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And We Call This Progress?


By Jim Kirwan


Welcome to the twenty-first century and to what we have wrought.

The New Millennium was supposed to herald ‘a new beginning’ but what we have courted from the end of the year 2000 has been to create a world that goes back to the tenth-century in every way that matters.

We have transformed the language into Double-Speak, compounded by universal-lies unending and seasoned with fear and terror for anything that dares to challenge the obscenities inherent, in the revisionist Communist State of total submission, to a world without even a human face.

What has been artificially created has nothing to do with the bounty of nature that we’ve already destroyed, along with any future for any forthcoming generation that will be cut off entirely from any legacy for the youth of today. The human race has colossally failed to defend itself, despite the fact that we now have no future for anyone that survives the crimes of the last several hundred years…

We have shredded everything that billions once held dear and In that process we have totally forgotten what it means to actually be human-beings—to the point that we now embrace becoming robots as the only viable solution to the problems we’ve created as failed human-beings.

But none of the ‘solutions’ we’d prefer to embrace have any meaning in this place where we’ve abandoned ourselves as the first casualties in the war between robotics and humanity…

At the moment there’s a race to the bottom between those who are determined to overthrow the formerly ‘settled world’ by plunging the entire planet, even deeper into World War Three that’s been going on for the last five years at least.

There are several competing forces in the current challenges that must be dealt with, one way or the other. The first challenge comes from the failing-forces driving global-chaos to create total and unending wars; as the only way to escape the tar-baby that has arisen from the seven most recent undeclared wars.

Another form of the challenges facing humanity comes from the onslaught of tyrannical new laws inside the U.S. that if we aren’t engulfed in primitive nuclear wars, will still bury every man woman and child in America, in total subjugation for an eternity: As part of the new Communism that promises to enact Full-Spectrum Dominance, one way or the other.

But no matter which set of laws and regulations will be imposed, the result will end all ‘life’ as we have known it. To stop this part of the problem we must defy the fake-government or submit totally to the new dictatorship.

This ‘new-program’ involves the total revamping of Public-Education to embrace fourteen hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days of the year ­ for everyone from pre-kindergarten to anyone that’s eighty years of age.

There are dozens of such troglidyian changes just waiting to engulf the entire population, unless we end all this before it goes global—a global war could change that, but that’s not a solution, it’s a prescription for global disaster: Especially given the near total chaos that we’re been courting with nature, by polluting, the land the earth and the oceans, as well as the drinkable water worldwide. If we seek real solutions then we must fix this ourselves because no one’s coming to save anyone, from any of this.

Here are two videos from Rense today ­ on the deeper problems…

Illegal Immigration Deluge

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We need to smash the results of this global-collapse now.


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