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A Russian Humanitarian Airlift


By Jim Kirwan


To Save Crimea

When the USSR had surrounded and physically cut-off Berlin from the West, the US under JFK launched an American Airlift to save the people of Berlin from the tyranny of the then Communist East. In today’s world the same situation is presenting itself again ­ this time in Crimea.

Given that most of the world is totally unaware of the troglidyian blockade of Crimea, the situation would seem to call for extraordinary measures, outside the world of the tradition knee-jerk military responses that have been the only fallback position, in every circumstance, anywhere in the world of today.

Perhaps Putin’s Russia might be able to do something similar to the Berlin Airlift, to focus the world’s attention on Crimea and the horror of its’ plight today: In order to save the people of Crimea from the USI and the Israeli-Nazi occupation of Ukraine: And at the same time - not increase the threat of an even wider war on the Ukrainian peninsula?

The New Western-Ukrainian Siege of Crimea

The only problem for the rest of the planet is that Kiev continues to paint the huge number of Russian convoy vehicles that supplied life-saving relief to the people of the breakaway republics. Millions of lives were saved, that Kiev had planned to murder.

And millions of Ukrainian people found a haven inside Russia to escape the totally illegal destruction of their homeland in the Eastern parts of Ukraine ­ something else that the West has refused to even notice. If Russia had been the aggressor that Kiev says it is ­ why have millions of people chosen to flee to Russia to survive?

No doubt the Outlaw-government in Kiev will object to anything else that might force the lifting of the illegal siege of Crimea, especially if that something was as spectacular as a new and massive Russian Airlift to Save Crimea from certain destruction?




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