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Rand Corp Memo Is Fascist
Zionist Neocon Manifesto

By Karl W. B. Schwarz

The recently released (or leaked) Rand Corporation recommendations for how to handle the Ukraine matter is literally a Fascist Death Warrant Manifesto. I agree with RT on their assessment that the memorandum is a clear statement for genocide and assesses what is the prime US export. For all this talk about democracy, freedom, liberty and self-determination they are a mockery to each and every one of those words. The prime US export is deceit and terrorism to promote US military hardware sales and their futile pursuit that this is still a unipolar world controlled by the USA.

Even as you read this the USA is in total collapse mode and the citizens of the USA have one place to point the finger of blame… Washington DC.

The PressTV ran a parallel commentary on this latest revelation as to how sick in the mind some people are in the US government and those in the EU that aid and abet the madness.

This memorandum of advice includes internment camps for people who voted for self-determination to be closer aligned with Russia and wishing no desire whatsoever for a relationship with this Fascist Zionist Jew Neocon government the USA and EU desired to install in Kiev.

That is exactly what the people in the eastern states of Donetsk and Lugansk voted against and are now being bombed and shelled incessantly for blocking a move on ‘The Grand Chessboard’. That lunatic book… written by the hate-Russia lunatic Zbigniew Brzezinski that is the idiotic business plan for USA global domination. It has been a total failure and complete disaster since September 11, 2001 when they launched it.

They desire to be an autonomous republic in Donetsk and Lugansk, not under the boot heels of the US-EU promoted Fascist Zionist Jew Neocon government in Kiev.

Then along comes Rand Corporation to collect their ’30 shekels’ and advising on killing any resister, internment camps, executions of those that led this movement to stand up to them. The memorandum suggests the outright genocide on a group of Ukrainians and a high level of up to 35% Russian citizens in the Donbas region that have no desire whatsoever to be a part of the US, EU and NATO objectives are out of Washington DC and Brussels as their dictates to Kiev.

The regime change was illegal, but sought by the USA and EU because President Viktor Yanukovych refused to sign the EU agreement, and then allow a flood of EU and USA NATO nitwits into Ukraine.

To get their way they had their Svoboda Maidan snipers shooting both the protestors and the police as part of their evil push to install a puppet government in Kiev that would do exactly as USA and EU demand. That is called premeditated murder and was sponsored by the USA and certain parties in the EU.

Then we get this incredibly arrogant and obtuse moron named Zbigniew Brzezinski mouthing off again with his ‘hate Russia’ mindset that Russia has to just roll over to what this senile idiot has to say. This is a citation from his most recent rant about the USA must arm Ukraine and put Russia in its place.

Russia has neither the right to protect its national interests nor the right to be different. A regional power, enclosed in its rigid bounds, Russia is unable to establish viable alliances with leading global players. It should give up its vain hopes of some mythical Eurasian Union development. Its only alternative is to take the role of the Western civilization humble satellite”. So thinks an old US hawk Zbigniew Brzezinski, a former National Security Adviser and a prominent geostrategist.

Folks, that assessment by Zbigniew Brzezinski is not even remotely in touch with reality. Russia is now, by far, the world’s largest energy producer. Much of this hyperventilation and constant provocation by the USA is because on this side of the world Russia is a dominant force and player.

This is the author of ‘The Grand Chessboard’, the lunatic book that PNAC and USA leaders and policy makers have used as their roadmap for the Global War on Terror. It is a colossal failure and for the USA itself has been a complete catastrophe. This is the same idiot that while National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter suggested they needed to create Al Qaeda as a means to destabilize the Islamic regions of the USSR and into control of the USA. Well… that has proven to be a complete disaster for the USA, too.

Both the US State Department (spokesperson Jen Psaki) and this moron have been trying to paint the picture that Russia is to blame and they have alienated all of Ukraine against Russia intervention and interference. That is not true, or even close to the truth.

“”It should be noted that some of Brzezinski's assertions surprisingly resemble those of the notorious US State Department's spokeswoman Jen Psaki. He claimed, for instance, that "Russia has generated in Ukraine widespread hostility towards Russia on the part of some 40 million people," while the recent survey conducted on April 25-29, 2014 by the influential Razumkov Centre in Kiev indicated that despite of the aggravation of Russia-Ukrainian relations more than a half of respondents consider Russians a friendly and fraternal nation.””
Read more:

Less than half of the people voted in Ukraine in the recent election of Petro Poroshenko, and even then he barely won. There was no mandate handed to the USA handpicked Zionist Jew government they have installed in Kiev. He does not have a majority of the people of Ukraine behind him.

I have already squared off with this weasel-word liar Zbigniew Brzezinski when he tried to paint the picture in August 2008 that Russia was the aggressor when Georgia attacked South Ossetia in yet another USA brain fart they dream up because of their Global War on Terror Grand Chessboard LIE.

If you missed the article I wrote when Time magazine gave this idiot air time and column inches, click here.

The people of Ukraine know their nation and its dynamics better than any of these Ivory Tower morons in Washington DC who sit in their cushy offices and produce idiot ideas after lunatic ideas so they can collect their Easy Money from the political cowards seeking cover for their own stupidity.

The Ukrainians do not want to be the next low-wage labor pool for the EU. The Ukrainians do not want NATO bases in their nation as part of this US and EU led agenda. They want the same rights as other nations to travel, build an economic future and not treated like a third world nation.

The EU is desperate because their agenda is collapsing on all sides. Their coveted Euro has been applied to nation after nation in such harsh economic terms that it has increased costs, decreased real incomes, and increased structural unemployment. They prove every day in Brussels that it was merely a conversion from the communism of the former USSR states to the New Tyranny of the Fascist Zionist Neocons.

It was a step out of one tyranny into yet another and slightly different tyranny.

EU is literally covered up with prostitutes and sex workers from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. That is the biggest benefit those nations and its citizens got from EU membership. Freedom to travel across EU and be a paid whore for their EU masters. Many in Ukraine will soon learn that same lesson as they already have in Romania, Bulgaria and other places where this incessant drive to expand the EU and NATO are not what is promised in return.

The siren song of all of the benefits and economic growth is a cruel lie. Most of the former USSR states that define the Central and East Europe area have pathetic economic conditions as a result of their participation in this false freedom of the EU. Ask Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Slovakia, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania… they will tell you all about it.

Many of the EU proponents in Ukraine will soon learn that they cannot afford the layer, after layer, after layer of EU regulations that are designed to benefit the larger (and original) EU members and put the screws to the new members. Many in Ukraine have desired to have economic freedom and build good and sound economic futures. They clearly see what EU has done to Bulgaria, Romania and other vassals that are now merely slave camps for low wage workers that cannot now afford the huge increases in the cost of living.

Many of the Central and East European nations that were once part of the USSR by force, now clearly see that when the EU comes to town their nation is doomed. That is why there is so much uprising in Europe against the unelected EU elite.

The lucky ones that have skills get work permits for Germany, Switzerland, France, etc. but that leaves them far away from their families and loved ones for extended periods of time. I see that every day in Europe, people from Hungary, Romania, Croatia and elsewhere far from home because the EU in their homeland is a nightmare.

The EU is deathly afraid of referendums because when given the choice people have rejected this fascist drive over and over again. Their attempt to micromanage everything is anti-nation state, anti-democratic, and is merely the appearance of freedom and liberty. Their obtuse regulatory systems crush any appearance or pretense of freedom and liberty.

Nigel Farage of the UKIP has stood up to them. They are about to have a nervous breakdown in Brussels due to the ascendancy of Marine Le Pen and her Front National Party that is moving towards no EU, no EURO, and no NATO for France. Their handwringing about the rise of dissent is because people are flat out rejecting the EU tyranny, and that part of it that is lock-step with USA tyranny.

The partial members of the EU that refuse to adopt the Euro currency are Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary. Those economies are doing reasonably well, while the rest of the economic stability across the other full EU members is in shambles except for the elite insiders manipulating the best positions for their agenda.

I was in Slovakia when their currency converted from Slovak Crowns to Euro and overnight every person in that nation took an almost one-third decrease in their net worth when the rate was at 30.1260 SKK to the Euro rather than the promised range of 20 to 22 SKK per Euro.

The smartest group of the lot has been Norway, which has refused EU, Euro and NATO. Their economy is very strong by any measure against any full EU member. Even smarter has been Switzerland, still home to one-third of the wealth in the world. The EU has even had to rely on them to help prop up their failing Euro and EU experiment.

These people in DC are not promoting democracy, freedom or liberty; they are promoting insanity, fascism and tyranny.

America needs a regime change… in Washington DC. Get out and vote in November 2014 and kick these idiots out, every last damned one of them, kick them out.


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