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Pawnbrokers Inc.

By Jim Kirwan

The world knows well this universal symbol for the lower-end of the Money-Changers: Three Brass Balls. Every city in America has them, and they’re not about religion, they’re about “money” and only “money” and they always have been.

This morning I outlined some of the pre-history of the world of usury, money and money lending and some of those who have turned that into global-institutions. This practice has been with humanity for centuries upon centuries in varying degrees but it can be said that this is a definitely a universal issue, based on the number of people who use their services.

The problem is that nation states have used them as basic monetary models to screw the entire planet out of what people once had, in order to create privatized wealth-transfers from individual states to privatized banking systems worldwide. The ‘money-changers’ in the temples may be gone, but the monetarily privatized-pirates have flooded into every nook and cranny in society where there used to be laws to control most of their illicit activities, internationally. There are several missing key points in the history of the Jews that goes back to the beginnings of recorded history. First; that “history” says nothing about the civilizations that were here long before the current crop of blatant criminals were ever even dreamed of.

History has also shown us the role of all the formal religions, rising from the ragged pages of this truncated history that’s all we had to go on around the time that credit cards were invented for the populace ­ you can see the woman being crucified on one, just above my right shoulder. This was back in 1973.

Scroll down to Preliminary Sketch: at the bottom of the link

Remember that we’ve only been living in this technological age since roughly the turn of the 19th to the 20th century. Telegraphs, telephones and radio are technically relatively new devices, as history’s go.

Electricity is not all that old and as far as gasoline and combustion engines go; hell we’re barely out of the days of the horse and buggy.

In almost all of this we have routinely chosen to sink every dime we could get our hands on into the production of weapons and virtually unending ways to wipe out humanity. Out leaders act as if slaughtering humanity is the only reason for ‘technology’ to even exist. The proof lies in the fact that we have not chosen free energy, pure water, plentiful food or even clean air: In fact just the reverse is in vogue right now, along with chain gangs of old, that are about to also make a come back as part of permanent detention camps, everywhere ­ shown above in the upturned palm of the blind woman being studied by Angela Davis…

All of this was not just visible but blatantly so

In the early 1970’s

Another little noticed lack is the fact that most people use less than ten percent of their brainpower. What would humanity look like if we used say 25% or even 50% more of the brain-power we were born with? Would we currently be traveling thru the universe without being restrained by the antiquated and primitive vehicles we use now?

Humanity has been here for at least 50,000 years, some say much longer. We have found evidence that many of those lost civilizations were indeed light-years ahead of where this world is right now—today! But we’ve done virtually nothing with any of it ­ yet!

We now know that the earth was literally covered with pyramids, because of photography shot from earth orbit we’ve been able to detect what we could not see from the ground. How were those ancient civilizations built, what gifts were they able to apply to their worlds that we have yet to even dream of? We don’t know the answers to any of that because we’re too busy building new ways to exterminate 95% of the current population: Which is the true goal of today’s money-lenders without exception!

Same thing also happened to the natural treasures in the oceans, which we’re murdering at a phenomenal pace. Or the rainforests that we’ve succeeded in either burning to the ground or strip mining, for their valuable lumber while ignoring all of the miraculous discoveries that we’ve already used from that very tiny percent of the rainforests that we’ve managed to take - before we let the rest of those priceless forests be destroyed.

We have yet to explore most of the land mass either, we’re just like a bunch of carpet-baggers that found themselves in a magnificently beautiful place; who decided to conduct international races for who can kill or steal the most of everything the fastest? We’re like ignorant and angry children running hog wild in a candy-store with no thought ever given to anything that matters. For these Lords of the Flies, there is no tomorrow that could possibly matter, which is why we’re stuck in this pitifully medieval technology that’s frozen the planet somewhere back about the time when we switched over from candles to electric power.

It’s only been about a hundred and twenty five years. We did not have flight, electricity, bullet trains, telephones, and television didn’t even arrive until the 1950’s along with audio or video tape. Virtually nothing that is in popular usage today had even been invented much before the year 1900. Yet we act as if we are just brilliant compared to those savages in ancient history that we still can’t explain or replicate. Did I mention that we also lost all the skills to be able to live; which the people who preceded us knew all about, before they were twelve years old.

But worst of all, we have quit trying to understand or decipher those civilizations that preceded us, so many thousands of years ago when we fell in love with the mirrors of our pretend lives of privilege…

We know that the earth has undergone a number of pole changes as well as massive upheavals, thanks to Velikovsky, but we stopped investigating further. “Science” called him a liar when he predicted what we would find in space. Then when we finally got out there we discovered he was right and “science” got everything wrong—but nothing else came from the discoveries because it was embarrassing for formal science who didn’t want to deal with breakthroughs that they had no part in.

Do you recognize any of these things above?

That have become commonplace

In the world of the Stazi-Israeli-State

That ‘we’ live in now!

This happened largely because we let ourselves be totally-controlled by bands of savage-outlaws that have no use for anything but arrogance and hollow power; accompanied by the gluttonous accession of meaningless “wealth”, which does not benefit either the planet or humanity.

And of course this population has chosen “Not to Question” anything anywhere, but especially not the creatures that they call their leaders? Now that our death sentences have been announced: Maybe, just maybe the populace might rise up and evict these ancient parasitic cancers from our midst ­ but one thing's for sure, they will not go willingly. We must force the issue!

There have been pioneers from Leonardo to Tesla, from Velikovsky to Sagan who could see how much there was yet to be done, yet the society just ignored them and stayed on the cruel and rough-shod path where we chose to see nothing in the real world, while denying the future that involved anything which might really change any of what is haunting us all today. We must “End the Treason Now”


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