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Questions & Answers

By Jim Kirwan


What’s Going on Now?


A $11.4 million federal grant will be used to set up a system to detect nuclear and radiological threats around the greater Los Angeles region, Mayor Eric Garcetti announced today.

The Department of Homeland Security's "Securing the Cities" grant will fund the purchase of nuclear and radiological detection equipment and set-up of an analysis lab and command center based out of the Los Angeles Emergency Center, Garcetti said.

The goal is to set up a nuclear detection ``ring'' or "halo" around the Los Angeles region to monitor potential threats and develop a response protocol.

"By creating a detection halo around our region, we'll get an early warning of threats which will accelerate response times and could help stop an attack before it begins," Garcetti said.

Agencies collaborating on the detection system include Garcetti's office; the Los Angeles Fire and Police departments, as well as the Airport and Harbor police; the Los Angeles County Sheriff's, Fire and Public Health departments; Long Beach police; Orange County Sheriff's Department; and California Highway Patrol.

The grant was awarded to the Los Angeles/Long Beach Urban Areas Security Initiative Approval Authority, which includes top officials from most of the agencies working on the effort.

"The Securing the Cities program will allow us to better support and unite efforts already underway, increasing cooperation and coordination across federal, state, and local agencies," said Dr. Huban Gowadia, director of the Homeland Security Department's Domestic Nuclear Detection Office.

The Los Angeles area has the opportunity to obtain as much as $30 million in federal funding for detection efforts over the next half decade.” (1)

Of course the Port of Oakland which is also huge wasn’t mentioned. LA has been targeted because of the broken nuclear plant in San Diego along with the overly populated L.A. immigrant population that’s expendable; as least as far as this government is concerned.

The other major problem with this grant is that it’s admitting their failure to perform; by the CIA and NSA, who are directly responsible for knowing what’s out there and for what’s moving toward this country long-before it leaves from wherever it might be coming from. Apparently very few people know anything about why we supposedly created those agencies back in the beginning. That’s why they exist, so that we don’t get surprised by anyone, from anywhere!

As far as the Story above Goes

It’s 1952 all over again - the latest "TERRORIST ATTACKS" will be coming to L.A. from what are still INVISIBILE-TERRORISTS, but never fear, DHS is on the prowl…

They promise to detect every nuclear-terrorist-threat in the L.A. Area. No expense is too great and no suspicion too small to escape detection by the Department of Homeland Security - aren't you glad you live in the Police-State that will absolutely protect you and me from nuclear attacks?

P.S. Now if they would only use their Geiger-counters on the food, they might get a real awakening! Ironically; because of the background-nuclear-radiation-levels caused by Fukushima: Everything they point this "new-equipment" at, will no doubt give off proof-positive of radioactivity: Even without any real ‘TERRORISTS’ to blame!’

Unseen Outcomes for the Outlaw-Israeli’s

The huge problem that Israel is determined to remain oblivious to, is that IF they succeed in starting ‘their-war’ with Iran - Israel will no longer be a problem. That’s because the unfinished-state of Israel will vanish before that can be accomplished. This is something that Israel just can’t understand. Once the next military movement by Israel becomes an open attack on Iraq, Syria or Lebanon—it’s more than likely that the time for words will have ended. The first major casualty of that war will be Israel, regardless of whoever is attacked.

That will be true, because Israel has already gone too far, too often, to survive any further aggressive-moves in the region.

Netanyahu will be to-blame, but he won’t survive the massive counter-attacks that will do unto Israel, exactly what he has supposedly-been so terrified of, throughout his pathetic-career.

If he had been worried about surviving then he should have gone about this “All or Nothing approach” in exactly the opposite way. However he and his owners are all about war and slaughter because for them, nothing else matters in the slightest. Now his screaming and his totally obscene demands have shoved Israel into a deep-dark-corner where he is now alone in the world—in every practical way. Despite pledges from Saudi-Arabia and France, neither of which are worth a damn this time around. Israel’s Blackmail-programs that worked so well for so long aren’t worth much, now that they’ve been outed around the planet.

As for Israel’s military toughness? Israel only has experience when it comes to killing unarmed civilians, bombing hospitals and schools but Israel is virtually worthless in any battle that involves real armies or armed fighters. That’s why they are determined to have the US attack those armies that have already kicked Israel’s sorry ass, time after time in the Middle-East. Cowards always die a thousand times, and that will be the fate of Israel. The rest of us will only die once. Because there is actually that something that too many of us still believe in, to have to suffer the same fate as that which is waiting for Israel to ignite.

The Israeli war-Record is coming back to Center-Stage!

Israel has attacked American military forces time and time again!

Those events were silenced by Israel’s protectors along with everything else they’ve been hiding for the last 65 years.

It’s time that the American Public knows the truth. ‘We’ seem to think that Israel is somehow “our friend” just because the traitors in this government give them unending money, military weapons and complete immunity for every crime they continue to commit.

During the 1967 War on June 8th, Israel attacked and attempted to sink the USS Liberty; an unarmed American electronic-intelligence ship, in the waters of the Eastern Mediterranean. The attack lasted for 3 hours. All attempts by the Liberty to summon fighters to defend the ship were turned back by LBJ who had just left the bed of an Israel intelligence agent when he told Admiral Geiss, in reference to the Liberty, from the White House: “I want that god damned ship going to the bottom. No help, recall the wings!” 172 U.S. sailors were wounded and 34 were murdered. (2)

On Oct. 23, 1983 - 241 Marines were killed in Beirut. That attack was blamed on ‘terrorists’ but because of the bombs-footprint the rest of the world knew that only Israel could have built that bomb. Most of the truth has been scrubbed from the net ­ but the fact is out there and has never been investigated because it was Israel, and Israel is NEVER questioned!

Literally hundreds of incidents have occurred throughout the miserable and one-sided history of Israeli actions against Americans. All of that must be answered for, now more than ever!

Soylent Green ­ Will Monsanto finally make it real?

In 1973 MGM made a film called Soylent Green. It was ten years after the murder of JFK, and Hollywood wanted to give us a “heads-up” about what they planned to do in “the future”.

If you haven’t seen it, then find it and watch it, because most of it is about the future that you and I are about to face head-on if we don’t succeed in reigning in this nightmare soon.

Food is beyond scarce. It’s nearly impossible to get if you live in this film’s future-scenario. In fact because life in the oceans and the forests of the world has been killed off, the only remaining source for food are the survivors themselves, who are reduced and converted into food-packets for nutrition and sustenance in a starving world. Of course the public in the film was unaware of what Soylent foods contained, just as what is in today’s foods is being kept from the public.

Soylent Green is People!

But there’s everything else in the 1973 film that clearly paved the way for what was to come at that time ­ which was 40 years ago.

Garbage trucks were used for crowd-control, scooping up rioters until the trucks were full, which was effective. The cops didn’t yet wear ski-masks, but the population is totally controlled.

Higher priced accommodations come complete with “furniture” that are basically slaves to their owners, and come with the apartments. Books, paper and any of what are the basics of today’s society are for the most part non-existent. Cops don’t have technology; they have “books” (human-researchers that are assigned to them the way that furniture is assigned to the filthy-rich). It’s amazing how accurately most of the film is about “the future” that we are only just now discovering.

The shrinking size of every item that is sold, when it comes to food. The near total unemployment and the common-criminality in everything that has become totally imbedded throughout every level of today’s society ­ almost exactly as it was in Soylent Green. Most people then could not read much, and writing was rare, just as books were hoarded and paper was valued beyond everything but food.

Soylent Green Plot Summary:

It’s was all there back in 1973, for everyone to see and watch for, so that Soylent Green could never happen here. Maybe it can’t, but only because humans will be too toxic to distill into anything remotely consumable, because of nuclear radiation? No doubt Monsanto has thought about this since they’ve already twisted everything else about their poisoned foods and the soon to be privatized-water which they want to force upon the world.

Maybe there’s no answer to this one. Not yet anyway. I had a preview look at this film when it first came out and I’ve always remembered it as something that must be thought about. Not for the horror of it: But for the potential parts of it that can and will probably be done unless real-people actually get involved?

1) Nuclear Threat Detection System Set for SoCal

2) Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty



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