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Reality Challenges The Psy-Op


By Jim Kirwan


Yesterday Superstation95 broke the latest story about what's really behind all the maneuvering going on in throughout the Middle East. I'm not an expert of any kind but I've spent over half a century studying weapons and tactics, which leads me to believe that the French National Antique above sums up rather well what's wrong with the current military projections being planned to scare the hell out of the world.


RADIO SHOW: Saudis, UAE Staging Troops in Lebanon for Damascus Attack; Turk Navy Deployed to Med to destroy Russian air defenses of Syria! Citizens told GET OUT of LEBANON IMMEDIATELY!


k - The Charles De Galle, above, is vintage WWII and represents no threat at all to Russia or anyone else, as she can be sunk in a very few seconds after she's targeted, with all her aircraft still on deck. This final and left-over piece of French military “power' is just that ­ an empty symbol that poses no real threat to any nation, any longer.

SS95: “Realizing a massive invasion of Syria would provoke a Tactical Nuclear response by Russia, the Saudis and Turks changed strategy: neutralize Russia first, take Damascus in one fell swoop, with troops sent covertly as tourists inside nearby countries! In a staggering and cunning change, Saudi Arabia and its "Arab Coalition against Terrorism" as well as Turkey have changed plans from an initial, massive invasion from Saudi Arabia, through Jordan to Syria. Once that plan for a massive invasion became obvious, and the tactical nuclear response to such an invasion became inevitable, the Saudis and Turks had to switch gears and form a new plan.”

k- Today on RT: USIS unilaterally announced a new plan, even before the so-called truce goes into effect. Under this “Plan B” Russia and Syria would soon be forced to accept military-defeat by Turkey, Saudi Arabia & other hostile nations, except that none of this artificial maneuvering adds up to the kind of military conclusions which they are now claiming “cannot be stopped”. The plan: Part of which includes the tactics described in detail, in the article I'm quoting from here, amounts to something that totally fails to even consider the total lack of military superiority that is assumed to be successful in this assessment.

Inside Lebanon and Jordan for instance ­ Hezbollah has been ruling since they kicked Israel's ass the last two times that Israel formally invaded those nations. It's more than safe to say that the supposed invasion by “Saudi-combat-troops” disguised as tourists would be found and tracked to the point of being taken out long before they can do much of anything, by Hezbollah ­ that would not only end the threat to use the civilians in Lebanon as shields: It would also crush any real chance to have an effect on the the outcome of a Saudi attack on Syria, or Russian forces, from the ground. The Saudi Air Force is a totally inept “force”, one that given their track record against the totally disarmed state of Yemen ­ where despite their supposed military advantage the Saudi's are still losing heavily. This tends to discredit the supposed threat of all those Saudi aircraft that have never been victorious even without an opposing air force of any kind.

And of course Russia's S400's and S-500's are now actively defending Syria.

SS95: Hints that something was afoot came this morning when Saudi Arabia (SA) publicly warned its citizens not to travel to Lebanon and told any Saudis inside Lebanon to leave immediately. About two hours later, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) told its citizens the exact same thing.

k: Such public pronouncements could never have been missed by any of the forces currently fighting in Syria, including Russia. So,

with the element of surprise having been totally compromised,

more than half of this stealth attack has already been neutralized.

SuperStation95 made a quick inquiry to our sources in the Pentagon and they confirm that days ago, Turkey, SA and other coalition countries ordered redeployment of submarines, into the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, some told to take up station West of Latakia, Syria and others told to take up stations southwest of Tartus Syria. Both those places are the location of Russian bases and troops inside Syria.”

k ­ Aside from the fact that Russia has all of this on tape and on video from satellites, this cannot come as any kind of surprise to the Russian political leadership or to the Russian military: Especially since Turkey and the Saudi's have made clear their hatreds and venom for everything Russian, at least since Russia came to the aide of the sovereign Nation of Syria. So other than the fact that all these civilians have been ordered to leave Lebanon, by various criminal countries ­ there is nothing new in the announcement for Syria, Russia, Iran, the Kurds or Hezbollah: And given the revelations by Kerry about the new-old Plan B today ­ what is clear is that USIS has not changed its filthy spots because this is their last-ditch effort to snatch another empty-victory from the jaws of certain-global-defeat.

SS95: It is widely believed the submarines are targeting Russian ships which are equipped with the advanced S-300 or S-400 anti-missile system. Upon receiving an attack order, those submarines will fire torpedoes at the Russian vessels patrolling the Mediterranean near Syria AND FIRE AT SHIPS DOCKED IN TARTUS AND LATAKIA, with the intent of disabling (not sinking) them, to neutralize the anti-aircraft capabilities of those ships.”

k: Russia has the most sophisticated tracking systems, of all the nations on the planet, and she knows where all the subs are that could threaten Russian forces, anywhere. To have believed that these untested forces of the Saudi, French, and Turkish military would be able to be effective against the fifth generation defensive weapons that Russia has deployed throughout the region ­ is ridiculous on its face.

Since the Turks, Saudis and other nations in the "Arab Coalition against Terrorism" ALL have submarines, there will be no way to tell which nation is responsible for attacking the Russian ships. All of them will have "plausible deniability!

Once the ships on patrol and those in port are disabled, there will be a gaping hole in the air defenses protecting Syria. At that time, warplanes from Incirlick Air Base in Turkey will commence attacks into Syria, through that air defense gap, and attack Damascus directly...”

k ­ This is another fantasy. Incirlick is known and vulnerable to S400's & 500's that are already in place and can bring down anything that's airborne, anywhere in the region ­ Russia is not dependent upon the air-defenses aboard Russian ships to accomplish this or any other task. The assessment of military capabilities of these 'forces' that are seeking to attack Syria and her Russian, Hezbollah and Iranian forces ­ have again sadly underestimated the defending forces in the region ­ and that underestimation includes USIS in particular along with the aging and totally ineffective France.

SS95: “It is now also known that the Israeli government has been quietly working with Jordan and Saudi Arabia to prepare for a large force of Arab troops to USE THE GOLAN HEIGHTS to travel north into Syria, to attack Damascus and topple its President Assad. Our source in the Pentagon told us "It is in Israel's interest to overthrow Assad because in doing so, they get to keep the Golan Heights which for years, they have only occupied." By working with Arabs to achieve this purpose, Israel is generating good will inside Arab nations with the goal of long term peace and stability. The fact Israel has authorized armed Arab troops to move, en masse, through the Golan Heights, is a risk for Israel, but one they believe will foster trust with the (new) Syrian regime (By deception they shall wage war.)”

k: The ”source” in the pentagon? More outdated fantasies. Israel's theft of the Golan Heights has been known since they stole it in the '67 war. Russia has not chosen to make an issue of it, as they will no doubt deal with that after Syria has been liberated: At which time Israel will be firmly told to leave or face the consequences. Unfortunately for the Arabs by attempting to use the Golan Heights, to strike what they have assumed would be a successful move, (because this violates the terms under which Israel was supposedly allowed to stay there by the UN ­ so long as their stay was only defensive) whereas instead - Israel will have sealed their own defeat, if they allow the idiotic Arabs to use the Golan for this operation ­ because Russia has not taken her eye off anything that Israel continues to do throughout the region.

Israel believes that by remaining low-key in this operation which was their creation, they will escape the responsibilities that Russia and Syria will clearly attach to that shitty, self-important but now completely failed state. For those in doubt all you need do is to look at Netanyahu's iron & steel walls behind which Israel has decided to try to hide from the rest of the planet. Israel is finished, and this obscenely ridiculous last gasp by so many colossally inept “states” will prove all of that to be true and more.


SS95: “It is only about 60 miles from Beirut, Lebanon, to Damascus, Syria. It is about 80 miles from the Golan Heights to Damascus.

According to our sources, there are already over thirty thousand troops covertly inside Lebanon and the number is growing by the hour. In addition, we are told there are over fifty-thousand troops inside Jordan, filling hotels and apartments throughout the Amman area. Of course, there are still about 150,000 troops in northern Saudi Arabia for their "military exercise."Before the attacks commence, Turkey will move troops across the Syrian Border near Azaz to commence the fighting and draw attention to this area; an area where a Turkish invasion has been expected for weeks. As this fighting gets severe, troops in Lebanon, Jordan and Saudi Arabia will be quietly on the move, north, into Jordan.”

k ­ It's amazing that so much credit is given to so many troops that have virtually no combat experience, whatsoever: As they oppose some of the best fighting forces in the world? “Numbers” do not determine outcomes, experience does that, along with the equipment needed to get the job done and these half-baked children that have been cursed by remaining in the long-dead past, will not be able to carry off this childlike fantasy that has been the perverted dream for creatures like the leadership of Saudi Arabia and Turkey since the savage and permanent death of the Ottoman Empire.

There's a lot more to this article but almost all of it is predicated upon one fantasy or another, with almost no consideration given to the history or to any kind of reality that has not been infected by these childish fantasies born of frustration and global-hatreds, coupled with their pathetic lives that have only been lived under the rocks they made to hide & justify their completely outrageous dreams of power and grandeur which have never existed in any reality that has ever existed on this planet.

Russia and her allies will put a stop to this feeble attempt to plant their white-hot spike into the back of whatever remains of civilization anywhere in the Middle East ­ maybe when this farce is allowed to die its well deserved ignoble death ­ then maybe the world can finally rid itself of the global tyranny that has poisoned this planet now for most of the last few millenniums...

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