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Post Office Refused To
Correct Wrong Mail Delivery

By Ted Twietmeyer

I recently experienced this first-hand. Over the past few years, we would receive a letter for the same neighbor now and then. No big deal, everyone gets one now and then. We would either put it back in the mailbox with the flag up or deliver it ourselves. Their mailbox is about 500ft. away down the road. Apparently letter cannot read the first letters of a last name, nor can they read a street address number.

Three weeks ago, on a Monday we received two of our neighbor's letters out of 4 pieces of mail. That same week on Friday, we received 3 of their letters for our neighbor out of 4 pieces of mail. Due to cut-backs, we already knew our mail delivery no longer comes out of the local post office about 4 miles away. Now it comes from another town 9 miles away.

You cannot get the phone number of your local post office from directory assistance. If you call 555-1212 you'll get a 800 number for your post office. You must call that 800 number, after you suffer through voice menus and get put on hold. Often you will be told everyone is busy and please call back later.

Eventually I obtained the phone number. I spoke to the postmaster at the mail delivery post office, explaining how this problem has occurred periodically over the years, that we silently dealt with it ourselves and now it has greatly increased.

Can you do whatever you want with mail in your mailbox that isn't yours? I was told discarding mail that isn't yours is considered "tampering with the mail" which is a federal offense and a felony. Incorrectly delivered mail puts honest people into the role as unpaid mail carriers when you think about it logically.

I told the post master "I'm not a mail carrier. Although all your mail is presorted, your carrier should be checking whatever they put into mailboxes." He apologized over and over, said he would talk to the carrier and promised he would take care of it. I figured that since I'm dealing with a department of the federal government this would not be the end of the problem. Wished I was wrong.

This past week the problem continued. First one wrong piece of mail for the neighbor on Tuesday came. I put the flag up and left it in the box. Wrong name and wrong street address for our home. Then 3 out of 4 pieces of mail belonged to the neighbor - again on Friday just like the week before! I reached new level of anger.

While in that town 9 miles away on business a few days later, I stopped by that post office to talk to the post master face-to-face.  It was mid afternoon and not anywhere near lunch hour when I stopped in.

When I walked in only one person was visible behind the counter. Several customers came in behind me. When I asked if he was the post master he replied "I'm just a clerk. The postmaster will not be back for at least a half hour." Writing down every word I said, my reply was  "Tell your postmaster I'm sick of your carrier delivering the neighbor's mail into our mailbox. It isn't my job to be a letter carrier. So which of my neighbors has my mis-delivered mail? I'll never know. Post office raises the price of a stamp almost regularly, yet mailed letters do not get to the right box? Fix it or I'll go higher up." People behind me were cheering.

I gave him my home phone number. Clerk apologized and promised to pass my message on. Having matters at home to take care of, I could not wait and drove back home. It took about 15 minutes to return home, but my anger traveled faster. My wife said the postmaster had already called apologizing. At this point, I wanted to talk to that clown myself one final time, and make certain he understood this is the end of this foolishness.

What came next was even more aggravating.

After re-iterating what I told his clerk, in a sniveling whining voice he said, "We have new substitute drivers on. And.."

I interrupted him saying, "CAN'T YOUR PEOPLE READ?" His answer was "Well, they should be able to." I yelled, "WHAT? THEY SHOULD BE ABLE TO? Your carrier needs to CHECK THE ADDRESS of EVERYTHING that goes into my mailbox. I've had enough of this" and I hung up the phone.

What I suspected was finally revealed. I already knew the US post office has a union for letter carriers. But I was dealing with a union AND a union ass-kissing clown simultaneously. His whining, sniveling response made me angrier. My next statement was straight to the point: "If this happens ONE MORE TIME I'll go higher up." I hung up the phone before I became angry enough to start swearing. I refuse to listen to any union ass-kissing, whining post master.

All of this aggravation was my reward for being mister nice guy when the mail delivery problem started in the first place.

This is just one of many examples I've encountered from blatant incompetence. We have run into this in restaurants with $20+/plate dinners. When the meal wasn't cooked right the owner casually replies, "Well, they get busy in the kitchen." Busy is NOT my problem.

If you pay for something it should be right the FIRST time. Real chefs are trained for years to cook fast, good quality consistent meals. As the old expression goes, "If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen."

People wonder what's happened to America? The answer is simple: NO ONE TAKES RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANYTHING WRONG. People blame someone else for their own mistakes, ineptitude and inability to fix a simple problem. All of this just continues to tear down and degrade America, and I'm just plain sick of it.

So far we no longer receive our neighbor's mail. At least for now. Isn't amazing how your get results when someone realizes their cushy government job might be on the line? I will go all the way to the postmaster general in Washington the very next time this happens and get it on television news.

Ted Twietmeyer


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