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Real Risks Are Overrated

By Jim Kirwan


And Real “Solutions” are Under Valued

RISK’ is something that goes hand in hand with living your life, no matter who you are or where you live: Risk is as near as your shadow and as impossible to define as whether or not you will ever be successful at anything. And yet the fake government’s everywhere want you to believe that they are in total control over every aspect of your life! The back to back steel I-beams above, are a very poor imitation for the “STABILITY” which millions of people have apparently placed their idea of ‘SECURITY’ into: Despite the fact that no “security” has ever made any real difference anywhere.

It doesn’t matter how much they spend or how many people they spy on, it’s a physical impossibility for “them” to ever control the entire human race ­ period. What has happened to the truth, behind 911, which has now gone global, is proof positive that no one can ever keep the truth from getting out. It’s been fourteen years since they did that crime, but now the bloody roots of that crime are being laid bare for all the world to see. All that’s missing are the actions that must be taken against the outlaws who actually did that crime.

When I was much younger I thought that certain parts of any life could be planned and created to work out as anyone might wish them to be. But I was too young to understand how “RISKS” can affect any outcome, regardless of how well planned or how determined anyone might be to achieve any particular end.

When I had finished the 66 parts of the State of the Nation, the reality of what I was up against began. About a month afterward I was about to clean my Berretta one afternoon, I discovered that someone had removed the firing pin and replaced it with a fixed cog that would have caused the .32 to explode if I had tried to chamber a round in the weapon.

I was convinced that I needed a weapon as my apartment was under physical attack, several times a week, usually around four in the morning. So I called some friends that I had known in highschool, both of whom had retired from NSIA, to ask for help. They were unconvinced that I needed a weapon, as they believed that in the end I’d lose the weapon and probably end up dead. The situation was that they were less than two minutes away, and all I needed to do was to call them, if things became impossible. The harassment lasted fourteen months, until LBJ decided that he would not run again for the Tarnished House, whereupon I packed my bags and moved to California.

What I learned about self-preservation from my body-guards was extremely important: As their training had involved being trained to overthrow small nations for the government in Washington: Millions were spent on their training toward that end which had turned them into awesome killing machines, but in the end it was not enough: Because it can never be enough to keep anyone alive: If it’s your turn, then it’s your turn no matter what you do.

After I moved my friend kept up the Investigative Journal we had started in Oklahoma City. Months after I arrived in California, somewhere around the time of the Death of Bobby Kennedy, my friend was murdered by two teenagers that were paid fifty bucks apiece to put an end to the story he was writing about, on a weekend afternoon, while the dogs and his wife were in the backyard and he was watching a game on television: A pair of untrained kids approached his open front door and shot him dead. By the time I found out about it, many months after the fact, I put away all thoughts of being able to defend myself with bullets, because no matter how much anyone might plan to prevent it, there is no way to actually change history, if your time has come to die.

Everyone alive today will die in this world ­ someday!

What we have to do is use whatever time we have wisely, because there are no guarantees for anyone trying to live here, so we might as well live our lives to the hilt. The Natives have a much more intelligent approach to these inevitabilities than I ever managed to conceive. Many of them believed that when the day came they met it openly with: “It’s a Great Day to Die” and they meant every word.

There are no guarantees: There never were any and there will never be anything that exists without major risks.

That brings us to some of the more ridiculous statements coming out of the failed offices of the Shadow Government today. The first is about the near total impossibility of how the war-department is planning to defeat the public inside America.

WASHINGTON — When the Army looks to the future, it sees cities. Dense, sprawling, congested cities where criminal and extremist groups flourish almost undetected by authorities, but who can influence the lives of the population while undermining the authority of the state.

And the service is convinced that these “megacities” of 20 million or more people will be the battleground of the future.

The problem from a military strategists’ point of view, however, is that no army has ever fought it out in a city of this size. So in thinking through the issue of what to do about the coming age of the megacity, the Army’s Capabilities Integration Center (ARCIC) got together with US Army Special Operations Command, the chief of staff’s Strategic Studies Group and the UK’s Ministry of Defense in February to explore these types of urban operations.

There is no historical precedent” for these kinds of operations, Brig. Gen. Christopher McPadden, ARCIC’s director of concept development and learning directorate, said on Aug. 28. “We really have to figure out the scope and scale of the kind of operations we’ll have to participate in.””

Army Sees ‘Megacities’ as the future battlefield

The problem with this drivel is that our “generals’ have no real life experience despite their chest full of ribbons, because none of them have ever won any war they’ve fought in: Ergo their only “experience” has been in how to win many encounters and still manage to lose every war.

Their first comments tell anyone who’s actually listening all that we need to know, concerning just how dangerous is such a “threat”. Firstly there are not that many 20,000,000 strong cities in this nation to worry about: But the grossly exaggerated numbers tell anyone that’s actually serious, that these generals know absolutely nothing about mega-cities or the supposedly massive populations that might actually live in such places.

I’m definitely not a military planner or even a battle trained GI. I’m just a guy who has come to know a lot of people, and many of them live in congested inner cities. As a kid I came to know about gang-fights in the inner-city, but that was nothing by comparison.

The first rule of thumb here and now is that there is no way for these children in their gray-suited pajamas to make it into the inner cities with any of their military toys without being more than just noticed. The sheer numbers of people in the city alone would swallow any such “force” should any of them even begin to look like they had come to attack or arrest parts of the herd that call those cities home. Because of the numbers: The troops would always be surrounded where ever they try to go anywhere within any such cities. Clearly none of their booties would ever last more than a few hours, if they chose to put them on the ground in any mega-city anywhere in the world.

If anyone in Washington had read any of the documents related to the UN or Agenda 21, they would know that the only creatures planning for “megacities” are those two organizations, together with Israel and NATO: everyone else knows that because the only organizations planning to create these “MEGACITIES” are the same creatures that want to slaughter all the inhabitants of those mythical places, along with the rest of the entire world as well…

One Million to One  

The fact that these useless ‘advisors’ are even trying to discuss this is not only ludicrous, “2030” is not a real date; given that this entire military farce will have been totally destroyed by the end of 2015. This is pure PR that has nothing to do with anything except to try and keep the brain-dead public paralyzed with fears of things that are quite literally impossible for anyone to conceive of.

There are always several more of these kinds of daily THREATS published each and every day to discourage everyone from either thinking for themselves or from being able to understand “the impossibility” of what we’re all supposed to be totally terrified of. It’s as full of blatant lies as are the headlines that are continuing to track the collapse of the so many parts of the world that were supposedly on a roll: Until they weren’t and now all that public failure is all turning out to be quite true!


Everything is Coming True

Today’s Bulletin Board makes clear in the first fifteen minutes, devoted to the total failure of SECURITY to control anything in the world of today.


The forces that have created this globally-savage situation come directly from the 67 years of WAR against the entire planet by Zionism which has been paid for and supported at every turn by the West and USI.


Bulletin Board RT News January 7, 2015 (1900 MSK)


It is crystal clear that violence is not only not the answer to anything in the world today, but it is that element in global-society that has upended the entire planet.

There is a way out of all of this, but it will take the direct involvement of every nation currently under threat from the West and Israel.


M. O. N. E. Y. has been the cause celeb behind everything that’s happened since the world was blackmailed into accepting the illegal takeover of Palestine by Israel. If the community of nations could begin to defund these terrorists who are calling themselves actual nations, could be defunded ­ globally ­ then an entirely different method of living in the world could finally begin to take hold.


For any of that to happen people from the wider world must come together to end this global-bloodbath: Nothing else can ever succeed in stopping this juggernaut that is threatening the entire planet. MONEY has always been the key and the massive criminality in every area of finance, conquest, war, famine and unnecessary death, is all that anyone will ever have, if those of us that know this truth do not begin to act in unison…


The world cannot eat gold, we cannot be intimate with fake-wealth and we cannot take any of that ill-gotten loot with us when we finally leave this place: But unless we begin to realize the total-failure of the falsely named “SECURITY” AND BEGIN TO RETURN TO SOME REAL VALUES in this world, nothing will ever change except to get much, much worse.


If the money behind all these fake-rises and falls across the planet, does not dry-up almost immediately the whole thing will only bring on the ugliest ending imaginable; even faster…


Ultimately the world must come to realize that there can never be any SECURITY that can ever prevent what is going on now, everywhere.


The “laws” no longer exist. If we want to change this world now then we must stand up and make the changes that will end the nightmares and reinvigorate the existing world, in much the same way that Russia and China have already begun to do, as described in yesterday’s article.


The only real “security” for anyone now is in the way we have chosen to live our individual lives: No one else can do that for us, and the state has nothing to do with the choices that all of us individually make each and every day… Until we begin to live that truth and punish the criminals among us, nothing in this world will ever change!


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