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Secrets Are The Enemy

Jim Kirwan

Secret Visionaries & their Secret Generals

And Secret Governments are the Quintessential Vehicles

In the ‘secret world’ of secret-everything, compartmental secrecy leads directly to global-wars unending. The entire reason for having written a Constitution for this fledgling nation was to prevent ‘official-secrecy’ from ever being able to totally take over this nation.

But since we lost that fight, super-secrecy is now endangering the entire planet. To that end we must rise as a people and crush this parricidal-cancer at its core. A few articles back I mentioned the hypothetical need to remove 5,000 of the existing traitors from our midst.

I was wrong about that number!


If we were to focus on only a dozen of the most vile among this tribe of traitors, that would be enough to start the landslide that could lead us all out of the nightmare and back into the cleansing light of day—where “SECRETS” will be condemned for what they’ve always been—the enemy of all humanity!

Of course there are some things that will remain secret, because not everything can be avoided: But the global-insanity that has taken over global-internal-security is an obscenity which the world cannot afford, under anything except real and immediately-threatening circumstances.

One of the other requirements we need to add to everything we officially ever do, is that we need to have consequences built-in; to every public office that can swiftly end any “official’s career” when and if charges are ever brought against anyone in any high office in this land. Waiting years to prosecute politicians for crimes against the public ought to be a federal crime on a par with murder or in some cases manslaughter—because it is that serious.

After that coming government-landslide happens, we need to strip away all the junk-legislation that was added to life after 12-12-2000 which began this continuing crime, from that day to this.

We can and will give all that fake-debt back to those who created all of it, bankrupting all their officers, virtually immediately. With that curse lifted off the backs of those who work, we can finally arrest everyone affiliated with the Federal Reserve as agents of a foreign government, pretending to serve the people of the United States: When in fact those traitors have always worked directly for this nation’s real enemies and they must be made to pay for all of that.

What’s required of each one of us is to rediscover the backbone and the courage that it will take, to throw off this tyranny and from there we could finally begin to heal not only America but the rest of ruined world as well—not as USI, but as free-people associated with the rest of the people on this tiny blue planet. This desperately needs to be done if we are to save ourselves, so that there will be a tomorrow for anyone still alive today!

This concept is not impossible, but it will never be easy to reclaim the freedoms we so casually gave away under the totally-false names of “national and private security”!



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