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Rethinking Illuminations


By Jim Kirwan


When this card was designed in 1980, it was meant to show how ‘compromise’ could be seen to lead to a far more limited outcome from the pursuit of the challenges that most of us face in the everyday world.

Yet now it seems that “COMPROMISE” might be leading us up from the darkness below, in order to escape the limitations of the futility in whatever darkness below we might be faced with—which in this illustration is the exact opposite of what was intended in this illumination.

In the 1980’s it was still possible to see real “CHALLENGES” as a desirable outcome that could be appealed to: To overcome the built-in limitations of “COMPROMISES” that too often cut into the muscle and morality of too many circumstances where compromises’ became requirements, in order to physically destroy whatever ‘agreements’ might be sought.

This happens today because everything has been turned upside down in this world, which refuses to see that real ‘RISKS’ have potentially represented real challenges to “STABILITY” in virtually everything that “life” continues to throw at everyone that’s still alive today,

i.e., there really are no guarantees in this life and it is NOT possible to protect against everything that might be dangerous to every person anywhere on this earth (In the unsaid reasoning behind “national insecurity”): In the fascist police-state of USI.

Seven Years of Waiting

Full Spectrum Destabilized Dominance is what is trying to seize the planet now.

This has been the case in play for the last seven to eight years during which virtually everything has undergone a massive reconfiguration in order to justify the total IMBALANCE that has become the excuse beneath the millions of lies that have succeeded in creating the chaos that rules everything in 2015.

One massive contributor to all of this was the way American’s have come to see the world, after Bush Junior licensed criminal mercenaries to fight our wars around the planet.

The policy was never debated or even discussed, because the only other choice was to reinstate the meet the illegal needs of the War Department, as they continue to carry out the unending illegal wars that Bush sent the US into, under totally false-flag conditions.

Using mercenaries to “defend” any nation has never been a good idea, because mercenaries don’t fight for ideas or nation-states, they only fight for money and personal profits, regardless of the innocents they kill everywhere they’re sent. Mercenaries are the private property of those who pay them and have never had the survival of those they supposedly represent in mind while they butcher bodies in the name of body-counts, torture, rape and murder for themselves. History tells that tale in very gruesome detail throughout all the wars that litter the lengthy past of human history.

In the case of both Bush Junior and Obamanation, USI has taken mercenaries to a whole new level, never before equaled, in the modern world. Mercenaries were used in a blatant confirmation of the fear and the lies needed by US Incorporated, because they have come to know that without mercenaries, even with their vast repository of lies has not been enough to let them realize what they actually seek: Which is the unconditional surrender of the entire population of the planet.

Unspoken Truths:

Yesterday I used a video as “background” for “Unspoken Truths”. The second video in that link was called “Why Are You Telling Me?” It’s a seven minute, thirty second video that in many ways brings up much of what has been wrong with the global response to what is happening; which simply put, has required the hangman’s noose to clarify and underline in blood what we have yet to do for ourselves in the current situation….

Maybe I’m missing something but for the life of me I can’t figure this out. I read and I read and I watch and I watch. Everyone wants to tell me how the world is going to hell. Everyone wants to tell me why. The environment is threatened by corporations. The police are racist thugs with guns. Amazon doesn’t give their workers ‘pee breaks’. The Gaza strip is an open air prison. Wall Street is plundering the wealth of our country and the IMF is raping the wealth of the rest of the world.

All governments of the world’s countries are corrupt. There is starvation when there is food. There is greed when there is need. And you are telling me ­ you are telling me as if I’m directly responsible. We had a response to this type of misdirected blame when I was a kid. “It’s your world I’m just living in it.”

I think that it is apropos at this juncture in history as well. The alternative press indeed the entirety of citizen journalism is as effectual as a long drink of water: It isn’t getting anything done, save to inform people that there are problems in the world: As if people didn’t ‘realize’ that. But they are pinpointing who is responsible, you might well add. “Un-huh” Well that’s the first step to changing things ­ Not. Not unless you also have their home addresses.

Never in the history of this sad planet have so many bitched about so much and it all amounts to nothing. It isn’t changing a damned thing.

I’ve yet to hear “Storm the Castle ­ Lynch the bastards! We all know who is responsible for the nightmare that is the human condition. That as Mark Twain once observed about the weather: “No one does anything about it.”

We all know what needs to be done and yet we play the peaceful protest game, made up by the very people that stand to benefit from such innocuous solutions. And we are left with only idiots that burn down “Little Caesar’s” ­ ‘That’ll show em’!

But things are not just that simple. There are various solutions to various problems’ you say. I have always been what is known as a ‘hammer mechanic’. If you cannot get it done with a hammer, use a bigger one. Of course I could get in a lot of trouble calling for Revolution here: But fuck it! I’m tired of telling everyone else what is wrong. They are telling the wrong people!

You tell Lloyd Blankfein about the misery he has caused in the world, just before you tighten the noose around his neck. You tell Rupert Murdock about the millions he has wronged minutes before you throw him out a thirty story window. You inform Bibi Netanyahu that he is a racist murdering pig, the minute you toss him unarmed into a crowd of Palestinian-prisoners. These people deserve no more justice than this.

But what about ‘the rule of law’ you might well ask? Did you vote for a law that allows corporations to attain the rights of the individual? Did you vote for the Patriot Act? Did you vote for Israhell to make a state within Palestine ­ no. Well, they did all these things without your consent. I could go on forever and for years here about what the roots of our problems are; but it won’t change anything.

A child can see how to fix the inequities of this planet. But it takes a ‘politically-correct adult’ to avoid addressing the problems effectively. And it ain’t about carrying placards or suing some company or other. It ain’t about voting for yet another charming greedy bastard. You know this: Yet you pee your knickers every time you think about doing the right thing, putting your foot down—getting a spine.

So, Yes I am calling for the Revolution to begin. Don’t let them convince you that Anarchy isn’t what you need to order off the menu that cannot be any worse than this antiquated hierarchy that we live in today. Again, ‘you know this but you are afraid. You admire “V” for blowing up Parliament to the tune of the 1812 overture and slashing the throats of the elite rulers and yet you ’pause’ at such rash solutions yourself? ‘It makes us no different from them to sink to that level’ I hear you say, Yeah… And what you call out in all your bitching and logical conclusion. Revolution is Revolution. It isn’t watching U-Tube videos about what we should be doing about the annihilation of our species by a few ­ You string them up!

I don’t know how I can say that any more clearly.

V” isn’t going to do it for you. Jesus isn’t going to do it for you. Mohamed or Kim Kardashian aren’t going to fight your battles.

I haven’t been around much of late. This is the reason.

I’m sick of all the bitching from people that don’t want to sacrifice anything for a better world.

When you get a group together with torches and pitchforks, give me a call: And stop telling me about it unless you are fucking well ready to stop it.”

Why Are You Telling Me?

It’s true that I feel a lot of the same things as does Snordster of Heretic Productions, especially in this particular case. When ‘we’ finally begin to see that we must fight the same enemies, NOT JUST TALK ABOUT THEM: Then we must come together and destroy these age-old enemies of humanity.


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