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READ - FBI, Sandy Hook - An
Explanation & Truth Long Overdue


By Wolfgang Halbig


From: Wolfgang Halbig <>
Subject: Please explain to this 70 year old man how the FBI on their own Washington DC website show that the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Massacre took place on Dec 13, 2012. Then read the Chapter 1 I have attached of all the lies before the First Shot was even fired.
Date: October 29, 2015 6:25:53 AM PDT

Homeland Security and my FBI:

How stupid do you really think we as Americans are?

How do you sleep at night knowing the Panic and Fear you have Intentionally created across the United States an oath you took to protect and defend?

Anyone who participated in this CAPSTONE Exercise in my Opinion is a TRAITOR to our country.

Even our own FBI in New Haven CT was part of this Government FRAUD and Conspiracy.

This children will grow up and they will tell because when they need money they will sell their soul to get it for drugs or whatever.

You and your name will live on as a TRAITOR.

Wolfgang W Halbig

I know you can read because the huge TRAFFIC SIGN directed EVERYONE MUST CHECK IN to get paid.  Right?

Click HERE for pdf file of Chapter 1



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