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Preparing For The END

By Dr. Joseph Chiappalone MD

I posted this essay on my website in late July, and reproduce it here in the hope that it will prepare readers for the discussions I will be having with Jeff  Rense on his Show scheduled for Tuesday September 17th at 8 pm Pacific Time.

Hello again

I have been increasingly busy with many things, some to do with the emerging and overwhelming fragmentation and world-wide Terminal Madness in preparation for the Final Day whenever that may be.

Had you read my essay “Terminal Madness of the Endtime” which I wrote in the 1990s you will, of course, have anticipated that which we see today. You will find the essay on my website

Progressing in this Endtime scenario, we can now see accurately the very Evil nature of the Demons and how they deceitfully operate this doomed multi-faceted, false dimension, and also how they have kept particles of Light trapped within its Virtual Reality since its very ignoble inception.

Nothing is being left unexposed. Every aspect of the Evil Empire must be seen in all its entrapping, inglorious, murderous Darkness, inspite of what demonic propaganda attempts to camouflage.

This exposure is how it was meant to be. I forecast it long ago.

A point MUST be reached where ALL not of Evil must say this is an Evil Empire that makes us suffer inexorably, that we cannot continue to live this way and that something MUST be done to correct the status quo. Even the minions of Evil must reach such a conclusion, and they are, very quickly.

That day of the application of the Final Solution to the Problem of Evil is drawing ever closer.

In 1985, I began the public aspect of this work. I cannot blame any other for the words I used and the concepts I introduced. If I am proven wrong, in due course, so be it.

The work I agreed to do at some level involved delivering a Message that would:

1                     Awaken Viables;

2                     Provide them with data with which they could see Evil’s Virtual Reality that had trapped them;

3                     Prepare them for the coming destruction that was to be a step in the Final Solution to the Problem of Evil;

4                     Provide them with tools with which they could reconnect to Higher Levels of Consciousness and

5                     Prepare for their return Home.

From the beginning I suspected that my Message would be one of Joy for the Few, and the announcement of the commencement of their Worst Nightmare for those of Darkness.

I had no illusions. From the start I was attacked most ferociously. I knew I would never win a popularity contest. Quite the converse, I knew that I would be hated, attacked, threatened, abused, defamed and entrapped, if at all possible, by the Sons and Daughters of Darkness. Numerous attempts were made on my life.

Once I entered the public forum and delivered my Message verbally, in written form, and in energy terms, it was going to be a War to the Spiritual Death. But for some reason, I seemed unable to stop what I had started. I knew there was no other solution for the ills of this world. And that has proven to be the case.

Bear in mind that when I made my announcements public in the mid1980s there were few signs to confirm what I was saying.

Now, all the signs are of Terminal Decay, Fragmentation and Death of the Evil Empire are obvious to most who want to know what is going on.

It has been far from a pleasant journey, believe me. The Team I represent claim we have all but won.

The Final Solution to the Problem of Evil is finally being implemented.

Is the date of the Last Day known? I shall write more about this in the next entry.

If any ask, ‘But what if nothing happens?” in the face that all that is happening, I simply walk away and wonder why they are so blind to the changes we see.


How did I manage to awaken those to be prepared?

The functions of my books, poems, website, lectures, talks, etc., are to provide energy in various frequencies which stimulate the internal, higher mind of beings that are viable and awaken them to the extent that they need on a personal level. Not all have to awaken to the same degree on this level, so do not judge the worth of any being. I am just the cardboard box used to provide vectors for the energy.

Sometimes just a lecture or book or even a poem has been sufficient to allow that awakening to occur.

I’ve known cases where one concept in one paragraph of one of my books has triggered the Nous within beings and sent them on their way to fuller Realization!

Most, of course, have to fight Evil’s programming, pollution and indoctrination within their shell’s lower Monkey Mind before they can see the Light or make headway towards the Truth.

But, it is the energy released that does the work, not my physical being or my books. People are affected all over the world and in the sub-dimensions such as the Etheric and Astral by the energy so that they can awaken to the degree they need to awaken.

Those who persistently hunger for more and more information from me, inspite of all I have supplied, are most likely those who have no inner Nous, or who have not awakened to any extend and are just energy-consuming empty barrels.

This is one of the reasons why I do not reply to those who persist in writing to me again and again and again when there is really no need for such communication. I am busy enough as it is.

Others with no awareness buy a book or two and think they own me.


If you have awakened to any extent, you can now truly see the Terminal Madness, truly see the Evil Decay, and truly see the Endtime coming.

If you are truly awakened, you can assess with your higher senses that we are living in a moribund state.

There is no Hope for this Evil, exploitative, and very temporary System.

None was ever promised.

There is no future for so-called ‘Humanity’. Again, none was ever promised.

Those who waffle on about elevating the consciousness of ‘Humanity’ to a higher plane of consciousness, where all will be set right, are, in my view, fools and unawakened idiots, following a trail of despair and abandonment. Let them be. Let them have their moment in the decaying Sun. They will awaken soon enough to the fact that they are misguided fools who have no Nous, no true awareness, no Light within and no future from the information I have been given.

I am told that those people who preach that the about-to-be-introduced ‘aliens’ with superior technology will save the day are false prophets too. Those ‘aliens’ they refer to are the Demons of a more advanced state.

To awaken, I have given you all the tools in the forms I described above.

With help from whatever unseen source is assisting, I have written about how:

·        This Evil Physical Dimension came into being and why;

·     The Truth of Two Creations mixed together, a real Divine One and a  temporary, Illicit One was hidden from our awareness by various mechanisms which I have described in detail and are collectively known as the Illusion of the Virtual Reality;

·         Evil gains its illicit energy from Divine Beings trapped in all classes of consciousness, whom I have called Theomorphs, in order to operate its illicit Physical Dimension;

·         True Beings became trapped in matter;

·         The Plan of Rescue was to be executed;

·         The factors of Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination were created and used;

·         To avoid such evil factors;

·         To recognize the traps that bind us, such traps as money, emotional attachments, sex, drugs, fear of death, fear of eternal punishment if Evil’s laws are not obeyed, etc.;

·         To recognize the mechanisms of Emotional Exploitation and Blackmail;

·         To recognize the destructive influence of the evil-created hubris as in National Ego, Patriotism, Religious Intolerance, Racism, sexism, etc.;

·         Evil rules via Cultivated Ignorance

·         Evil uses Religions, Science and History to hide the Truth, for the Truth would expose it;

·         Evil created the Illusion of Heaven and Hell in its Astral and Etheric sub-dimensions;

·         Evil uses Karma as an iniquitous tool to further exploit True Beings;

·         Re-incarnation was used as a filthy, evil trick to further exploit trapped beings;

·         To recognize that Evil’s explanation that Earth is a classroom is an evil trick to exploit us even more with our consent in ignorance;

·       To recognize various beings in human bodies, especially True Beings ­ although there are now very few left in the physical ­ and Demons, who are becoming easier and easier to recognize ­ and robots, a minority of whom are Viable;

·         To recognize signs of the End;

·         To avoid the ubiquitous Terminal Madness of the Endtime;

·         To detach from the Physical Life and prepare for the Life Divine;

·         To become aware of the Negativity Pool surrounding this planet, and how to recognize and avoid Thought Implantation;

·         To build a bridge between the Self and the Higher Mind for the ultimate Rescue;

·         To awaken your Psychic Potential;

·         To dispel Doubt and Confusion when the majority are in the grip of Terminal Madness;

·         To see the disruption  in the normal evolutionary cycles of Consciousness, from the Primordial Pool to the higher levels of the Numinous;

·         To see Animals for what they truly are, how they can contain Human Consciousness, how they suffer, are exploited, abused, trapped and murdered;

·         To recognize Time’s inevitable acceleration to an Endpoint;

·         To recognize the diminution of energy in this closed, Evil System and why that is so.

I have also explained how:

·         Evil uses Suffering to destroy True Beings while gaining their energy whereas the Evil Religions promote suffering as a way to Heaven;;

·         The Death of the Financial Being will bring the evil Monetary System, and all its other evil systems, to an end;

·         More evil aliens than the ones on Earth have taken over and have planned to renew the system, even as a New World Order, while Earth is, in fact decaying to an Endpoint, by being rid of most of the ‘humans’ via the Eugenics Program, Chemtrails, Fluoridation, HAARP technology, devastating Vaccines, Microwaves, artificial, poisonous foodstuffs, artificially created diseases, etc.;

·         To appreciate the value of pets who may be of far higher consciousness than the ‘humans who ‘own’ them;

·         To anticipate the fracturing of dimensional barriers;

·         Fear controls and drains us of irreplaceable energy;

·         To learn and value the Classes of Consciousnesses;

·         To understand why the planets are cut off from each other;

·         To evaluate Iniquities on this level and the non-existence of True Justice;

·         To recognize the danger of certain drugs that can lead to Demonic Possession;

·         To prevent damage to the Centres of Consciousness and Mental Illness as well as Demonic Possession;

·         To recognize how Psychiatry has been distorted to be valueless without a spiritual component, as it is now practiced ­ see my book called ‘Psychiatry, the struggle for your soul.’

·         To recognize the danger of Body-snatching;

·         To become aware of the existence of Energy Vampires;

·         To assess the value or otherwise of Dreams, Out of Body Experiences and Near Death Experiences;

·         To thine own Self be true;

·         To dispel Fear and replace it with Joy;

·         To see through the Illusion of the so-called “La Dolce Vita’;

·         To see how Demonic Propaganda via Hollywood, TV and Magazines attempts to make Demonism the norm for all on this level;

·         To see in the same genre, how Lies are used as Truth and v.v.;

·         To cleanse and purify oneself in order to allow the descent of the Supramental Consciousness;

·         To recognize that Ego is Evil’s creation and how to destroy it;

·         Religions are used to make “Man” responsible for his miserable lot via Original Sin, etc.;

·         To recognize the two types of Love - the false, emotional, entrapping  type that is fear-based, and the True Universal type;

·         How Marriage is frequently used to lock True Beings into traps with demons;

·         To understand that Evil has now been allowed to fully take over the World, and the Universe, without resistance, as is now so very apparent, in order to allow it to follow a predicted and prescribed path of Self-Destruction;

·         To fully understand why all this is happening and what is truly going in.

With the help of Unknowables, my writings have given you the Keys to understand all of these things and much, much more.

In fact, this list can be expanded considerably as you read the various books and poems, the over half a million words on the current website, and as you listen to my talks, lectures and shows.

I told you clearly that the Leader of the Evil Mind that arose from the Celestial Error, called Jehovah in our Sector, is ‘dead’, and that all things which “It” previously controlled are now fracturing as we clearly see. By ‘dead’ I mean that the energy of that Evil Mind has been neutralized.


In the Endtime now, with ever-increasing pain, misery, suffering and exploitation, with unending wars, starvation, abuse and despicable injustices, it is of profound importance for you to have gained the meaning of the function of the evil-created structures such as the Emotions which keep us bound and drained in a never-ending exploitative system, and the meaning of the Astral and Etheric coverings that coat the Physical Body and prevent the consciousness from going anywhere but the Evil-created sub-dimensions of the Astral and Etheric worlds once the body dies, except in cases where the consciousness is of  Classes much higher than class 4.

And in most practical terms I have explained to you how our physical bodies are used, via the Respiratory, Digestive and Reproductive Systems, to allow programming so that the body and its lower mind can

·        1       Respond to Evil’s programming,

·         2     Cut the Pathway of Awareness to the Higher Mind,

·        3      Deleteriously filter knowledge of the past, including past lives, and

·        4      Prevent True Knowledge from being spontaneously known.

These are some of the reasons why I discussed the factors of programing of the physical in detail.


If you have attained True Awakening, you can now make Sense of the Madness!!

With the awakening within you, if it has occurred, you can examine any headline, any occurrence around the world, any report, any piece of propaganda and untruth and know exactly where it fits into the scheme of things which, in essence and in physical terms, is the accelerated destruction of this Virtual Reality, as the Final Solution to the Problem of Evil is being implemented.

You should know, for I have told you often enough, the majority will never understand, for they have no Nous, no Light within, and thus, they are not Viable.

Non-Viables simply cannot see the True Light or the Truth.

They simply cannot understand the concepts of sincere Contrition and True Justice.

Demons and failures are blind to the Light and Love of God.

That being the case, there is no Hope at all for them.


What more information could you want, if you are truly Viable, to stimulate your true awakening?

Do you need precise timing? That is not important at all.

For example, does it really matter when the Big War breaks out? Of course not!

We all know the major powers are preparing for a Global war:

There is a Plan by the Light to call the End without the War even starting.

I have given you all the tools in my 32 books and my website, lectures, radio-shows, etc., to make sense of all aspects of this Infernal Madness which will shortly end.


Apart from my public work, as manifested by the website, books, etc., I have a number of other duties associated with the changes we see in the world. They are of no concern of readers and I make no apology for being absent from my desk for extended periods of time. Those with the True Nous and awareness understand.


I must admit, I receive a great deal of mail.

I receive heart-warming emails such as this one:

Dear Doctor Joseph

                                      I had an immediate response to your energetic information allowing me to end my emotional outbursts, being drawn back into the drama against these entities. I was fully aware of the demonic forces at work at the top of all of our institutions, and the degradation of the planet and entities living  on and in her surface but was not able to end the engagement of this with these forces. Thank you for helping end the struggle and giving me the peace that I am, to relax and sink into by blessed energy. I have had encounters at a very early age with good ET's as well as small greys who terrified and paralyzed and tampered with me in some way. I am very ready..  Thank you again   David

And this one:

Hi Joseph, just a quick note to express humble gratitude for your work, time and energy....... thank you, for being here at this time doing what you are doing.....

 Everything you have shared is truly appreciated Joseph and as I read, greater and greater clarity is found..... I have not up to this point found such clarity coming from the written word, the energy of the words are truly ALIVE and express the same Truth as that which i have ALWAYS Known, (yet, without knowing how I know).....

 I’ve just finished reading part 5 (Thoughts of a Gnostic) .... The last entry called “A FINAL ATHENIC SCENE” has been expressed perfectly,

I cried with tears of joy, (Knowing I am not crazy, as all around me perceive me to be) ......  Reading through all part 1 up to part 5 of Thoughts of a Gnostic has greatly assisted me to fill in many of the gaps.....thus i look forward to reading the rest of the e-books Joseph, will you be sending them soon? I hope so... Anyway back to it, part 6 is next.....

 Thanks again Joseph




And then there is copious mail from Robots and Demons who want to argue, and attack, and prove me wrong, and waste my time.

 They simply refuse to acknowledge my Motto: TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT


 I am telling you again, if any want to attack my work they are of Darkness! No exceptions.

 Have your wits about you. Any who attack me and the energy of my work are non-viable, regardless of whom they claim to be! Being in a human body, like the rest of us, I still feel pangs of sorrow for those trapped by the demons with whom, for various reasons, I was associated in the past. But I have made many efforts to warn those followers of their folly. There is no more I can do.

 I asked the Wise Ones who manage our affairs why the likes of the Stanfords could not be been exposed as demons earlier in the Plan, and the answer I was given was, “Timing is everything”.

 In other words, by working closely with them, I was actually dismantling their web of deceit, and part of the Evil Empire, of which they are a large part.

 When it was time, I was removed by my Higher Self from their midst. Mission accomplished.

 Remember the motto: When war rages, ‘Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer’. That is what I did exactly until it was time to let them drown!


 I urge you to spend what time remains wisely.

 You should spend the greater part of your day with your inner thoughts and in the realms of the Numinous, even if it appears a game of make-believe.

 If you do not do so, examine yourself to see why, at such a late stage, it seems that you seemingly cannot be bothered. Could you be in danger of missing the last ship out of here?

 If you are Viable, I guarantee, you will not be left behind.

Copyright Dr J Chiappalone
September 16, 2013



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