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The Real Price of Tyranny 





Governance by S.W.A.T.

Special Weapons And Tactics

USIS has 54 SWAT Teams, 46 of which were used

in rotation, against the handfull of protesters at the Refuge.

At the Burns Municipal Airport, there's no sign of the FBI special teams that rotated in from around the country -- 46 of the agency's 54 SWAT teams saw duty in Harney County. And at the Harney County Courthouse, the metal detector at the entrance is gone, as is the fencing that safeguarded police as they worked to end the takeover...

The visit certainly gave them context to understand what happened out on the Oregon desert 30 mile southeast of Burns, but FBI evidence teams already have identified and removed evidence. According to a video posted to Facebook, Lisa Bundy also showed up Thursday. She's the wife of Ammon Bundy and said on the video that she had come from her Idaho home to fetch her husband's truck. She said she also wanted to get his clothes, ATVs ­ and picnic benches. She complained on the video that she had been told she couldn't take the items just yet.

Another sign of normalcy is what's not on Sod House Lane, the two-lane road that leads to the refuge headquarters. There's no more electronic sign at the turn off at State Route 205 warning of arrest to those who ignored the roadblock. And the heavily armed FBI agents with their imposing BearCats no longer wave traffic to a stop a few miles from the headquarters, where some turn off Sod House Lane to reach the nonprofit Malheur Field Station. At the Burns Municipal Airport, there's no sign of the FBI special teams that rotated in from around the country -- 46 of the agency's 54 SWAT teams saw duty in Harney County....”

Wildlife Refuge Heads Towards Normal

As part of trial that's about to begin the defense might want to include the cost of the rotation from all over the nation, for 46 SWAT Teams, that were apparently needed to control no more than a dozen protesters. Apparently this was necessary so that none of the “forces” used to intimidate and possibly kill the “occupiers” would not be influenced by facing local people?

Think of the money spent to rotate these thugs, pretending to be “police”, which must be added to 'the actual cost' of this national-charade, not to mention the costs still increasing for the evidence-planting, removal and fabrication's that are still going on in an effort to build “the case” that did not exist before this “standoff” began, and BEFORE people were arrested ­ as the thugs had not yet decided how to fake, whichever part of this crime would be possible to prosecute.

Then there's the total lack of evidence regarding the vehicles that were driven in the convoy that was ambushed, together with the truck that LaVoy was driving that his widow cannot have back ­ not even pictures of the vehicles, nor the evidence of what the autopsy shows, regarding the assassination of LaVoy Finicum. (Mandatory to prove that a murder had even occurred)Then there's the matter of none of the government's thugs that have ever been named for the public, in the same way as The Oregonian ran mug-shots of the accused, without any evidence ­ now the back-story is also being smeared as well, referring to Aamon Bundy as “just a Businessman” and no mention of the real reason for the fake-arrests, which transpired in Nevada and not in Oregon.

Aamon Bundy was at The Wildlife Refuge, but the reason that made his arrest mandatory for the Outlaw FED's, has to do with the unmentioned crimes, committed by the FEDS during the siege of Bunkerville, Nevada two years ago. It's of course unclear how much of that “evidence” will be excluded or included in this about to commence farce of the Show-Trial that's about to be held in Portland, Oregon. This is a major travesty as those who should have been charged with real crimes were never arrested or charged for the physical crimes they clearly committed which cause the number of resistors to mushroom from a few dozen to hundreds, once the military saw the BLM & the FBI pointing weapons at American's who were demanding a fair hearing for their plight.

The reason this is a real problem is that since 1978 the entire court system in this place has been totally criminal; that includes every judge, lawyer, and court in the now dead U.S.A.

Once There Was a Constitution ­ Now There is None

This is just a continuation of government trying to protect it's own power, government taking land that does not belong to them from the people.” Bundy's statement read. “This is a continuation of them overreaching—going far beyond their constitutional bounds and showing that they are willing to use to the court system to prosecute people that were defending their rights; defending their property. And don't forget what happened at the Bundy Ranch: That they killed cattle, that they Tasered people , that they threw women on the ground, that they sicced their dogs on pregnant women, that they gang-beat men to the ground for filming their with their i-Pad. And that they set up a First Amendment rights area, saying that 'you cannot protest outside these corrals. Don't forget what happened at the Bundy Ranch, and how important this is that we make a stand...”

Given the money that the government has expended on these ranchers, farmers, miners and US Citizens to steal their lands, their resources, their rights and their lives ­ it's finally clear that the outlaws now OCCUPYING THE UNITED STATES will go to any length to protect their criminal activities that have been going on for decades.

If this SHOW-TRIAL does what it's been designed to do, then no person wearing a US badge of any kind should ever feel safe anymore. And since the largest employer in the nation is made up of this same criminal bunch of outlaws: What's clear is that things will CHANGE, and they will change permanently ­ beginning with the entirely corrupted system as it's been covered up by the true MEDIA whores that have been dealing in nothing but lies for over fifty years: The MEDIA is not protected like the bankers and politicians are, but if and when 'something happens' to TRUMP, or the selections ­ this time ­ everything that the one-party-system has tried to protect will be erased.

Part of the con here was that the SWAT Teams were created as part of “The War on Crime, then that morphed into the War on Drugs—but ironically those Special Weapons & Tactics Teams were never used against the mob, or even the drug dealers, except in the movies ­ in life they've always been used to kick down doors and murder Americans that dare to question what is so loosely called “CRIME” in Amerika, because this is the bungled 'point of the spear' that's being used to intimidate American's whenever any of us resist the Police-State that's globally criminal now ­ just look at Europe, that's already gone ­ or any of the places where we've sent-in troops to slaughter the population and turn other countries into scorched-earth no matter where we've gone. Now we're almost out of targets, so USIS has begun to consume itself and everyone of us along with every part of 'it'.


All of this gets closer by the minute thanks to what continues to accelerate throughout the Middle-East and Europe: Because the scale and scope of these crimes against humanity are global, and always have been...

P.S. Political Prisoners

A political prisoner is someone imprisoned because they have opposed or criticized the government responsible. The term is used by persons or groups challenging the legitimacy of the detention of a prisoner. Supporters of the term define a political prisoner as someone who is imprisoned for his or her participation in political activities. Judge Anna Brown should dismiss all charges against all the refuge occupiers. American Citizens should never be incarcerated over their beliefs nor protests thereof to include occupations /sit-ins/ marches, et al.....” GT

Everything is about to go far beyond ugly

And all of this has been directly due to keeping the global public

permanently in the dark,

But that has not worked, because “Everybody Knows!

It's time to Pay that Ancient-Piper, that we call the truth,

in blood & treasure

This is the price that will not stop until this global disease on all fronts

is exterminated from the earth.

Watch the trial of the “occupiers” in Oregon

And hold the court, the judge, the state & the nation fully accountable

for everything that does & does not happen ­ period.


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