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Regime Change Is Global Genocide


By Jim Kirwan



NATO which is an illegal totalitarian-enforcer has been tasked with creating

REGIME-CHANGE throughout the existing world.


The remnants of the EU are about to become just the ruins left over from the Genocide of Europe that’s halfway finished, despite the fact that most of those defunct nations are still unaware of their own very real dissolution.

The Third World War is nearly over on the back of sanctions and REGIME CHANGES that have replaced international law and nation-states across the universe. The planet has quietly already begun a violent transition into the black-heart of WWIV ­ yet the road-kill from this irrefutable physical-change is barely even noticed.

Chaos has become the coin-of-the-shattered-realm created by global AUSTERITY, the end of Freedom of expression and THE SHUT DOWN of public demonstrations against all the fake governments around the world that are multiplying everywhere as the impossibility of trying to live under the yoke of today’s fascism and global tyranny gets more difficult with every passing hour.

The logical outcome from this combination of merciless subjugation, forced austerity and the total shutdown of the freedoms that once accompanied “life” in so many “independent-nations” has rapidly become a thing of the long-dead past as World War Four makes her way onto the global-stage.

There was a precedent that once served to notify the world as to just how unsuccessful the current “policies” have always been. Here is the example that today’s Barbarians seek to not just meet ­ but to exceed:

Using the rebirth and resurgence brought about directly by USI and Israhell of the “Right Sector”, which is only a slightly altered recreation of the Nazi-Era, coupled with the application of the newly deconstructed crimes committed by the Bolshevik’s that are in reality the military arm of the Khazarian Supremacy, which has moved their plan for the planet from WWIII into WWIV: Without a whimper from today’s about to be victims which have still not risen against the global-Genocide that is proceeding ­ uninterrupted.

All of this is happening now because the world failed to punish the Khazarian’s for their crimes against Humanity at the end of WWII. What happened under Stalin and the old USSR, was unspeakable, and yet we are about to enter into a crime against the world that will make Stalin’s crimes look like child’s play ­ because while that slaughter and imprisonment happened mostly in Russia, this time it will be the whole world that is targeted for Global-Regime Change ­ from the exact same criminal elements that brought us the Gulags.

If you think the above observation is far too extreme, then read this meticulous critique from Steven Lendman. He’s slightly older than I am, but we both remember this ugliness in very much the same ways, which is why we will not stop pointing to what we know to be the truth.

A World Without War




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