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Open Dialogue Has Begun


By Jim Kirwan


Brandon Curtiss ­ Idaho !!!%

I was WRONG yesterday when I said: “There's Only One Way Out”.

This interview is proof positive of the fact that there are definitely “choices” that most might not have suspected could ever have been possible. But it has happened, and 'the way forward' has been mapped out and is now underway because, the people involved in this approach refused to give-in or give-up.

There is now a template in place for people, each in their own area of the other forty-nine states, to begin to confront the government, in those states where the government has overstepped their constitutional boundaries.

I'm glad to have been “wrong” on this one!


This interview is 44min 32 sec long ­ but if you care about America


This is about Constitutional Restoration & Protections

It's well worth your time to listen...

Brandon Curtiss ­ Idaho 3% Interview

Among some of the things discussed were:

(11min 36sec) “The two major ones we're asking the FBI to dig in and investigate the fraud and what the prosecution has done here in this case. There's a night witness that saw the BLM light a fire behind the Hammond Ranch. That witness came forward to us and asked to give us an audio-affidavit that told us his account. The prosecuting attorney actually interviewed him ~ before he interviewed this witness: Never recalled him and never disclosed that to the defense.”

k- This was of course massively criminal, as the prosecution must disclose any exculpatory information to the defense, which it might discover during the course of their investigations.

So that in itself is an issue that needs to be investigated, so that's illegal number one and number two, we're asking the FBI to investigate that. And then third would be the issue with the land. In that 'resolution' and its a bigger part of it, it was to have everyone come into the discussions and agree to return the land which is the Refuge Center back to the county or to the citizens of Harney County....”

The Investigation

Pete Santelli: “For months Frank... for months I've been outspoken. I even contacted him and asked him to push the pause-button, because of the anomalies that exist in the case. I've actually called out and said: ' you know ~ that's there's only one reason why you want to whisk these people off to jail, and not have full public disclosure, is if you have something to hide. Based on what you have just said that would be the one thing that you would want to have hidden?

Curtiss: That would sink the prosecutions case.

Pete: Not just that but it would cause him (the prosecutor) to go in handcuffs and be thrown in jail.

Curtiss: Absolutely! (13min 31sec)

k - There's a great deal more about the money made and stolen in the County, because of how this entire takeover was planned and executed ­ this report is daringly clear, about what's at issue and how the people at all levels of this 'coming together' are already on their way to finding ways; not just to resolve this confrontation ­ but how any other such dispute anywhere else could be handled to both get to the bottom of “causes” and “potential solutions” in order to rectify the violations of the constitutional laws of this land: So that the people can, by taking up their responsibility to take on the Federal government with the help of the various citizen-led organizations around this country ­ in order to bring about the massive number of criminal violations upon which this current system has been built...


This interview is not even an hour long, but what this reveals could change how anyone might tend to view this potentially dangerous situation—in order to go from the hype and the fear to something tremendously positive, because by following such a course, as is laid our here ­ we might all be able to finally begin the mandatory resolution of what has been going on for at least the last 103 years.




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