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UCB Prof Announces CA Rad
Test Results Before They Start!



A UC Berkeley Nuclear Scientist in charge of measuring radiation in kelp samples to be collected in Kelp Watch 2014 has already declared the results!  

"KQED (NPR) 1-15-14 - Steven Manley, a biology professor at California State University, Long Beach who created Kelp Watch 2014 [...] is to measure radiation levels in kelp three times in multiple locations between the Oregon border and Baja California from mid February through next winter and make the results public. [...] attention is directed to the radiation traveling in ocean currents, which are much slower than the jet stream. [...] Manley and volunteers from 19 institutions will send their kelp samples to Kai Vetter, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley and head of the Applied Nuclear Physics program at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory."

And what does Professor Dr. Kai Vetter have to say? Keep in mind the radioactive, polluted part of the majority of the North Pacific called 'the plume' - according to multiple scientific models - is expected to hit the West Coast any time now. Also remember, this Dr. Vetter is supposed to be a SCIENTIST who is dedicated to explore, research and analyze - with an open mind - the data that will be sent ONLY TO HIM during the coming year. Here is what he said about the project:

“The concentration of radioactive materials which will be washed ashore here has no impact whatsoever on our daily life,” he said. “The levels we are measuring, they will not be harmful. They will not have any measurable health impact on humans or any detrimental effects in marine biology.” -- Dr. Kai Vetter

We should also mention that UC Berkeley was the ONLY university reporting on the rising radiation levels in California top soil, vegetables, dairy and other environmental commodities. For some strange reason, the publication of radiation data collection and analysis results by Berkeley's Nuclear Physics Department vanished about a year ago.

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