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The Return of the Plague

By Jim Kirwan

Global Violence marks the return of the Plague that once wiped out a third of Europe and threatened the entire world. This time ‘the plague’ is coming back in the form of creatures that are incapable of understanding the real threats to global society, that are now everywhere today.

Tanks, troop’s jets launch full scale war games in the Baltic

Rape, Violence, Torture and the slaughter of humanity are the primary weapons being used to finish raping the entire planet.

The old-world of Europe and the original United States have already been totally destroyed by this plague. If you doubt this just take a closer look at what we’ve done to these once prosperous nations.

East Ukraine

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And let no one forget Palestine that has been reduced to Gaza!

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Collectively the planet has allowed a just a few thousand greedy outlaws to change the face of the world in the 70 years from 1944 until today!

In Europe today the EU is playing the grasshopper, in front of the coming winter, that will see Europeans starving and freezing to death: Because they are choosing to embrace the fake club of the EU over the sanity of using the available and affordable Russian gas to keep their arrogant selves alive in what promises to be another terrible winter.

The “nations’ that “joined” the EU have already given up their individually as nation states or as individual people. They no longer have their own money, their own customs, or their own countries any longer: They now totally belong to the EU. The EU, for its part, is broke and about to collapse unless they can add new victim states to rape pillage and plunder, in order to continue to desecrate the people living in the once independent states of Europe.

Countries outside the core of Europe have “joined” the club only to discover as Italy, Greece and Spain have that instead of the promised prosperity, all they got was worthless money, massive debt, joblessness and homelessness along with absolutely nothing for their future except only more of the same. Those people would do well to study the lives of the survivors living in Gaza, because that is the future for everyone who stays loyal to the massively criminal EU.

The EU reminds many of the vaunted Death Star from Star Wars: All powerful and awesomely threatening, but in reality it has no strength on its own and is totally dependent upon the broken-military ruin that has become the Darth Vader, actually the USI, of the once powerful ancient world.

The time has come to dissolve the EU, if any of the nations still clinging to this totally contrived illegal system are to survive. Germany still has options, but very few of the other so-called nations have any hope of survival unless they immediately dump their “membership” and take back their own identities.

France is the one nation that is publicly acting to end their participation in the sycophantic wet-dream that Europe has fallen lock stock and barrel into. That was never a dream because it was always an unrecognized nightmare that has killed any power that today’s Europe once thought they ever enjoyed. The proof lies in the fact that Europe can’t feed or warm themselves, much less supply the energy they will need to survive the coming winter. Ergo Europe is totally dependent upon its pretentious “associations” to drag the colossus of their failed empyreal dreams thru another brutal winter in a world hell-bent of global war.

Every global association today has been built upon privately fabricated paper-worlds that depend totally upon whatever profits can be gleaned, from the global activities of privatized outlaws that will not share, in the end, with states that were dumb enough to give themselves and their independence away to try to stay relevant in the world that has already passed them by in the twenty first century.

This planet has embraced worldwide crimes against humanity, as the norm: As the precursor for private corporate profits purchased on mountains of the dead in country after country. This is the new normal. It requires all the ordinary people to join the private clubs of the EU, UN, NATO the global-bank of the Rothschilds; plus the IMF, the World Bank and the Bank of International Settlements, or they will be slaughtered as roadkill.

All of this global crime answers directly to the Vatican, USI and Israel in their privatized race to oblivion which has only just begun.

The continuing charade going on in and around Ukraine now, contains all the elements that make this global-obscenity so bloody real, because none of this was ever necessary. Ukraine itself was never the point, it has always been only the site where the enemies of the human race decided to force a global-conflict upon a people that already had a life—before the EU decided to “invite Ukraine” to become their latest victim state.

When their elected president said NO to the EU then the masquerade began. The party-crashers inside Ukraine began with the NAZI’s, CIA, NATO and the UN all taking their unrequested presence underneath the table, to begin their phantom ownership of yet another nation-state that needed to be forced to choose: And when they refused to surrender to the EU and the global-forces that have decided to slaughter the world—the war for the survival of the EU began in earnest.

Russia’s position as the one truly powerful player in the region, both economically and militarily became the targeted victim that should absorb the illegal SANCTIONS which the West so generously decided to shower upon Russia, with no proof whatsoever that Russia has ever had any involvement in the slaughter of the people in Eastern Ukraine. Of course everyone has forgotten that this war was created by USI, EU, NATO, and the UN: In exactly the same way they all had already acted in the liquidation of Libya and the restarting of the war in Syria. Now that the people in Syria have voted overwhelmingly against the forces that brought in the last three years of supposed revolution. The masque that was used to hide the criminal intentions of the entire western world has fallen away now; in the continuing race to kill all the remaining resistant people on the planet.

There’s an analogy that comes to mind here.

Think about a natural watering hole on the planes of Africa, near the end of dry season.

The water hole is drying up, just as the opportunities for global ownership are dying now. As the waterhole shrinks the animals still have to gather because everything must have water. Meanwhile the crocodiles and the scavengers become boulder and the herd becomes more and more desperate. Life around the waterholes is returning to the blood in tooth and claw that makes any survival possible—until the rains return.

Except that in this case “the natural rains” will not be coming thanks to the intersession of criminal governments around the planet. So the survivors around this dying waterhole will have to kill ‘the predators’ if any of the struggling herd is to have any chance to survive. This is where we are and this is where most of us will die, unless we come together to fight off the vultures the scavengers and the outlaws that are just doing what they’ve always done; which is to kill anything that will not fight to stay alive!

This global-plague has returned but this time with a vengeance that the Black Plague never had.

This disease being carried by ‘The Great Society Express’ is all man-made and almost as ancient as the fleas that carried the Plague before this crime against humanity arrived to thin out the global population for those that planned this crime from the very beginning…


To the New Dark Ages!


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