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Reply To The Scottish Government On Aspartame

From Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum
Exclusive To Rense

Dear Ms. Oliver, < >
Ref: 2018/0017914

What you are telling me is your duty is to refer people to Food Standards and the Scottish Government has no interest beyond that.  Scotland is willing to accept Food Standards propaganda from industry.  You are not seeing the point.  We are not discussing if something is just bad for the people, we are discussing that aspartame is a deadly chemical poisoned patented as a biochemical warfare weapon as Parliamentarian Roger Williams told the UK Parliament.  Here is my letter to the FDA who is responsible for this scandal with doctors and researchers quotes on it being mass poisoning and the biggest study on aspartame was done on the people: petition-to-fda-to-ban- aspartame-until-all-the- demons-are-dead.html That includes Scotland. 

The article mentioned "Are They Safe" came from the UK.  It gives the criteria for any government approving sweeteners.  You will see where aspartame failed.  I'm reporting Food Standards as being part of the problem.   I have already sent a copy of my notice to you to some in the Scottish Parliament. 

I have 28 years of research on aspartame,  None of our people in the UK or around the world in 45 countries are paid.  It's an effort to save as many as we can from the mass poisoning of aspartame  discussed by Dr. James Bowen in the above petition to ban in the US. 

This report is on how aspartame destroys the entire body and much is quoted from Dr. Woodrow Monte. diet-coke-literal-destruction- of-the-human-body.html I did a radio show with him last night which is on

If someone in Scotland were poisoning the food who would be  the people to take action?  Is there nobody in the Scottish Government who cares  the people are being poisoned or has the power to stop it?  Pakistan just outlawed MSG.  Romania banned aspartame about 8 years ago because of the cancer it was causing.  In the US the Delaney Amendment forbids approving anything you know will cause cancer.  You will notice I quoted the FDA themselves, Dr. Adrian Gross, admitting to the Senate that aspartame is on the market illegally because it violates Delaney, and  FDA should not have even been able to set an allowable daily intake.  The FDA serves above the law.  You notice in my last lines I told FDA they need to apologize to the world for what they did. 

I realize you are an employee of the Scottish Government and personally can't do anything about it.  Food Standards is certainly not going to help Scotland since they are part of the problem.  The Trocho Study proved once and for all  the methanol in aspartame is converting to formaldehyde and embalming the tissue. The highly reactive formaldehyde molecule becomes bound to proteins and nucleic acids, forming adducts.  These are little groupings of formaldehyde molecules that grow as more molecules become placed on top of existing ones.  They are difficult to eliminate through the usual metabolic pathways.

I flew to Barcelona to meet Dr. Alemany who did this study.  I can tell you he is a brilliant researcher as well as a compassionate and caring person.  He cares about the people living in Spain and was so concerned he went to the proper officials there.  No one seems to understand what these doctors are trying to tell the world:  "look this is poison and we have to do something to prevent the further poisoning of the people." The evidence is all there.  It's a matter of public record.  Almost 100 per cent of independent peer reviewed studies show the problems. 

Several countries have tried to ban aspartame without success, Indonesia, the Philippines, the UK by Parliamentarian  Roger Williams.  Individual states in the US have had bills to ban aspartame such as New Mexico and Hawaii,  There are so many movement disorders like Parkinson's being precipitated by aspartame there are not enough doctors to see them all.  In New Mexico they said they would like to set up movement centers to take care of the people since they don't have enough doctors.

When I lectured in the UK I met a woman who had seizures.,  She had them all her life.  When she found out aspartame is a seizure triggering drug she stopped the aspartame and the seizures stopped.  When she spoke to me I could see the anguish in her face and tears were in her eyes.  She said, "All my life there were things I wanted to do but couldn't because I suffered with seizures.  It ruined my whole life.  It's too late for me now."   She had been given anti-seizure medication but it didn't help.  That's because aspartame interacts with all anti seizure medication. The news got in the newspapers.  Victims were getting off the toxin.

When I returned to England two years later the aspartame industry knew I was coming. They sent attorneys to newspapers and told them if they wrote about my visit or aspartame they would be sued.  When has that happened with a "safe" product?

  They were waiting for me when I flew into Heathrow in England.   Someone from immigration said "follow me".  Without asking my name they opened my suitcases and removed everything that had to do with aspartame.  They kept me locked up 3 1/2 hours and said things like "If we allow you in England how many people will find out about the dangers of aspartame?"  Not exactly the thing immigration is concerned about.  I told the man questioning me, "I came to England at my own expense to warn your people aspartame is a poison, and you don't care enough about your people to want them to get the facts and save their life!"  This is the power of the aspartame industry.  It just happened  they took me to a physician and because he was so overweight I knew he was using it. Aspartame has triggered an obesity epidemic.   They laid down the 1000 page medical text on his desk, "Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic" and he said, "I'm using it, what do I do?"  I told him I would give him information but they confiscated it.  He told them, "let this woman go and give her back all the material she came with."  

The aspartame industry will do anything to keep the people from finding out so many of their medical problems are due to this toxin.  They know if we get the people off of it the problems will disappear just like the seizures stopped with the above woman, and they will know what poisoned them.  This happened in Atlanta, Georgia some years back when an organic market gave out 16 page brochures titled Killer Cola and exposed aspartame.  People got off of it just because the reports were so strong and in about 60 days the owner said people were coming in by the thousands.  MS victims were walking out of wheelchairs, fibromyalgia victims were out of pain and people who had gone to doctors for years suddenly woke up well from the problems they were seeking help with.  I opened the door and a woman fell in my arms saying "I was blind and now I can see."  Ophthalmologist Morgan Raiford, M.D. said if you get someone off aspartame and vision is still in the wet stage it will return.  Think about it, Ms. Oliver, if there are blind people in Scotland who are aspartame users they could possibly see again if aspartame is removed from the market or they have been alerted to abstain. 

Because of the power of the aspartame industry the very agencies like Food Standards that  are suppose to protect the people instead protect the manufacturers.  Who am I?  I am the messenger who brings to you what the manufacturers don't want you to know.  What happened here in Atlanta when thousands got off aspartame and got well, could also happen in Scotland.  There is already outrage in Scotland over adding aspartame to Irn-Bru - barrs-soft-drinks-company- hands-off-our-irn-bru-please- dont-change-the-recipe-by- cutting-sugar-for-sweeteners

What would I suggest you do?  Print out and read the two reports I mention.  Then decide who has the power to save the people of Scotland.  Keep making copies.  Think of the epidemics aspartame is causing like MS, lupus, brain tumors, blindness, seizures and autism, a tiny part of the medical text.  Remember the words of Dr. Russell Blaylock, neurosurgeon, who said :"Understand the reactions to aspartame are not allergic but toxic like arsenic and cyanide."  It's poison. Here is where it came from: Aspartame/Swirl%20and%20the% 20Swastika.html

Remember I was locked up by immigration in the hopes the information I'm giving you would never reach the shores of Scotland.  What you do with the information is what matters.  So many have perished, and its too late to save them.  I leave you with the words of Dr. Woodrow Monte in his acknowledgement in "While Science Sleeps: A Sweetener Kills".  They are profound:

  "This book comes too late for many,  Your sorrow is my sorrow, your dead are the numbers that made this writing possible.  I did what I could.  I never gave up, but the tide took so very long to turn.,

"There are those who need thanking but that will have to wait 'til we are done - 'til there is no danger that might go part and parcel with the platitudes of a grateful scholar.  Your time will come, you know who you are..I love you all.

"Til all the demons are dead."
Woodrow Monte, Ph.D


Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum, Founder
Mission Possible World Health Intl  (warning the world off aspartame)
9270 River Club Parkway
Duluth, Georgia 30097   USA
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