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Playing With Fire


By Jim Kirwan



The world has been ‘shackled’ for a hundred years, but that’s finally being challenged. What remains to be seen now is whether or not we will individually take part in how this ends, or whether we’ll continue to remain in the mindless-herds of the millions that will be driven over the cliffs and into the global-abyss. Of course many will not survive, but those who do will matter, because everything then will have been altered.

According to some, San Francisco and LA are supposed to be hit later today by earthquakes ranging from 8.8 to 9.6 ­ this afternoon.

Whether or not this happens is something that no one can predict. If the earthquakes don’t happen then maybe there will be the two hours tomorrow to talk with Jeff beginning @ 7 PST - about how we can survive and possibly thrive in what so many still seem hell-bent on trying to create. Listen if you can to maybe more about what happens to us when we continue to “Play with Fire”

Today’s Overview:

Let those without guilt cast the first stones’

As the world knows far too well, the fault is waiting for us in almost every sector of ‘world-affairs’. It seems that over ninety percent of all the problems keep coming back to the obscenities that USI & Israel continue to try to impose upon the planet. The ‘weight’ of these continuing events without solutions is overwhelmingly severe ­ but some of us continue. In fact the International non-response to the continuing torture, murder and Crimes-Against-Humanity go far beyond politics and has submerged almost every field of human-endeavor just to enforce their impossibly criminal demands. What’s finally happening to the Empire has long since passed its “USE-BY-DATE” and that’s what’s driving everything now/

Take a quick look at what the news, that’s not part of Mainstream-Propaganda in the West has to say, about the ceaseless farce of the moment to moment shadow-play, which they want to use to mask their impending and imminent collapse.

The responses by international associations, tribunals and ‘human-rights’ related organs should be disbanded because none of them do anything about whatever happens anywhere in the war-torn-world. The UN, NATO, UNESCO, USI, the EU the whole boatload of BS with all the supposed human-rights organizations have proven themselves to be powerless to do anything at all about any of the genocides, the rape, torture, murder and now beheadings of people the world over: Which the Empire continues to do to the people of this planet.

Yesterday a story broke about a brewing and newly created scandal which USI announced with their attack, by the FBI, upon the organization behind the World Cup: Because the World Cup plans to hold their global-event in Russia at some point in the future.

The US says the Scandal has nothing to do with politics:”

This begs many more questions that no one seems to want to discuss. We know for instance that US Football, Baseball and Basketball are rife with bribes and impropriates yet the FBI is only interested in “The World Cup” which is the most popular sport on the planet ­ but which is not yet widely followed by ‘sports fans’ in the US.

If USI is interested in ending corruption and tax evasion in ‘entertainment’ then why not go beyond ‘international-football’ and investigate the Entertainment and Film industries of Hollywood ­ that’s something that the FBI is actually directly responsible for, as both industries have been massively corrupted by sweetheart tax deals which the criminal USI government gave the Zionists, before and during WWII?

Why has USI decided to punish corruption in world’s most beloved ‘sport’ ­ outside the US. The US is still the global leader in CORRUPTION worldwide: And that has been the undisputed fact for decades now ­ will that ever change?

If the spread and control over corruption is “a noble-goal’ then why not investigate the criminal political parties here at home where the real corruption is and where the FBI clearly has jurisdiction?

How many employees of USI are participating members in the neo-Nazi government of Kiev ­ with USI approval of that - being a direct conflict of interest, when the carpet-baggers have already announced their plans to rake in the billions, which they will steal from the duped American taxpayers that are expected to continue to feed the vultures that are propping up Kiev? Don’t forget that Kiev today is only just over one year old, as a place on the map of the world ­ and its entire history has been one long series of massive lies.

No ‘investigations of Biden and his grubby family. No official investigations of Hillary Clinton, John Kerry or Nuland, not to mention the entire State Department or our resident traitor Bomb, Bomb McCain—there really are a lot of “INVESTIGATIONS” that should definitely be happening, but instead the US wants to punish the World Cup leadership for not being popular in the US and for daring to hold a World Cup Football match in Russia…

For that matter if the FBI itself is in need of substantial investigations to pursue to rid the world of corruption: They should start with a full court press on the entire USI government, including the Supreme Court, the White House and of course the entire Congress that has sworn undying-loyalty to Israel over their oath of office to the people of the United States. Congress ought to be living full-time in Tel-Aviv, if the truth were to ever come out.

But what about DHS or Michael Chertoff: The Chertoff Century

What about Homeland Security (DHS) or ICE, Immigration & Customs Enforcement for the collapse of US Borders and the importation of over 50 MILLION illegal immigrants? What about FEMA?

Interesting isn’t it that no one has been charged or even remotely inconvenienced about any of the hundreds of crimes the government and the privatized world commit every single hour of every single day.

The US would have the world believe that this contrived interest in FIFA is all about “the Ethics” beneath the scandal surrounding the World Cup, which they not-so-carefully orchestrated.


But if anyone wants to mention “Ethics” then MEDIA itself as the true Fifth Column of the criminal United States ­ must be investigated. In fact all six of the owners of all of it, need to be fully investigated for bribes and corruption that goes all the way back to the end of the Vietnam War, when the outlaws bought the entire media for pennies on the dollar.

When it comes to lying to the world the MEDIA has been horrifically guilty on everything that’s been going on for the last 15 years in particular. Their public lies have directly contributed to the death of millions of people in the wider world, yet no one challenges them or any of the “social media” for their total collusion in the global-lies that are a routine part of every news cycle in this sinking world.

Obviously we can’t do anything about this either, because as insider’s they’re as “UNTOUCHABLE” as the criminals in “law-enforcement” that carry badges while they’ve been torturing and murdering Americans wholesale for the last five years ­ on orders from Israel. They can’t be charged with any of those crimes, because the LAWS don’t apply to cops, or judges, or politicians or bankers ­ now there’s a subject that would make great Public Television, except that none of that can ever be reported because that would make our owners in Israel and the City of London, not to mention the Vatican, very, very unhappy.

The Trans Pacific Partnership: The TTP

And since there never were any investigations of any of the FREE-TRADE PACTS which Bill Clinton rammed down the throats of all Americans, which killed our manufacturing base and drained our jobs from the USA to “anywhere else”: Yet if anything that fact alone would seem to REQUIRE A FULL AND OPEN global INVESTIGATION of everything involved with the super-secret TTP.

If you want to escape the coming chain-gangs

Then you must get active and free yourself and those you care about

Or you will soon be silent and probably dead.

Free-Trade has gutted the world and killed a great many nations in the process. The public, and various lawmakers in the nations that were picked to become part of this are not allowed to know what they (The global Robber-Barons) are demanding that they sign onto.

That’s because TTP is nothing but a black-arts bullet train that’s being built to steal the last of the remaining wealth from ordinary people and send it straight into the overflowing coffers of the filthy rich: It’s perhaps the greatest scheme yet devised to force the Global TRANSFERANCE of ALL THE WEALTH from everyone not at the very top of the political dung-heap where the true Oligarch’s reside: TTP is the final nail in the coffin of the global public ~ after that, there won’t be anything left to steal any more…



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