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The Road Not Taken


By Jim Kirwan


There is a history of this planet that has remained unnoticed from our ancient past that is so utterly fantastic that those who knew about it refused to accept, because it was just too impossible to take in.

Thunderbolts of the Gods: Official Movie

These situations and phenomena are responsible for the development of life on the planet and for its progression to presently existing forms, men (and women) included. With all his ingenuity, man has not yet succeeded in creating life from inorganic material; but nature ­ light and heat and other forms of energy in proper proportions applied to matter containing the element carbon ­ started life and developed it, discarding numerous forms but selecting others, until through many vicissitudes homo sapiens evolved and in a rapid progress developed arts and industries, and multiplied his interests and enjoyments, listened to tonal vibrations and created symphonies, distinguished colors and created visual art, another of his worlds of imagination. To live in comfort, he invented thousands of devices and to live in security he provided law and its enforcement.

Man is curious about the world of nature around him and studies the chromosomes and genes, the microcosmos of stars and galaxies. He finds that there are billions of galaxies; a galaxy like the Milky Way has a hundred billion stars, and probably some of the stars have planets revolving around them ­ but there is a chance that conditions on them are ripe or beneficial for life and its development…

Our solar system is meaningful more than for anything else, as the abode of man. Nature is generous and free spending to allow this space for the luxury of creating man, but the actual space he occupies is immeasurably small in that area delineated by the Sun’s dominion ­ a planet 8,000 miles across. In our age man circled this ball of rock, with its oceans and atmosphere, in ninety minutes of travel. Light if traveling in a circle, would go around earth eight times in a single second, and this is our portion of the universe.

A world so puny in so large a space ­ but in the optimal proportion of that space: are we not lucky? The question is self-negating because we would not be here if the conditions were not so beautifully arranged. It may appear that Providence must be behind the plan and that the conditions that prevail upon Earth now must have been prearranged and existing from the beginning of time, at least from the first stage in the development of the solar system. But the frightening fact is that the conditions in which we live and develop were not always the same from the beginning.”

From pages 16 & 17 from “Mankind in Amnesia” Immanuel Velikovsky published after his death in 1982 by Paradigma Ltd. ISBN 978-1-906833-16.9

Part Two 1hr 18 min VIDEO:

Understanding the cataclysmic true history of the past life of this planet

Page 40… “The reaction (to this knowledge) would take the form of vociferous denial, protest, accusation and the organization of opposition.”

kirwan: most of the objections came from the defenders of current scientific thought, at the time, eventually backed by publishing houses that were afraid to go against entrenched science which Velikovsky had violated.

In others ­ overwhelmed by a revelation ­ there would be an equally strong reaction of acceptance, acclamation and a rush of missionary zeal to convert others. The demarcation line that divided the camps ran with hardly any deviation between those who did not read the message in ‘World’s in Collision’, in 1950, (ISBN 978-1-906833-11-4) and those who did...”

Page 41: “…The literary record puts a clear picture before our eyes. When we investigate the fields of natural history: If events of such a magnitude have taken place, there must be unequivocal evidence on land and at the bottom of the sea. A perusal of my Earth in Upheaval (ISBN 978-1-906833-12-1) will convince even the most skeptical of readers that indeed no place on earth is free from this compelling evidence. In arctic regions in the past, coal was formed and corals grew; rhinoceroses, mammoths and buffalo left their bones in enormous profusion deep in the polar circle. In Africa in China, in Brazil, in northern Europe and elsewhere, are animal conglomerates from tropical and polar regions ­ polar bears, artic foxes, tropical snakes and crocodiles. Brown coal (lignite) is found to contain insect forms and plants thrown together from regions as far apart as Norway, Madagascar and Brazil. Mountain ridges rose to their present height in the age of man, even well advanced man, and every exploring team from one of these major mountain chains ­ the Himalayas, the Caucasus, the Alps, the Andes ­ reported with astonishment the discovery of extreme recentness.”

This is the scientific proof required to prove the theories, which back the second part of “Thunderbolts of the Gods” that traces how much the heavens and the skies above the earth have also been altered during our not too distant past.

But since most of us have chosen not to investigate what has already been proven, it will come as no surprise that most cannot be convinced now that perhaps what is waiting for all of us is to have another massive change in what too many think of as our unchangeable ‘universe’ within the vastness of the larger universe that most of us have not pretended to understand in the first place…

When we look at today’s headlines and comments it is still inconceivable that the people of this planet have fallen for such a totally transparent and criminal approach to what continues to be done to the planet by global- outlaws that actually believe they can somehow get away with their attempted theft of the entire world based on a pack of lies that any tenth-grader, anywhere on earth could never believe in.

Watching Media:

Never any explanations, just continue to “Move On”

Ignore everything that’s failed and continue with the global slaughter

As if there will never be any consequences

For all the crimes against humanity and the planet.

Maybe we should have taken that road that would have gone away from global suicide and the outlaws that we seem determined to embrace, even unto global-death…




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