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Risks & Global Responsibility

By Jim Kirwan


This is what was created, by the Outlaws to control the people of the United States, by keeping the entire population in this continuous cycle that’s never ending. Look carefully at the image and it’s clear that nothing worth doing has any part of this template for the Police-State here.

It would seem that the current design of the world today is impossible to maintain; given that ordinary life is still filled with natural ‘Risks’ of all types. For the global corporate model to continue to demand both protections and permissions of all types, for everything that anyone continues to try to do in the US which is now literally insane.

For the last two years over 70,000 new laws have been added, with more coming each and every week: Thus making it literally impossible for ordinary people to ever remain free of the thousands of crimes, both large and small.

In the Bulletin Board of yesterday, it’s clear that the only voices that will ever be heard by anyone now are the voices of the criminally corrupted and the insane who are pretending to represent so many different people the world over. None of those that pass for national leaders, means anything to the people who continue to suffer beneath the tyranny and the treason that abounds. But the real insult is that none of those who will both pay for these global-crimes and suffer under them have ever had any voice in whatever is “decided for them” by the hundreds of outlaws that should have been tried and legally killed for their crimes years ago...

Warmongers Victorious


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