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Profiles In Madness

By J. Speer-Williams


Madness is lunacy. Lunacy, demonically spawned, with anti-life motivations is technically termed psychopathy.

There are two distinct brands of psychopathy: the successful and the failed.

Successful psychopaths outnumber the failed ones. Nevertheless, both kinds of insanity control the state and federal governments of America.

Successful psychopaths are successful because they so accurately mimic acceptable behavior, while covertly harming as many people as possible.

The warmongers in government are excellent examples of successful psychopaths.

How can this be?

Successful governmental psychopaths easily convince zombie TV addicts that the depleting uranium (DU) bombs we expended on millions of innocent souls were acts of kindness, because the US then made those countries free for democracy.

Please tell me what good is a democracy in a land that has been made radioactive for billions of years, with no known way of cleaning it up?

These TV-propaganda guzzlers actually believe that the incendiary bombs that burned babies alive were sent with kind intentions.

Axiom: The more ignorant a population becomes, the less clever psychopaths need to be in order to remain successful ­ meaning going undetected as psychopaths.

The Western media is careful not to educate the public about how to spot successful psychopaths, but not so with failed psychopaths. We all get more than a daily dose of the profiles of failed psychopaths ­ like Jeffrey Dahmer.

John Douglas, a former chief of the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit and author of Mind Hunter, wrote, “A very conservative estimate is that there are between 35 and 50 active serial killers in the United States” [at any given time].

And you can bet that the media will give us a daily accounting on the kills that take place. Why do you think this is?

One main reason is to generate fear. A fearful public is easy to control. And such a public will allow a police state to be built up around them until local police become indistinguishable from heavily armed infantry combat units ­ all in violation of our Posse Comitatus Act.

I believe that another more subtle reason is that the controllers want us to believe that all psychopaths are failed psychopaths; meaning they have been detected and labeled as raving psychopaths, thus keeping the light of exposure away from the more clever and successful psychopaths, especially those in government.

Still, many Americans were able to spot two notable failed psychopaths in the US government: Little Boy George Bush and his sinister Vice President, Dick Cheney. But what about all the successful psychopaths in government that go unexposed?

There is absolutely no difference in the psychological make-up between failed psychopaths and the undetected ones. None! They are both bat-sh*t crazy.

Neither type of psycho is primarily motivated by money, sex, drugs, power, or prestige (although they’ll take them all as fringe benefits). Seeing or knowing of the suffering of others is their “ticket to ride.”

Psychopaths seek to serve themselves at the expense of others. They not only do not have empathy for the suffering of others, they “get off” on the misery and pain of anyone. It is what makes their life worth living. Successful psychopaths hide this fact, while the unsuccessful ones, in their exuberance, broadcast their insanity for the whole world to see.

The important message I hope to communicate in this article is there is a simple way to spot psychopaths in government: they are the ones who find phony reasons to advocate the destruction of any nation that actually poses no threat to the United States of America or her allies.

There is an easier way yet to spot cold-blooded psychopaths: they are the ones who try to find reasons for the torture of human life.

Since the Bush/Cheney administration, the CIA, with the help of the military and $81 million of taxpayers’ money to psychiatrists, the US has been busy torturing innocent men, women, and children in military bases around the world.

Recently a declassified (but heavily redacted) Senate report on the CIA’s post-9/11 interrogation program surfaced. Although this limited report only skims the surface of … rectal feeding, forced nudity, isolation and confinement, stripped, beaten and bound with tape, 180 hours of sleep deprivation, Russian roulette, stress positions with broken bones, threats of torturing children … it is appalling enough.

Only now have some high-level government leaders spoken out about America’s role in torture.

Did these well-placed leaders not know about our horrific torture of human life a decade ago?

Where are the righteous demands for prosecution of these war criminals in the CIA, the military, and in the dirty field of psychiatry?

Certainly all members of Congress were aware of this national atrocity, but who spoke out against it?

Today, the joint cry of our bogus leaders in government has been … It was just happenstance … We were ignorant of it.

Happenstance for thirteen years? Ignorance for more than a decade, with former President Jimmy Carter on national television shouting the alarm about our new national policy of torturing innocent human life with no positive intelligence data ever being produced?

How can some poor homeless farming family who lost their home to our bombs have more intelligence data than the CIA who has long organized, directed, funded, and equipped every terrorist group in the Middle East?

How many Americans know that we buy such human life from warlords in order to torture what we then call the worst of the worst terrorists.

What is the difference between evil and ignorance?

It is a slippery slide from ignorance to evil. And evil begets evil, causing more ignorance.

Is the ignorance of the American people the root cause of all US evil?

Or are some people (like those who steer our government, direct our military, or dabble in mental health) just innately evil?

These torturous sufferings of innocent people have been done in my name, in your name, in our names ­ how dare those monsters from Hades. How dare they call themselves Americans.

Simply and truthfully stated, torture has been (and probably still is) being used to gratify the psychopaths in our federal government and those who control governments.

Psychopaths operate in all strata of life, from the mysterious dark forces, to governments, to militaries, to cops, to our associates, to our families ­ but most of all they populate intelligence agencies, and the fields of psychiatry, and psychology.

In a far more affluent America, we exported wanted and needed goods and services all over the world; today, our exports are deadly to human and animal life.

Until we follow former President John F. Kennedy’s intention of ripping the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) into a thousand pieces, none of us will have the chance of becoming the Americans we once were. Even without the CIA, we will still have fifteen intelligence agencies left ­ far more than we should ever need.

J. Speer-Williams


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