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Opening Global-Dialogue


By Jim Kiwan


Part One

Since George Bush the lesser attacked Iraq, USI has been 'at-war' with the world protected by a total military blackout of virtually everything that USI and Israel have been doing, anywhere they have decided to 'intervene'.

Enter Russia, in October 2015: In response to their often stated public positions on the on-going five years of war-crimes that have been created by NATO the UN, USI and Israel, inside Syria. The reaction of 'the West' has been swift and filled with misinformation world-wide. Russia, for its part has been wide-open and will answer any questions about their air-campaign, unlike the 'global-war-powers' that have tried to keep everything they do 'secret'.

Six of the Russian fighter interceptors above, intercepted four Israeli F-15's, a few days ago inside Syrian Airspace, that resulted in Israel turning tail and fleeing from Syria. Yesterday Russian fighters strayed into Turkey's airspace, and were turned back by Turkish jets. Russia apologized to Turkey and promised that “this would not happen again”. Turkey accepted the Russian apology, but NATO did not.

There was no global-outcry about the Israeli or the US, France, Canada, or the British violations of Syrian airspace that have been going on for the last year: Even though those airstrikes looked like shooting fish in a barrel, despite the fact that they violate every national or international law.

NATO is currently leading 136,000 troops, in a massively expensive series of war-games throughout Europe on the border with Russia, without apologies to the Russians. This at a time when the entire EU says that it cannot afford to deal with the refugee influx, throughout the region and since the 'forces' are NATO and hostile to Russia, no further comment is forthcoming from NATO headquarters. NATO is following the West's policies of lying about everything they do, while issuing false statements about the need for them to do anything anywhere in the world.

The circumstances and terms of engagement in Syria, of Russia's assistance to the sovereign state of Syria, have been open and forthcoming—something which has not been seen since America had actual journalists inside Vietnam, that were not embedded with US forces. That was the last time that reporters could report, independently, about US military actions. That policy was ended after the entire media was purchased in1975, once the Vietnam War had officially ended. Russia's relationships with the global press is more than a breath of fresh air, because it invites the public to comment and question what Russia is doing and what the results of their actions have been creating.


For the first time since 1975, the voices of the people being attacked are being heard, and in fact invited to contact the Russians if they have any questions: Something that no American has been allowed to do since the Democratic Convention ended in Chicago in 1968. The West demands blind, deaf and dumb compliance to every order that the public is being given anywhere that the public's money is being spent on weapons and war. Everywhere In Syria, Russia's behavior has clearly been on the side of the victims of the barbarians that are desperately trying to keep the whole world SILENT and at war.

Trump talks about the absence of “American Victories” but how can there be any 'victories' anywhere, when there has been absolutely no activity to report on, against any of the unworkable polices which the fake-West is supposedly pursuing?

Since USI & Israel declared war upon the world there has not been any freedom of speech, democracy or rule of law allowed in the home countries of the attacking and barbaric nations: Yet the forces that continue to pre-emptively attack dozens of nations around the world, have not allowed their citizens to voice any complaint about any of the private corporate policies which NATO and the UN are trying to force down the throat of the entire planet. The latest crime, the latest TPP, will SECRETLY change all the trade-rules for 40% of the world...

The largest global trade agreement in 20 years, the TPP includes the United States, Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam. These nations together comprise 40 percent of the global economy.”

What is the Trans-Pacific Partnership and why you should care

Watch the embedded 7min 23sec VIDEO

More about this is Part Two of this Article.

Meanwhile the irrelevance of the both the United Nations and all of its do-nothing slave-states together with the European Union is bringing the entire world closer to global-chaos. This continues because all that the world has 'done' in the last seventy years is “talk”. And talk without action is what always leads to the end of any state that refuses to defend itself against criminal invasions: This is what Russia is doing with their actions that they are thoughtfully taking in Syria.

Reformable UN

This Crosstalk program above could easily be a response to:

The Failure to Face Reality

The world must never-forget that Israel was 'licensed' by the UN to commit their global war upon all of its neighbors, time after time, while the UN has defended Israel from all her war-crimes, crimes against humanity and all of Israel's nuclear transgressions while sanctioning Iran, Iraq and any other country in the Middle-East that might challenge Israel's illegal nuclear weapons stockpiles or their massive list of war-crimes against Palestine for the last 68 years.

Meanwhile the West continues to do whatever it wants while disregarding whatever the supposed 'world-body' of the UN, NATO and millions of mercenary forces continue to do to the planet, during the reign of the do-nothing UN and the EU. Both of these artificially created 'organizations' must be dissolved in tandem with the privatized corporate-global banks that are the financial force which makes all these illicit actions possible.

In this process NATO has replaced the failed US Military in retired Marine General Smedley Butler's book “War is a Racket”

Meanwhile, today marks the beginning of “Fleet Week” in San Francisco.

This is Senator Diane Feinstein's revenge against this city

for kicking the U.S. Navy out of Hunter's Point in San Francisco.

So San Francisco will endure an entire week of Blue Angel overflights, at a huge expense, to praise and promote more WAR in the name of polices that have failed around the world. But this year these demonstrations should remind the American public of the failures of the US military to accomplish anything at all throughout the Middle-East, from 1991 until today. The city could use that money for the victims shown above.

End of Part One


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