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Outrage Of Brit 'Study'
Declaring Deadly Aspartame 'Safe'

By Dr. Betty Martini, D. Hum, Founder
Mission Possible International


Food Standards reports new Hull Study as  discussed in the Daily  Mail. 

Honest aspartame studies will never show safety. Just  another whopper!

When Food Standards said they were going to  have this study  done they even admitted they were having a hard  time getting people to sign up who had had reactions to aspartame in the  past and reported headaches and nausea.  You will notice in the FDA  Report of 92  documented symptoms from 4 types of seizures to coma  and death, headaches and nausea are #1 & 2.  It's so very  common.  What Food Standards probably didn't know at the time is that aspartame  is so poisonous that it causes chemical hypersensitization.  For  those who have seen "Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World" on aspartame there  is the case of Cheryl Kemptner.  I told her even when she had  surgery there would be interaction with a chemical because of aspartame,  and she would have problems which she did.  I recommended  prolotherapy which she had later for her joint pain which did work and  cured her of the agonizing pain she suffered.  I even had Dr. Ross  Hauser write an article to explain, and quoted Dr. James Bowen on the  chemical hypersensitization. 

So when Cheryl entered the hospital she told them not to give  her aspartame, and that she would definitely react being chemically  hypersensitive.  They put it in the records and gave her a bracelet  but a dietitian gave her Crystal Lite anyway with aspartame.  She  became a Code Blue and had to be resuscitated to save her life.   You can get a copy of "Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World" from producer  Cori Brackett at sp;  When Cheryl called me she was furious.  I was sorry she  didn't make an issue with the hospital because hospitals are filled with  aspartame and because it damages the mitochondria  it interacts  with drugs and vaccines.  Hospitals need to remove  aspartame  and sucralose as well. 

Over the years I've even spoken to  people who have gone into anaphylactic shock because they accidently  were given aspartame long after getting off of it.  Unfortunately  most are chemically hypersensitive to life.

While I knew there  would be reactions by the people if they did  this study   honestly I expected the study to be reported as showing aspartame to be  just fine in an effort to once again get the European Food Safety  Authority to say aspartame is safe.  The list time they did a  review and said it was safe Parliament made them do it over since   independent study after study showed the harm aspartame causes from  pre-term births to heart attacks, strokes, obesity, metabolic syndrome,  cancer and  even raising fasting blood sugar.  This is just  for starters. 

You have to remember that anytime a  government agency is involved because of their strong ties to the  manufacturers they will always say its safe.  Dr Ralph Walton did  research for 60 minutes on scientific peer reviewed studies and  funding   92 per cent of the studies showed problems with  aspartame but Walton said if you remove 6 studies because the FDA had  something to do with it and their controversy, and 1 pro-industry  summary, 100 per cent of independent scientific peer reviewed studies  showed the problems aspartame causes.  Here is that report: So how could the manufacture say  their studies showed safety?  There is emphatically no way for an  honest study on aspartame to show safety because its a deadly chemical  poison.  In fact, its an addictive, excitoneurotoxic, carcinogenic,  genetically engineered drug, adjuvant and teratogen - for  starters.  It was listed with the pentagon in an inventory of  prospective biochemical warfare weapons submitted to Congress.   This is discussed in the Ecologist on aspartame in 2005 and in the  article NutraPoison on

How can I be so sure you  can't do an honest study on aspartame and show safety?  Because of  the government records.  Not even the original manufacturer could  do it.  They kept getting caught by the FDA when the "old FDA" was  on our side and they tried to have G. D. Searle indicted for  fraud.  They were so powerful they hired both U.S. Prosecutors and  the statute of limitations expired.  So the FDA Board of Inquiry  revoked the petition for approval. Read it on a banner on my web site,  Meantime Searle knowing they had been found out hired Don Rumsfeld to  get aspartame approved. He was on President Reagan's transition team,  and Reagan owed him a favor. Rumsfeld said he would call in his markers  and get aspartame on the market.  

The day after  Reagan took office he had someone from the transition team call the FDA  Commissioner Jeri Goyan who was going to sign the revoked petition into  law and had him fired, and did it at 3:00 AM.  I have the letter  from his wife on web.  Then he wrote an executive order making the  FDA powerless to do anything about aspartame or sign the revoked  petition until he could get a new commissioner there who would over-rule  the Board of Inquiry.  His name was Arthur Hull Hayes, friend of  Rumsfeld from the defense department,  and that is what he  did.  What was his reward?  When he left he went to work for  the PR Agency of the manufacturer Burson Marsteller for $1000.00 a day  on a ten year contract.  One article said he was only there for  about 15 days.  Of course, as aspartame was marketed consumers  began to complain of such horrible diseases and reactions there were  three congressional hearings.  You can read them on my web  site.  The UPI investigation says it all:

  This is how aspartame got approved in England in the first place:

Some years ago Jerome Bressler, the last hero of the old FDA  retired.  I called to thank him and was quite shocked when he told  me FDA had removed two of the studies in his report and horrible  information about aspartame was kept from the public.  I had seen  where info had been removed and wondered myself.  Not wanting to be  the only one to know I immediately notified Doctors H. J. Roberts and  Dr. Russell Blaylock who called Bressler.  Jerome pleaded with me  to find those studies and it took me 8 years.  It was given to  Jerome before he died and added back to his report of the shenanigans  pulled when the manufacturer tried to show studies proved safety.   Read the complete Bressler Report on my web site.  Also notice how  far G. .D. Searle went to try and prove safety.  Aspartame breaks  down to diketopiperazine, a brain tumor agent.  As the rats  developed brain tumors Searle would excise the tumors, put the rats back  in the study and when they died resurrected them on paper. This is just  one of the reasons the FDA attempted to indict them for fraud.  I  even have the affidavit from the lady who was hired by Searle to shred  all the studies and send a copy to France.  Here is a excerpt   from that letter from Jana Marie:

"I was sent from a Laural, Md  tem agency to an office complex at a corner intersection near Jessup, Md  ( I can find out the exact location if you really need it).    I am an executive secretary w/ high skills and made top dollar.   This job paid top dollar.  I was asked to take piles of paper and  COPY, THEN SHRED them.  I was told very sternly NOT to read the  material and that if I did I would be fired.  Well, I grew up in  the military in the 60's w/ secrets all around and I'm very  curious.  I am afterall a paralegal.  So, I read while copied  and read while shredded.
Here's what was going on.   The copies were being sent to France, then I was shredding them, too and  the originals were being shredded.  They were about the new product  not yet on the market, EQUAL.  They were the lab results from the  tested rats and other animals.  The results were outrageous.   This stuff killed everything it touched.
I overheard a  conversation on the second day by the "boss" and the girls who was  telling me what to do.  She told him what I was doing and that I  was also doing the faxing to France.  He was livid and started  screaming at her, "What if she reads some of this stuff?"  she told  him I was too stupid to know what I was reading, even if I did.
What she didn't know was that I was a doctor's daughter, that  I had 3 years of college and I was extremely intelligent.  Nor did  she know that all during my father's college years when he was in charge  of the animal lab at his college, he would take me to help give the rats  their injections.  I knew what I was reading.
We  know that you know some of this information,  but did you know the  originals are in France?   I should have told someone then,  but WHO?  I just never touched the stuff when it came out and tell  everyone I know it is dangerous stuff.  I didn't know it was the  Aspartame in it that was the problem until recently.  A friend of  mine sent me to this web site so that I could finally tell what I  know."

Get the point?  Aspartame killed everything it  touched.  You cannot get a poison to show safety!  It is  impossible and that's why independent unbiased peer reviewed studies  show aspartame is not safe.

Let's get back to why Bressler was  so concerned that the public was kept from finding out what these  studies showed.  They were teratology studies and had the FDA  admitting aspartame causes birth defects.  There is no warning on  the product.  When Dr. Roberts wrote his congressman who wrote the  FDA they said they could not release the information because it was  confidential.  When I tried to get these studies through Freedom of  Information the FDA in Chicago told me they were so old they shredded  them.  Lane Shore, Mission Possible Chicago, and I took this letter  to Jerome Bressler who was then in a nursing home.  He looked at  the letter and said, "I was his boss and I can't call him a liar?"   I said, "Why not, he lied".  Jerome wanted the truth about  aspartame in the Chicago Tribune.  We went so far as to get a  reporter to his bedside.  She spoke to him for two hours with a  tape recorder.  He told her "Searle went to such lengths not to let  the FDA see the studies they locked the doors when Dr. Adrian Gross and  I visited them.  Dr. Gross would yell 'open the doors or we will  get a court order'.  Unfortunately the story was never published in  the Chicago Tribune.  Lane Shore and Diane Murphy (MP Illinois)  accompanied the reporter as well. 

Interestingly, after  taking so long in getting the information added back to the Bressler  Report, the FDA finally released to Dr. Woodrow Monte four more of these  reports.  The teratology studies had shown neural tube defects -  autism, spina bifida and cleft palate.  This is from the free  methyl alcohol.  I imagine after I released the ones that I got  from Dr. John Olney's records through the efforts of his biochemist, Dr.  Madelon Price, the FDA must have felt it was over, they couldn't hide  the information any longer.  I feel sure that's why under Freedom  of Information they finally released the info to Dr. Monte.  He  immediately wrote the book, "While Science Sleeps: A Sweetener  Kills".  On  you can   read the last chapter on aspartame and autism free.  Monte even  tells how his house was blown up with him in it.  However, you  should get the whole book because you simply won't be able to put it  down.  Find out all that was done to keep Monte from getting  aspartame banned in Arizona.  They simply had to stop aspartame  from being investigated.

Dr. Ralph Walton is now doing a study  on birth defects as we now have the information Bressler insisted the  public had to know about in order to have healthy children.  If you  have given birth after 1984 please complete the short form on and  send it to Dr. Walton at

If  you believe there is the possibility of a study  on aspartame being  able to show safety consider the Trocho Study by Dr. M. Alemany in  Barcelona.  It showed that the formaldehyde converted from the free  methyl alcohol embalms living tissue and damages DNA by which you can  destroy humanity.  In Dr. Monte book he explains the formaldehyde  turns the tissues to plastic. You are embalmed and in Dr. Roberts  medical text, Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic, ( ) he has a page on pre-embalming.  In  fact, when I was in New York and met the President of the Board of  the  American Anti-Cancer Institute she told me funeral homes are  now using 25% less formaldehyde in embalming. When I visited Dr. Alemany  in Barcelona he told me aspartame would murder 200 million people.   He also told me he would never do another study on aspartame because  they aspartame people tried to assassinate his character.  Even his  research funds were reduced.  I think every country should  duplicate the Trocho Study with independent unbiased researchers like  Dr. Alemany.  If aspartame is not banned by Codex it could be used  even in countries where it is not approved. 

It is of  interest that I met a man who use to work for the EPA on aspartame,  Reginall Bundrage.  He is a pathologist.  I kept giving him  information but he told me he knew more about aspartame than I  did.  I explained I had been trained by the world expert, Dr. H. J.  Roberts, who dedicated the medical text to me and if there was something  I didn't know fill me in.  He told me he had told his superiors in  the early 90's aspartame had to be taken off the market because nothing  kills this many people and they said with all the deaths FDA would have  to do that.  This was in 2010 I spoke with Reginall and he said  they told him that in the early 90's and its still on the market and its  still killing people.  Interesting, Dr. Adrian Gross, of the FDA  was the one who asked for the indictment of G. D. Searle and told  Congress that aspartame violated the Delaney Amendment because it caused  cancer.  He said that FDA shouldn't have been able to even set an  allowable daily intake.  He was transferred to EPA  to keep  him quiet according to Dr. James Bowen, and interesting also had a  degree in pathology.  I didn't even know there was a department at  the EPA that had to do with aspartame.  How much more has been kept  from us. 

So here is the point.  Aspartame is a  literal poison.  Dr. Blaylock in a lecture said: "Understand the  reactions to aspartame are not allergic but toxic like arsenic and  cyanide."  Four studies have shown aspartame is a multipotential  carcinogen.  Original studies showed aspartame causes birth defects  and even seizures.  The formaldehyde from the free methyl alcohol  embalms living tissue.  Independent unbiased studies show the  problems.  How could any study  ever show safety.  It is  a molecule composed of an excitotoxin and two neurotoxins and breaks  down to a brain tumor agent.  If anyone ever tells you a study on  aspartame showed safety laugh in their face.

How does the  manufacturer have studies done that show safety.  They are experts  at it.  Mark Gold of the Aspartame Toxicity Center has exposed  them.  Read all about it:  Be assured when we  get a copy of the Hull study below we will get to the bottom of what was  done.  In the meantime be assured it just another whopper!

  Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum, Founder
Mission Possible International
  9270 River Club Parkway
Duluth, Georgia 30097
770 242-2599
Aspartame Toxicity Center,

Trials Discover Aspartame  Is Actually  SAFE And Doesn't Cause  Headaches Or Nausea le-2518251/Aspartame-sweetener-SAFE-effects-trials-discover.html 
  • Human guinea pigs were fed snack bars which contained the sweetener 
  • Food Standards Agency say there is no need to ban  aspartame
  • The concern about artificial sweeteners relates to fact  they contain methanol

By Sean Poulter

PUBLISHED: 18:33, 4 December 2013 | UPDATED: 20:22, 4 December  2013

The  controversial sweetener aspartame has effectively been cleared as safe  to eat by Government experts following human feeding trials.

Human  guinea pigs were fed cereal snack bars, some of which contained the  artificial sweetener, by a team of researchers at HullYork Medical  School.

The study recruited 50 people who had reported reactions  after consuming aspartame in the past, such as headaches and nausea.

There was  also a control group of another 50 others who have eaten aspartame in  food and fizzy drink over many years without any ill-effects.

However,  the investigation found no evidence of harm in either those who reported  past sensitivity to aspartame or the control group.

  Significantly, this was  a so-called double-blind trial where neither the trial participants or  the researchers knew which of the bars was being eaten.

  Yesterday, the Food  Standards Agency announced that as a result of the British research, the  Committee on Toxicity(CoT) had decided there is no need to ban or  control the sale or consumption of the sweetener.

The FSA said: 91The expert  committee concluded that 'the results presented did not indicate any  need for action to protect the health of the public'.92

  The government watchdog  has not released the full details of the research because they remain  confidential until they have been published in a peer reviewed  journal.

And despite concluding there is no reason to protect  consumers, the FSA said the committee had not carried out an overall  safety evaluation of aspartame

A separate safety evaluation is being conducted  by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), which is due to be  published this month. The FSA said it will send the results of the  British trial to EFSA, so they can be taken into account.

The  conclusions of the experts on the CoT are unlikely to satisfy the many  critics of aspartame, who include Erik Millstone, Professor of Science  Policy at the University of Sussex.

He insists there is good quality  independent research projects that have identified potential problems,  ranging from premature births in women who enjoy diet drinks, to  cancer.

Prof Millstone, of the university92s Science and  Technology Policy Research unit, believes that EFSA92s evaluation is  biased in favour of aspartame.

He claims the EFSA panel set  up to carry out the safety assessment is dominated by experts linked to  manufacturers or regulators that have previously supported  aspartame.

The professor pointed to several studies that raise real  questions about the safety of aspartame and justify the need for further  research.

An EU funded project published in 2010 found pregnant women  who down cans of fizzy drink containing artificial sweeteners appear to  be at greater risk of having a premature baby,.

It is rare for a mother to be  to give birth early - before 37 weeks - assuming all aspects of the  pregnancy have been normal. The research found this low risk was  increased by 38per cent if the woman was drinking an average of one can  of diet drink a day.

The statistics, gathered by academics in Denmark,  showed that a woman who routinely drank at least four cans a day could  increase the risk by as much as 78per cent. This meant that if the risk  of a premature birth was normally one in a 100, it increased to 1.78 in  100.

The  professor also highlighted work by the independent Ramazzini Foundation  in Italy, which has published research suggesting aspartame caused  several types of cancer in rats at doses very close to the current  acceptable daily intake for humans.

The concern about artificial sweeteners,  such as aspartame, relates to the fact that they contain methanol.

Methanol is  a nerve toxin, which can be metabolised in the body to form formic acid,  which is another nerve toxin, as well as formaldehyde, which is the  chemical used to preserve dead bodies.

All of these research studies have formed  part of the EFSA review. A paper detailing the review92s draft  conclusions found they did not identify a health risk.



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