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Purging The Purge

By Jim Kirwan


All that’s missing from this image is the label on the razor-wire that holds all this together.

That can be seen in the forthcoming film

The Purge”

The new thriller, “The Purge” which opens June 7, stars Ethan Hawke as James Sandin, a private security contractor and the patriarch of a well-to-do family. Like all Americans, he’s been sold on the idea that “The Purge” is a necessary evil, a government program designed to make life better for the American citizen.

Tonight allows people a release for all the hatred and violence that they keep up inside them.”” (1)

The connotations of this film reduces our way of life to a violently bad script that incites the public to a level of fear and anger that the government has so far failed to even come close to—but which they have been trying to create for decades. Today is a sad day, for humanity.

The film will open in theaters in four days time. But the ramifications of what the film portends shall reverberate through this society for the foreseeable future.

This is the perfect film for those who have so far refused to do anything about all the blacked-out real-time news, all the illegal wars and the millions of people that this country has already murdered. In a single stroke of psy-op-brilliance the producers of this film have created something so severe and so subtle that it will be nearly impossible to refute.

Once planted in the minds of those that watch it, this film will only grow in scope and depth, until the pubic shall become convinced that there is no way out of the current-quandary except to surrender to the chimera of FEAR & ANGER that millions will come away with, as if this concept is something that cannot be avoided.

The run-of-the-mill public will turn this into video-games and real-time party venues, not to mention it will sponsor endless spinoffs that will surpass anything that we’ve already seen from the video-games that have already corrupted millions of the youth that tend to love their games unto death itself.

If you think drugs have done a real-number on society, just wait until you see what this nightmare will do to everyday life. Legally it probably cannot be stopped, but if the public at least has some idea of why this film was made—then perhaps there might at least be a major protest on opening night?

I don’t personally know of anything like this that was ever used to corrupt an entire society with so little effort—while simultaneously raking in the money hand over fist. It may not have the fingerprints of the government on it directly—but it certainly goes a long way toward accomplishing everything that DHS, the FBI, the CIA & Mossad have been trying to so to the public since the public lost the White House in 2000.

The Purge” needs to be PURGED,

from American entertainment and withdrawn from theaters ASAP. If that cannot be done then at the very least the public needs to hear from the professionals that have worked with psy-ops and the black-arts for decades. They can tell us all just how dangerous this film could be to the psyche of the nation.

Read the article at the link below, watch the trailer and decide for yourself whether this is something you want to be responsible for allowing to take the next step into the public mind-set…

It’s one thing for the public to refuse to use either their imaginations or their intuition to detect real dangers in public polices—but it is an entirely other thing to stand idly by while this series of ideas is allowed to gush into the backwater of the public consciousness, without even a hesitation, for what this could easily force the general-population to think about until they can find their own way to ‘make this happen’.

1) The Purge’ Is A Crime Spree Free-For-All That’s Just Around The Corner





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