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Pandemic Panic?

By Jim Kirwan

The global crisis is two fold now. Ebola is claiming that 70% of the global population could die from ‘a pandemic’ that has not been clearly identified.

Q: Considering US and European and African Ebola patients as a whole, don’t they prove that Ebola is caused by a virus and these patients caught the virus?

A: No. As I’ve demonstrated before, the most widely used diagnostic tests for Ebola (antibody and PCR) are unreliable, useless, and irrelevant. Therefore, to assume these patients have Ebola is unwarranted.

To say a patient has Ebola MEANS he tested positive on a reliable and relevant diagnostic procedure. It doesn’t mean anything else.

Q: What made the US and European Ebola patients sick?

A: That can only be answered by a comprehensive examination done on each patient, by an honest and competent researcher, who can, if necessary, go outside conventional assessments and consider, for example, exposure to toxic chemicals, prior treatment with toxic drugs, and other factors that most doctors ignore. The point is, you don’t discover why somebody became sick or died by saying, “What else could it be? It must be Ebola.” That question and answer reveal a titanic lack of understanding.

Q: You’re saying these US European and US patients, and some health workers, may not have been previously healthy?

A: Right. But why speculate? Why not dig in and find out in each case?...”

A: Without a reliable diagnostic test, there is no reason to say a person has Ebola. And of course, once an “Ebola” patient is in doctors’ hands, we don’t know what treatments he’s getting. The drugs, some of them experimental, could be highly toxic. Then the patient gets very sick, and the doctors say, “It’s Ebola.”

Q: The link between Ebola patients in West Africa and the Ebola patients in the US and Europe—that’s an important factor, isn’t it?

A: It’s important for one reason. It convinces the public that the so-called viral epidemic is real, it travels, and it is a threat, globally. It’s the capper. It sways people’s minds. But think about it. If, in Africa and the US and Europe, you have the same useless diagnostic tests being run, what do you really have? Assumptions, propaganda, and fear mongering. And you also have a cover story (the virus) for corporate and government and pharmaceutical crimes.” There’s much more at the link:

The Ebola Hoax: Questions, answers and the false belief…

On the military front, the recent false hunt for “the Russian submarine” in Swedish waters is the exact same hunt for that which is not there, via the non-existent “Ebola pandemic”.

This focus on Russia was designed to create the false impression of a return to the Cold War, worldwide, which was intended to bolster the map above to “justify” all those bases meant to show that Russia and China have clearly been surrounded by USI and NATO, while in reality the exact reverse is true.

Conveniently the West has forgotten their war-game exercise in the Pacific that was recently interrupted by a Chinese nuclear submarine which surfaced in the middle of one of their sacred war-games. That was possible because the US Navy totally failed to detect the presence of the extremely deadly Chinese nuclear submarine which the war game was intended to find and expose? The same could be said about the presence of Russian submarines, worldwide, because the U.S. Navy cannot track the latest Russian submarines either.

With these facts that are not present in any NATO or US strategic planning, the map at the top of this becomes just another part of the paper-tiger that’s trying to claim victory in a new cold war that is not happening in real time.

Whether it’s the fake Ebola “pandemic” or the military effort to contain both Russia and China: The US and its slave-states, which are referred to as “allies”, are trying to create a global situation that simply does not exist.

In addition to all of this there is also the financial fiasco with the Federal Reserve and the $220 Trillion debt which is rumored to be “foreclosed on”.The "Families" which have apparently foreclosed on the Federal Reserve through a World Court action in which the court ruled that the Federal Reserve can not claim bankruptcy.’ That is what is supposedly in question. Until this can be officially proven, this ‘information’ remains just speculation ­ but if this is true then that would represent a real opportunity for the world to finally obtain that “RESET” which so many are trying to enact.

Meanwhile, people around the world must face the facts, when it comes to either the military or the medical pandemics that so far still do not exist!

Throughout these continuing attempts to totally destabilize the world, USI, NATO, Israel and the UN are desperately trying to force-feed the global-public “information” that is completely inaccurate, irresponsible and totally beyond the pale: Hence “the Pandemic Panic” that has yet to become anything related to any reality without any clear facts.

Throughout all of this Russia keeps on trying to call for sanity and verifications whether the subject is Ukraine, the Middle or Near East, or the illegal sanctions placed on Russia by the pretend owners of the world that no one has appointed: And “Time is running out on the lies coming from the White House” since day one of the New Millennium.

People everywhere must decide for themselves whether they will join the herd’s that are in full blown panic mode, or the groups of individuals that reject this global takeover which must end now!


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