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'Patient Zero' Is Concocted To Conceal
 Biowarfare Behind Ebola And HIV

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

For medical science as in the Olympic games being first is what matters because nobody remembers who comes in second. The dueling claims over the discovery of the link between AIDS and HIV by Luc Montagnier and challenger Robert Gallo is legend, the microbiology equivalent of the OK Corral gunfight. In the contest for fame and glory, Gallo bit the dust while the Pasteur Institute’s Montagnier won the Nobel Prize and is walking tall into the history books.

 The currrent West African outbreak thrust Peter Piot into the global spotlight as the microbiologist who discovered and named Ebola on a 1976 visit to the Belgian Congo (later Zaire and now the Democratic Republic of Congo). His co-discoverers are forgotten except for rare mention in a footnote.

 Now zoologists at Oxford and Leuven universities led by research professor Nuno Faria are staking their claim to fame as the team that, after decades of controversy, identified the starting point for when HIV was transmitted from apes to the human population. Computer modeling enabled the researchers to trace the human immunodeficiency virus, which has spread as a worldwide AIDS contagion to more than 75 million patients, to its origin in the Congolese city of Kinshasa in the year 1920.

 Discovery is a tricky notion, when considering these viruses existed in Africa long before the relatively new bioscience of virology. Paleovirology, the study of viruses in preserved tissue samples, from Egyptian mummies for instance, is still in its infancy and will someday overturn recent claims of virus origins. As much as humans dread viral outbreaks, many viruses have a long successful history because of their overall beneficial role in evolution of altering genes in organisms to produce mutated variants and new species. Without virus intrusions, higher species like our own, would not have arisen.

 The Bio-engineers Strike Back

 There are more sinister reasons than fame or pure science behind the current attempts by microbiologists to pin down the first cases of HIV and of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. In both of these medical mysteries, the date of origin is key to determining whether the cause of these deadly contagions was a natural event or laboratory-based genetic engineering.

 Scientific opinion is heavily biased toward natural zoonosis, or transmission of animal diseases to humans. The professional reluctance to discuss artificial gene modification is due to the financial dependency of university and hospital researchers on grants from pharmaceuticals or under military contract. Enormous institutional pressure is exerted to deny and eliminate any mention of vaccine testing and biological warfare projects in the modification of increasingly toxic viruses. All-too many scientists are willing to present selective data for the perpetuation of an official cover-up.

 By the same coin, science-related journalism is eager to “debunk” critics of the medical-science establishment as conspiracy theorists, for example, in a recent attack in the Telegraph newspaper against law professor and bioterrorism expert Francis Boyle for suggesting that the West African ebola outbreak was caused by Western military-funded research in the region’s hospitals.

 Since biowarfare experiments remain top secret and pharmaceuticals disguise illegal drug tests under the cover of vaccine campaigns, it is an uphill battle for honest investigators to access any facts much less the “smoking gun” to prove medical-research malpractice. Whenever debunking fails to deter, threats can be real. This point was hammered home by the management purge at the BBC following the death of microbiologist David Kelly after he accused the Tony Blair government of falsifying data for its bogus claims that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction.

 The notorious Dr. Mengele is not exceptional in the medical field when pharmaceuticals and military-linked labs routinely conduct in-vitro experiments on the African population without risk of a World Health Organization (WHO) inquiry or war-crimes charges under the UN Biological Weapons Convention. The epicenter of the current Ebola outbreak is the impoverished Republic of Guinea, which never signed the biowarfare treaty, resulting in its status as a free-fire zone for deliberate infection and consequent “humanitarian intervention.” When it comes to biowarfare research, regulatory oversight is nonexistent.

 Human Guinea Pigs

 The date of the first case of Zaire-type Ebola in Guinea is important because it can be correlated with the presence of specific foreign medical teams in country. Natural transmission via a fruit bat is out of the question because of the 2,000-km flying distance from the virus source in Gabon-Congo (Brazzaville) contagion of a decade earlier.

 The UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), headed by former US national security adviser Anthony Lake, is promoting the outright fabrication that a 2-year-old Patient Zero contracted ebola in December 2013. That early starting date would have resulted in nearly triple the number of ebola-caused deaths that were reported by the WHO in March. The UNICEF claim, covered first by The New York Times, does not even come close to approaching known rates of transmission from infected persons to others.

 The standard Markov method, used to calculate the rate of infectious transmission, indicates the first Ebola case occurred in late January or early February, coinciding with a UNICEF sponsored vaccine campaign involving the British adoption agency Plan International (PI) and Medicins Sans Frontieres (MSF), in the Forestiere Region of the Republic of Guinea.

 Is it not irresponsible for this writer to suggest that UNICEF officials deliberately infected children with lethal Ebola, probably distributed in cartons of milk as a reward for vaccination? It should be remembered that Anthony Lake as Clinton’s security adviser ordered the murderous “humanitarian interventions” against Haiti and Somalia (Blackhawk Down). What is incredible is not the potential for biowarfare deployment but that the UN could permit a war criminal to run its program to save the world’s children and infants.

 The case for a clandestine biowarfare attack to legitimize “humanitarian intervention” is further strengthened by non-medical political-economic factors:
 - cooperator agency Plan International is headed by former BBC World chief Nigel Chapman, who was involved in the media cover-up of David Kelly’s mysterious death;
 - the role of George Soros as economic adviser to the Guinean president during a “mineral war” for mining rights between the Rothschild group, a Chinese aluminum corporation and an Israeli venture immediately before the ebola outbreak; and
 - Tony Blair’s Africa Governance Initiative in Guinea, the only French-speaking nation recruited into this British project for the recolonization of the resource-rich continent.

 It is no wonder then that UNICEF and The New York Times are trying to throw investigators off the trail with a doctored claim about Patient Zero. A similar effort is being made, by the same British medical establishment (Blair’s closest foreign-policy advisers are based at his alma mater, Oxford), to deny that HIV-AIDS was gene-modified for purposes of biological warfare.

 A web of lies about AIDS

 The Oxford-Leuven research into HIV origins is the capstone of a decades-long effort by microbiologists, many of them linked with biowarfare funding sources, to deny and discredit the vaccine theory of HIV genetic alteration, which allegedly occurred during vaccine trials in the 1950s, according to field work done by investigative journalist Edward Hooper and other writers.

 Faria’s team employed computer modeling to design a superficially plausible scenario for the spread of HIV infections in 1959 across the Belgian Congo. HIV is known to have been transmitted from apes to humans at least 13 times in Africa, but only one of these transmission events has led to a human pandemic, according to a media summary from Oxford University. The point of origin was wild chimpanzee habitat in Cameroon, from where HIV quickly moved into the Belgian Congo capital of Kinshasa.

 One of the co-authors, zoologist Oliver Pybus, explained, “Our research suggests that following the original animal-to-human transmission of the virus (probably through the hunting or handling of bush meat) there was only a small 'window' during the Belgian colonial era for this particular strain of HIV to emerge and spread into a pandemic. By the 1960s transport systems, such as the railways, that enabled the virus to spread vast distances were less active, but by that time the seeds of the pandemic were already sown across Africa and beyond.”

 Even in this summary, the Oxford-Leuven report is rife with faulty assumptions leading to erroneous conclusions.

 In the immediate aftermath of World War I, the German colony of Cameroon was reassigned to French control. Wartime disrepair of dirt roads and a shortage of diesel fuel had led to serious barriers to overland between former German Cameroon through either the Central African Republic or Congo-Brazzaville and on to the Belgian Congo. It would have been a stretch, to say the least, for impoverished game hunters to transport heavy loads of bush meat across three colonial territories to Kinshasa, especially when the surrounding Congolese forests abounded with wildlife.

 How then can the Oxford-Leuven team assert the rapid movement of HIV from Cameroon to Kinshasa, while it took nearly four decades for the virus to spread by railroad across the Congo. Did the trains not run on time? What took so long?

 The bush-meat theory of HIV and ebola transmission is an urban myth. In the jungles of equatorial Africa, hunters are cautious about exposing any wounds to animal blood, not just due to the threat of infection but also for reasons of traditional taboos. The Western media, in contrast, can easily blame native hunters as carriers of infection because they are already stigmatized by the luxury safari industry for the ivory trade and wildlife loss.

 When scientists depend on media stereotypes, it means more often than not, they are putting science at the service of publicity for a powerful sponsor. One of the powerhouses of microbiology is the medical establishment of former apartheid South Africa, where race-selective viral agents were developed in secret in cooperation with Israel. Due to the Reconciliation policy, hardly any details about the Project Coast biowar program were disclosed in the recent trial of chief suspect Dr. Wooten Besson. Until the apartheid-era research reports are excavated from their hiding place, no scientific hypotheses from European sources should be accepted as authoritative.

 Bestiality of Empire

 The earliest infections that resulted in AIDS as a sexually transmitted disease (STD) outside Africa occurred much earlier than the famous 1969 leap of from Africa to Haiti and on to the United States.

 Immunity to HIV in Provence today is a legacy of the Roman Empire. The city of Avignon was a Roman administrative center with an arena for gladiatorial combat and marketplaces and theaters for more lurid entertainment. The Phoenicians and their colonial cousins, the Carthaginians, conducted a brisk trade in wildlife from West Africa to sell as pets and fighting animals.

 Emperor Tiberias, notorious for his sexual explorations, kept a zoo on his pleasure island of Capri, where he engaged in practices that were too decadent for the pro-Christian historian Suetonius to describe. That some Roman men practiced zoophilia, also called bestiality, with male apes is verified by the anti-HIV immunity in much of the present-day population of Avignon. Transmitted via anal intercourse with primates, the simian virus became an STD in the human population.

 The evidence for ape-to-human transmission during the Roman era is a gene sequence called CCR5-delta32, imprinted in the DNA of much of the local population. That the gene sequence is inherited rather than newly introduced is shown by its presence in premature babies. What this medical evidence suggests is that many of the “plagues” that broke out in the Roman Empire and during the Dark Ages were not only from bubonic bacteria but were often virus-caused pandemics.

 The Oxford-Leuven computer simulation is off by two millenniums. HIV did not spread from apes to Africans and then across the Atlantic into the Caucasian population in the 20th century. The earliest known example of HIV transmission was directly from captive male apes to their human captors in Mediterranean Europe during the reign of the Caesars. And even Roman may not be the first reported case, when the Book of Job describes carcinoma-like sores covering the skin of that Jewish prophet, who lived near pharaoh-ruled Egypt where apes were worshiped.

 Suetonius’s puritan-like avoidance of any graphic description is reflected in the Oxford-Leuven report in citing the expansion of the “sex trade” in 1950s Congo. It is medically more helpful to mention male brothels, especially those procuring teenage boys from the countryside for European clients of “rough-trade” pedophila, as hubs for AIDS propagation. The Congo region was a colony of Belgium, a European society quite tolerant of homosexual activity with minors, a practice of predatory sex that continues unabated in Central and West Africa by Western diplomats, businessmen, aid workers and other privileged foreign men, who are more to blame for spreading the virus than the sex workers.

 To put the major onus on railroad travel is another colonial bias against economic development and technical advancement in “primitive” non-European societies. As exemplified in the decadent amusements of the Roman Empire, imperial power encourages not only oppressive sexual attitudes but also the cheapening of human life, which can eventually lead to biological warfare experiments on an unsuspecting colonized population.

 Trustworthy answers about the origins of highly lethal HIV and Ebola are not forthcoming anytime soon from the medical establishment. The full truth about biowarfare and abusive vacccine testing is yet to be disclosed, and therefore the public has no choice but to reject so-called scientific reports from research institutes tainted by association with the defense bureaucracy and pharmaceutical corporations. As amply shown in this writer’s seven-article series on ebola, posted at, the overwhelming weight of available evidence shows that the Ebola outbreak is a deliberate act of biowarfare and a major crime against humanity. That, too, could well be the case of the lethal variant of HIV. The culprits must be brought to justice, even if they are clad in the white gowns of physicians and lab researchers.

 Yoichi Shimatsu, a science writer based in Southeast Asia, led a consulting team n response to the SARS and avian influenza outbreaks by a team of microbiologist, some of whom contributed medical information for this report. His series of seven articles on Ebola and biowarfare are posted at


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