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San Francisco Underwater!

By Jim Kirwan

And Oakland, just across the Bay is not far behind!

The style is ‘Magic Realism’ because I use metaphors to illustrate ideas that are usually only partly finished thought-forms. This one was done in 1994 and the Bay area was already well on its way to being totally submerged in what is now becoming a fact of everyday-life.

By June of 1997 Mayor Willie Brown had nearly completed the asset stripping of San Francisco which oversaw the end of an era: An era where San Francisco, as the headquarters of the Pacific Rim was dethroned and turned into a transient-nothing for a particularly ugly form of tourism. This deflation of real status here, was what replaced the power and the work-ethic that had made San Francisco and its real people what they had been for the previous hundred years. Yes, of course it was conspiratorial, but it was also part of the inexorable wheel of change that never ceases and it never sleeps!

Here’s one part of the Mayor’s new program of privatized-theft in the city, masquerading as a public service, which eventually ushered in the final blow that Feinstein began when she was Mayor and we lost our working waterfront.

So the changes that Google et al are bringing to the Bay Area today have in reality been a very long time in coming: But as this article says—they’re here to stay! (At least until the money collapses) Because then everything, throughout the world, will begin with an implosion that has never been equaled, and ‘high-tech’ will of course be the first casualty in The War on Us!

Highly paid employees are pushing up rents near the tech giant's California headquarters, forcing locals out and destroying communities, say activists. Now Oakland's residents are fighting back ­ hard. But are they too late?”


If pushing your enemy into the sea signifies success, then Google's decision to start ferrying workers to its campus by boat suggests the revolt against big technology companies is going well. Standing on the docks of Oakland, on the east side of San Francisco Bay, last week, you could watch the Googlers board the ferry, one by one, and swoosh through the chill, grey waters of the bay towards the company's Mountain View headquarters, 30 or so miles to the south.

Not exactly Dunkirk, but from afar you might have detected a whiff of evacuation, if not retreat. The ferry from Oakland ­ a week-long pilot programme ­ joined a similar catamaran service for Google workers in San Francisco launched last month. The search engine giant is not doing it for the bracing sea air. It is a response to blockades and assaults against buses that shuttle employees to work.

Many fear fresh attacks. A young software designer waiting for a Google bus on the corner of seventh and Adeline street in west Oakland flinches when I approach him. A few weeks earlier, activists here slashed tires and hurled rocks through windows. Since then a police car has kept watch, but the Googler remains wary. "A reporter? Can I see some ID?" He scrutinizes my press card and sighs. "We don't know what's going to happen. Anarchists are driving this."

By 1996 Magic Realism revealed just how farcical this “new technology” really was, yet the technologies continued to grow at light speed to the point that makes these images above so very quaint by comparison.

An eclectic range of motivations are behind the wider backlash against technology companies in their Bay Area home turf as well as globally. Fair-tax campaigners complain that they abuse their clout in order to dodge payments and rewrite rules in their favor. Privacy advocates say they pillage customers' data and facilitate, willingly or not, government mass surveillance. Others accuse them of worsening inequality by enriching plutocratic backers.”

An eclectic range of motivations are behind the wider backlash against technology companies in their Bay Area home turf as well as globally. Fair-tax campaigners complain that they abuse their clout in order to dodge payments and rewrite rules in their favor. Privacy advocates say they pillage customers' data and facilitate, willingly or not, government mass surveillance. Others accuse them of worsening inequality by enriching plutocratic backers.”

In the city these fleets of super-buses are only paying one dollar each to use the city bus-stops, when any fair appraisal would have to charge at least a dollar per passenger, per stop. But that’s not something that the special-people will tolerate. This special-treatment by the city for the Techies is not lost upon those who are being evicted so that techies can live near their favorite bus stops.

Bay Area activists started targeting the fleets of air-conditioned, Wi-Fi equipped buses last year as symbols of tech-driven gentrification, a process which is fuelling rent increases and evictions. The protests made headlines around the world, seeding hope in some circles, and anxiety or even panic in others.

"Writing from the centre of progressive thought, San Francisco, I would call attention to the parallels of Nazi Germany to its war on its '1%', namely its Jews, to the progressive war on the American 1%, namely the 'rich'," Tom Perkins, a venture capitalist, wrote in a recent letter to the Wall Street Journal. "This is a very dangerous drift in our American thinking. Kristallnacht was unthinkable in 1930; is its descendent 'progressive' radicalism unthinkable now?"

The real battle here is about the invasion of the Jews from Israel and other places outside the Bay Area to take advantage of their very own form of takeover, by cloaking it all in technology from head to toe. This cannot continue to be concealed, and there will be a very real backlash that will get more than just ugly!

The comparison was universally ridiculed. But there is no denying that the home of the summer of love is now experiencing a winter of fear and loathing. "Those people on the buses are quite scared, they feel threatened. Now they want to hide their faces," says Jonathan Chin, the co-founder of a new security startup, Bannerman, which rents bodyguards and bouncers, many of them veterans of Afghanistan and Iraq. Techies comprise a third of clients. "They like us because there is no need to sign a year-long contract. You pay when you need us," says Chin.”

Oakland's poverty, decay and murder rates deterred all but the hardiest would-be gentrifier during the dotcom bubble. But from 2007 the foreclosure crisis hit like a "Greek tragedy", according to a 2012 report from the Urban Strategies Council, a local think tank. "What began with an over-inflated housing bubble and the targeting of predatory loan products to homeowners of color has ultimately peaked with the displacement of thousands." Some 10,508 homes were foreclosed between 2007 and 2012, with poor, black families bearing the brunt. This created a "colossal opportunity" for wealthy individuals and corporations to snap up real estate, said the report.

Around the same time, a new tech boom driven by the likes of Facebook, Apple, Twitter and Google flooded Silicon Valley with cash and talent. Rather than live in sterile valley towns, much of the influx opted for the bright lights of San Francisco, driving up rents ­ and evictions. With prices there now rivaling Manhattan, even well-paid techies view Oakland, just a few stops east on the local Bart railway system, as a more affordable, spicier alternative. So now condos pop up like toast.” (1)

What is never discussed is that everything the Tech-World does now is shoddy beyond belief, but because the techies have no physical-awareness, they only see the newness of their preferred refurbishing and miss the whole point that nothing they do is meant to last beyond a year.

What is also clear, when you are forced to listen to what they talk about, is that they are one-dimensional creatures. As a consequence they should be afraid because while they will apparently win in the end—there will be a huge price that they are completely unaware of. Nonetheless, that price will be paid, just as it has been paid by every other carpet-bagger or Death-Star invader that has had to pay for their greed and arrogance ­ no matter where or what they seek to dominate!

That’s true because the same wheel of change they are applauding now, will tear their tiny little specialty to shreds within this year: They’re just too dumb to know its coming.

Having survived the dot-com boom & bust I can see what’s about to happen within just months. Everyone in the current tech-invasion works for some facet of the internet and when the global-money-boat smashes head on into the iceberg of global-collapse—it’s clear that the net will cease to function. Any tech-job that serves to facilitate whatever on the net will vanish because the would-be-powers will shut down the web in order to facilitate their takeover of everyone else. That will include the companies that now work indirectly for the illegal-police-state and the NSA.

Until now since Google, Facebook & Twitter have all been part of NSA. Their employees have bought the idea that their jobs will be secure. The only previously serious problem they’ve been comparing their current situation to has been the dot-com boom & bust. And that took a few months to “happen”.

The coming collapse will happen instantly and it will happen to everyone at the same time: including the mercenary-bodyguards that Google employees are currently using “to protect them” from the great unwashed. Coffee shops, cafes, and those very special eating establishments will have no customers during the revolution. Those who attempt to “whether this storm” will simply provide fodder for the gangs and the discontented-homeless to feed upon.

The extreme disadvantage that the current crop of techie’s suffers from is that their heroes know nothing at all about ordinary life and because of this lack; they will make perfect targets from all sides in the coming chaos. That’s just one of the hazards of forcing yourselves and your standards upon any hostile environment that has not accepted you as real people.

The story mentions the Jews during Kristallnacht, but the people speaking about this are so far removed from the background and the true facts that surrounded that event that all they’re left with is the fear. The more one knows about that night and what led directly to it, the more that Israeli’s in the Bay Area need to be afraid.

The only thing keeping all this from happening now is that there is still that thin veneer of order, based solely on huge chunks of illicit money, being poured into these fake jobs. That can only work if the jobs are protected by the forces that need to depend upon a working internet for survival.

Phone-companies and ISP’s around the net are beginning to pull some of our sites down, AT&T is one of those companies and some of my clients can no longer get access to my site. As this continues over the next few days leading up to whatever might happen on the fifteenth and sixteenth of this month with the banks: It becomes more and more clear that something major is in the works now—and that will not bode well for Google or any of the other slave-organizations who are serving NSA as be all begin this free-fall into something that no one in the USA has ever experienced here at home—yet!

So in reality it would appear that this forced invasion of the San Francisco Bay Area was not well timed, because if this shit does hit the fan, then anyone without real roots here will become the first and most attractive victims; as that inexorable wheel of real-change will not wait for anyone to “get ready” for what’s about to be!

1) Oakland the City that Told Google to Get Lost




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