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Regime Change In America!
By Jim Kirwan

After all these years of supposed “Regime Change” in dozens of nations: It’s clear from all those failures

That Regime Change must happen in America!

It would be very interesting to find out what the “put-options” are in Vegas right now. How many planes will the US will lose in the coming attack on Syria? And since Soros and others have made so much money betting against so much of what has happened all the way from 911 to the present situation ­ I wonder how much money will change hands on what’s about to happen now?

Given that four different US presidents have sent us to war in Iraq alone, and it’s still not “under our control”, one has to wonder why anyone still listens to anything our war-machine continues to churn out? Gadaffi was another of our “must have” Regime Changes, and look at what we left behind in Libya! Same thing in Egypt many different times, still chaos there. In fact in every country we jumped into, illegally, while demanding “REGIME CHANGE” we have not only not won anything we’ve left behind nothing but chaos and massive destruction—yet we’ve never paid for any of that destruction, or the massive loss of human life, at about ten civilians to every one American.

We’ve destroyed any and all of the laws that had been in effect until Israel and USI decided that “the laws” had nothing to do with them—because being ‘very special nations’ none of the laws whether national or international have ever been applied to either Israel or USI.

For the last three years we’ve been waging a totally illegal aggressive war against Syria, in order to throw out Assad—because he needs to be replaced, because “his people just don’t know how evil he truly is”?

With all of the above as prologue, the only two nations in the world that are in dire need of a full and complete REGIME CHANGE are Israel and the old USA. There is absolutely no reason to retain these lying traitors because neither of them or their administrations has ever told the truth, about anything that’s happened in the world, since we entered the New Millennium.

In fact neither America nor Israel can point to any military victory anywhere, which could be used to prop up all the crap they continue to spew about just how powerful and “irresistible these totally failed powers have become. Both “economies’ are in total shambles. Neither nation can be trusted to do anything they “promise” to do. Neither “nation” has any plan for anything except only more WAR, WAR and LOTS MORE WAR!

There is nothing to “get” by retaining these cretins except more torture, blood and death and yet they continue to befoul the airwaves with their childish pronouncements on every possible subject—except on anything to do with when or how this continuing war will ever end?

Consequently the world must inflict “Regime Change” on both the US and Israel—as the only way out of the potential oblivion which they have designed to kill 95% of the human race!

This time around both Russia and Iran have said that there will be consequences if our self-proclaimed dictator decides to send in American warplanes or missiles ­ against Syria. Yesterday he announced that if Syria dares to try to defend itself then the US will wipe out their entire air-defense system: Which is of course a Declaration of War…

It might be very interesting if while American war-planes and missiles were on their illegal way toward Syria - that a similar force was headed straight for Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, along with many of the huge number of Air Bases (above) that surround Iran (in BLUE) at the moment.

Iran is as advanced, or more so, when it comes to protecting themselves, and Russia has no equal at the moment and yet Obama behaves as if neither nation even exists. That might be a fatal flaw in this badly battered and failed plan that has been going on now for over three years with loss after loss after loss to the USRAEL side of it.

Why will this attack be any different? NATO, more weapons, or the total boogey-men of ISIS along with Al Nusrah, ISIL, Al Qaeda, and any number of armed madmen that will be used to cover-up the real point here which is the obliteration of Syria. Even calling this “REGIME CHANGE” is a misnomer; they simply want the land for prepositioning purposes in their coming all out attack against Russia.

Maybe the time has come to slap the bullies around a bit like giving the residents of Tel Aviv a nuclear greeting card, along with some unexpected visits to some of those overfed US bases all around Iran?

There really are limits to what “others” will put up with when dealing with US Incorporated. Maybe this time will be the time, when without comment, the talking will stop and the planes and missiles and ships of the “Amerikans” will finally begin to fall in numbers never expected, prior to these obscene threats by Obama against Syria…

Whatever does happen something has to give ­ because the world cannot live with these outlaws at the helm of anywhere!


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