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The Ruins Of Lawless Wars
By Jim Kirwan

The literal war-damage from throughout the 21st Century

Goes far beyond Mediocrity ~ Ambition.

There are no words strong enough to describe the real damage

Done to the entire world, by all the lawless states.

Billions of people have died; entire states have been wiped out.

Still nothing has been done to relieve these open wounds…

The most recent addition to this global crime can be seen in the savage and senseless destruction of Eastern Ukraine: Damage that was inflicted by the supposed state that chose to slaughter its own people.

The international “investigators” want to blame both sides in the Ukrainian War; overlooking entirely that only one side chose this war, while the other was forced to defend itself or die. What is left behind is the colossal destruction of the most productive parts of Ukraine that took decades to build and create. No one is speaking to how this Warcrime could be or will be confronted, much less rebuilt because Ukraine used every penny for more weapons, bombs and shells to destroy that country. Kiev has now lost the war. There is no money to help the survivors to survive, much less to even think about who will get involved in bringing the Ukraine back to life.

The only certain thing is that no “western-corporation” could ever be allowed to make even one cent from the rebuilding of Ukraine ­ because they were pushing this war from before it began.

This is the Thirteenth Anniversary of the crime that started all these wars, with the exception of the War on Palestine which began in 1948.

We should go back to the beginning, to those creatures that have made their private fortunes from global war incorporated. Henry Kissinger comes to mind, along with Kissinger Associates. Kissinger and Brzezinski should be stripped of their private fortunes. All of that money could be used to begin rebuilding Ukraine, while they are stripped of citizenship and charged in international court for the crimes which began with 9-11-73 in Chile.

Kissinger was undeniably the mastermind of the first 9/11. As President Nixon's National Security Advisor in 1973, and the head of the "40 Committee" that oversaw US covert operations, Kissinger designed the coup that overthrew and murdered Allende. That operation was "Made in USA" and financed with American taxpayers' money. Kissinger's operatives paid lavish bribes to corrupt Chilean military officers including Pinochet, essentially hiring them to murder Allende and thousands of other honest, democracy-loving Chileans.

Kissinger's complicity in the torture and murder of thousands of Chileans, and the destruction of democracy in Chile, is no secret. Kissinger actually confessed his intentions toward Chile on June 20th, 1970 when he famously said, "I don't see why we need to stand by and watch a country go communist because of the irresponsibility of its own people.” (In fact, Allende was a democratic socialist, not a communist; his sin, in Kissinger's eyes, was believing that Chile should control its own economy and resources.) ~

Though at various times he has been a wanted man in various countries, somehow Kissinger is still walking around free...and planning new war crimes. Since the coup of September 11th, 2001, Kissinger has been a leading advocate of the neoconservative plan to destroy "seven countries in five years" as Gen. Wesley Clark revealed.

Though they invaded Iraq and Afghanistan first, and then destabilized Somalia, Sudan, Libya, and Syria ­ all of which took longer than the planned five years ­ the neocons' biggest and most important post-9/11 target has always been Iran. During the past decade Kissinger has been feuding with his fellow mummified ex-National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, about whether the US should attack Iran for Israel. While Brzezinski has been arguing against attacking Iran, Kissinger and his stable of Israel-loving neoconservatives have been beating the drums for war on Tehran.

Kissinger's anti-Iran extremism was on display Saturday when he told National Public Radio that Iran is a bigger threat than ISIL. What he didn't say is that by "threat" he meant threat to Israel, not the USA…”

Arrest Kissinger for both 911’s

The same thing could be done with the private fortunes of Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld to begin the reconstruction of Gaza and the West Bank which they have contributed so many years to erase ­ if people had the guts to come together to end some of the principles, at the same time: Then the entire edifice of the Outlaws would crumble like a house of cards in a Hurricane…

Nation after nation around the planet has been reduced to rubble by these madmen ­ yet no state has demanded that any of those who planned and carried out these crimes be arrested and charged. This is the Deadly-Limbo that is driving the kind of insanity that has created these borderless states that are being bombed back to the Stone Age, by the current Genghis Khan’s in Washington and Tel Aviv.

So far only Russia has tried to raise the question of repairing and rebuilding Ukraine ­ a former nation that for the last 10 months has been held hostage by USRAEL, so that Ukraine can be sacrificed upon the blood soaked alter of Full Spectrum Dominance. This is being done to enable the current Western Attack on Russia and Putin as their only way to survive the coming-arrests for everything they’ve been doing to the world, since the early nineteen hundreds.

Wars produce massive illicit profits—and so far there have been almost no consequences for starting those wars. As long as only wars are considered, nothing will be done about the flip side of all the wars. As long as these senseless slaughters continue then the people and places that have undergone these genocides’ have no right to exist.

By putting the jobless nations to work; restoring their own infrastructures and countries; there are huge profits to be made by the victims in those war-damaged nations, as well as the restorations of all that can be restored. But that can only be if the war-machine driven corporations, who created the wars, are forever blocked from profiting from the rebuilding of each country they’ve already destroyed. Instead their officers and major shareholders ought to be charged along with the politicians and the generals that have brought this hell down upon the earth.

It is very hard for the adults in the world today to recognize that they no longer live in the world they grew up in: Because everything has literally and irrevocably changed within the last twenty years ­ yet only a few of us who have lived through these changes have even noticed...

911 After 13 years:

Paul Craig Roberts laid out this massive sea-change which has taken over the US like a nationwide version of Hurricane Andrew, which killed more than twice as many people as were slaughtered on 911. And because ‘Andrew’ happened during Clinton’s star-crossed presidency, it has still never been formally investigated by anyone big enough to make any difference.

Deadly Silences: The Hurricane Andrew Coverup

The entire Gulf-Coast has never been restored from Hurricane Andrew in Florida or Katrina, nor from the BP “disaster” which murdered the Gulf of Mexico that has now succeeded in contaminating the Gulf Stream that’s taken Corexit to Europe.

The government cover-up’s of all these crimes is never covered because it might embarrass the multilateral corporations that own Mainscream Media.

If the public knew that 5,700 Americans were murdered by the police-state during Andrew: That might just make more than a ripple in the attitude of the public toward the illegal police-state and all those wars we keep starting every week or so, to keep the public asleep or terrified, of whatever might be next in this misbegotten place that was home to nearly seven billion people! What no one seems to realize is that this is a WAR upon the World, not just a war upon the people of any one or two or even a dozen nations…

How else can they eliminate over 95% of the global population which is the goal of the old world order, masquerading as the new world order!

If we came together and outlawed the major corporations and seized the multi-national banks; the world could return to building instead of this constant diet of “War, War and lot’s more War” as was so aptly described by Rummy and Cheney. That was the message that began the nuclear attack on Baghdad which they called “Shekinah!” (Or Shock & Awe, when translated from the Hebrew) in 2003.

This curse is described verbatim in “Revelations” And since the days of the Bible, we have never been free of

Conquest, War, Famine & Death

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What the world thought they were getting, by ignoring what happened thirteen years ago today, is the exact opposite of what we’re living in now: Because everything we had then is gone! What we’re living in now is what the entire history of humanity has been trying to avoid since people began to govern themselves, in a maternal world, before the Judeo-Christian ethic wiped all that out: In favor of global-paternal-dominance and the fear in which no one could be trusted to live their own lives free from the tyranny of masculine colonial slavery and police-state dominance worldwide.

Last chance: This black-day must mark the beginning of a total turnaround from all that has gone before. We must come together and use our individual skills to end this lawless nothingness that must be eradicated, if there is to be a tomorrow that anyone can live in…


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