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Remote Control Of OUR POWER From China Possible

By By Ted Twietmeyer

I just received an unsolicited email from a large manufacturer in China. It shows they are not only selling electrical power products like circuit breakers, boxes and meters. But of more importance is their marketing of SOFTWARE SERVICES and REMOTE CONTROL.

The next time you flip on a light switch, turn on your electric range, air-conditioner etc... consider there may be hidden back door access in the hardware or software which controls power at your local power company from China. Radio receivers may already be hidden in power company substation hardware. It could turn power off for a entire service area from a satellite or cell phone signal originating from China.

I have changed important words into all capital letters to make these easier to find in the pigeon English email below.
This is a REAL eye opener.

Grammar in text below is unedited:

Dear Friend,
It is a pleasure to write to you this e-mail, this is Mr. Matthew from China. This e-mail is to contact you and hope to establish a long-term and friendly cooperative relations with you.

1.We can supply to you the electrical products, because WE ARE THE LARGEST PROFESSIONAL MANUFACTURER IN ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS IN CHINA. .Our products are exported to many countries all over the world, Now we hope you will be interested in our products (junction box、KWH METER, distribution box、miniature circuit breaker、timer、contactor、relay etc).Each product has its own series. If you require to visit our website or require our catalogue, contact with us please! we shall send to you the detailed information for your checking in the next e-mail, thanks a lot!

2.We can also help you to build some electrical projects (including the DEVELOPMENT OF THE SOFTWARE IN THE COMPUTER), for example: the high and low voltage substation, the REMOTE CONTROL SYSTEM, the solar(or wind) plant system; the metal cabinet(box/board/enclosure) of any special requirement and so on.

3.Having high regard for our good service please, If you want to import any electrical products or require us to offer to you any service of the electrical project, Do not hesitate to contact with us, thank you!

Dear friend, keep on this E-mail, when you require us to help you, contact with our group company directly please!
Look forward to your further information,Your kind reply will be highly appreciated for us! Thanks and best regards!
Yours friend, Mr. Matthew


Above email was unsolicited, and may have been triggered by a electronic component inquiry i recently made with a different company.

Ted Twietmeyer


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