that you are Japanese, Nippon-jin!  Banzai!



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