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Redirecting This Fire

By Jim Kirwan


There’s a fire that’s been burning since long before most of us were born. It’s been burning through humanity like an uncontrollable wild-fire that leaps across the world with a seemingly uncontrolled fury that must be redirected, if human beings are to survive.

Here’s a clip of that fire that’s almost imperceptible; in the toll that it has taken upon the earth: Since we first discovered that it was burning out of control and has been since the twentieth century came of age.

A reader sent this, this morning…

Here’s a neat flashback through the past half century. I never did know all the words. Turn up volume, sit back and enjoy a review of 50 years of history in less than 3 minutes! Thanks to Billy Joel and some guy from the University of Chicago with a lot of spare time and Google.

We Didn't Start The Fire

There are a few very unusual footnotes to history that make this kind of “fire” absolutely necessary at this point in time, for the would be owners of this place. For instance: Did you know that the people who are reaching twenty-one today have no memory of the United States as a place where there was not a Fascist Police State in control? Do you realize that twenty-one year olds today were almost entirely raised by the defacto Police-State which has almost replaced parents and ‘education’, in order to control the future of this failing place? That’s true because twenty-one years ago it was 1993 and Clinton had begun selling out the U.S. one crisis at a time?

U.S. Events

U.S. Statistics

President: William J. Clinton

Vice President: Albert Gore, Jr.

Population: 257,746,103

Life Expectancy: 75.5 years

Violent Crime Rate (per 1,000): 54.8

Property Crime (per 1,000): 47.4

By the time Clinton finished it was “time for Bush Junior” and the end of the planet as the rest of us knew it. But for those who by that time were just seven years old; the coming of our first Dictator was just usual, given just how much those young people knew absolutely nothing about: When we left the twentieth century behind for the coming of the new-millennium.

It’s this disconnect that’s causing much of what’s driving this raging fire that’s killing us faster than we can act, to redirect-their-flames.

Every generation grows by throwing off the ways of the lives they were born into—that’s nothing new. But we’ve had four consecutive eras of total-destruction that have left the planet with virtually no-memory of what real life, for most people, was once like. This is especially true because of all the bed-rock habits, both good and bad, that have now totally disappeared.

Fraternities and Sororities’ might still be there, but they’re nothing but a shadow of what they once were within the society. The parts that parents once played, or were supposed to play, in the lives of their children has undergone a nearly complete frontal-lobotomy. Sexual moray’s, societal practices and any scraps of morality, along with most religious practices have all been buried in ‘a future-world’ in which there is no place for any of that, any longer.

The sheer wonders of the universe, the open imagination of children along with any possibility for future employment have all been sucked into corporate-business-models which have no place at all for any real people—anywhere, any longer. Imagination, actual patriotism (not the plastic-form for public-consumption) has no place to exist any longer. And real human-creativity has gone the way of the covered wagon in an age of Mach 4 fighters and global-prison-camps for anyone that disagrees.

But for the soon to be adults of today—there is no apparent disconnect in any of this because for them the past never really had a chance to affect them in that particularly personal way that history affected most of the rest of us in the song:

We Didn't Start The Fire

Those of us that escaped this living-death, that’s so prevalent now, had the chance to learn and live for ourselves without Big-Sis in our bedrooms, our jobs, or our entire way of life. We knew, or should have known how very much we’ve lost in the relatively short time that it’s taken “aliens” to steal the world and virtually everything that’s in it.

Here are some of the other “facts” that should have been screaming at the world from the front pages of newspapers around the world, but they were barely even mentioned amid all the global-distractions of the fleeting hours that signal the end of our former existence…

Over 5,000 people have been killed in the US by police than US soldiers have fallen during the [2nd] Iraq war over the last 10 years. The figure seems to reflect the increased militarization of police and, shockingly, means that you are 29 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than by a terrorist.” Posted January 23, 2014 (2)

The world’s second richest man, Warren Buffet warned us in 2003 that the derivatives market was ‘devised by madmen’ and a ‘weapon of mass destruction’ and we have only seen the first blast in this debt apocalypse.

The news that should have us all worried is: the derivatives market contains $700trillion of these debts yet to implode.

Global GDP stands at $69.4trn a year. This means that (primarily) Wall Street and the City of London have run up phantom paper debts of more than ten times of the annual earnings of the entire planet.

Not only can the Bankers not pay it back, the combined earning power of the earth could not pay it back in less than ten years if every last cent of our productive power went solely to pay off this debt.

This is why answering the issues with our currencies, our banking practices and economic system are not theoretical or academic ­ they are a matter of our very survival.” (3)

There are things America could do about all this, but we would have to grown at least a pair before most of us could even begin to do what happened in Iceland…

Americans Aren’t Icelanders

There are a number of reasons that America will never throw off the shackles of the Bastards from Basel. First and foremost, we, as a country, are just too plain stupid. Through repeated and failed education programs, such as Goals 2000, No Child Left Behind and now the substandard Common Core, Americans lack the basic sense to organize against anything, much less a virulent pack of banksters.

Additionally, at the end of the day, the Icelanders victory will prove to be inconsequential and very temporary. When the international forces align against Iceland for some contrived excuse, their government will collapse like a house of cards and the banksters will be back in control. We have seen it in Egypt, Libya and soon it will be Iceland’s turn.”

I disagree with this view, but that’s just me!

The Duck Dynasty worshiping, American Idol watching country can’t even find England on a map 65% of the time. A whopping 80% cannot find Iraq on a map, 55% cannot name the Vice President and America reads nearly two whole grade levels lower than they did only 40 years ago. In short, the rank and file of our citizenry lacks the intelligence to organize their collective shoes in the closet.

Change can be painful and America has become a soft nation. We are not only an ignorant nation, we are the most obese nation on the planet. Most of the people in this country could not fight their way out of a wet paper bag. My military sources tell me that there have been serious discussions among the military leadership about how they would fight a guerrilla war against the bankster occupation forces which will consist mostly of the Chinese and the Russians. What is holding them back is that they do not feel that they can count on the support from the rank and file of this population. The military believes that maybe, on a good day, 2-3% of the adult males would stand with dissident military forces. I never thought I would write this, but the American people are no tougher than the French and the French haven’t won a war in over 200 years.

I do expect that the factions of the military are going to rise and put up some resistance. However, no revolution can be successful without the support of the people.” (4)

In Amerika there is no longer any “WE”. There is only Reagan’s famous advice that resulted in this dictum:

Me, My & Mine” whose closet ally is Apathy. Beyond that there’s nothing but a Death Valley of the Soul that will die of thirst long before most can rediscover that ‘no one is an island’, not in this world or in any other’.

Ironically it’s this basic fact of human existence and experience that has been almost totally destroyed by the raging fire that’s almost finished consuming all the rest of us. Will you continue to just watch this collapse, or will you finally stand with those of us that will not cave-in?

It’s been more than thirteen years! While it’s true that we are probably not the only civilization to have lived here, if we don’t act soon it’s quite possible that we will be the last of our kind. (5)

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5) Are All Victims Equal?



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