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One Million To One

By Jim Kirwan


In what used to be the United States the public is under siege from the same criminal forces that are making war upon the rest of the world now.

In New York City the crime rate has dropped by two-thirds because the cops stopped functioning after two of in their fraternity were murdered on the streets of that city. People are beginning to wonder if that means that the former crime rates were due to how much of the “crime” in the city was actually being done by off-duty cops?

The “War on America” which has replaced both the War on Drugs and the War on Crime across the land, has created for itself an entirely new look: Something that has never before been recorded by any other country in the New Millennium.

In California meanwhile home invasions have shot up in Oakland, where again one has to wonder what happened to “law-enforcement” in a city that prides itself on a large turnout with heavy military gear to crush every demonstration; yet Oakland has only one officer to respond to home-invasions by actual criminals.

Lt. Steve Walker, who oversees robbery probes for Oakland police, estimated that roughly 20 percent of the home invasions in 2014 resulted in arrests, roughly the same figure as for robberies overall. The city has eight investigators to handle thousands of robberies; one of the eight is specifically assigned to home invasions.

It’s a crime that is notoriously challenging to solve, Walker said, partly because victims are often so terrified that they don’t get a good look at the assailants.”

This is not something that’s just a local issue. The State Attorney General and the Governor as well all the city councils and Mayors in the nation now share equally in the blame for their pathetic failure to protect the public from the very creatures that all that heavy military hardware and the armor plating of what we still call ‘officers’ is supposed to prevent.

Literally billions has been either given or purchased for local police, over the last ten years, yet not once (as far back as I can remember) have the policed ever used all that firepower to attack either the drug dealers or the crime families that those weapons were supposed to be used against ­ not even once: The only people that have borne the full brunt of the so-called Police has been the general public that have been brutalized, tortured, raped, tasered and shot as well as murdered by both uniformed and plain-clothes troglodytes for daring to resist their totally illegal behavior at all levels.

All that supposedly ‘excess military weaponry’ was given to the police (which the public paid for) to give the uniformed thugs the upper hand in “the huge crime wave” that was supposed to be sweeping the nation. In reality during all this time the crime rate across the nation has been falling on its own, yet DHS has purchased enough hollow-point bullets to kill every American three or four times over.

BTW: There are some “no-go-areas” in Oakland where the cops do not go because they will be shot and quite possible killed ­ all the criminals have to do is get into those zones and they’ve got a get-out-of-jail free pass that keeps the criminals immune from arrest.

The other glaring absence at least in California is that not once have we been able to read about the armed shoot-outs between the drug cartels, the global-mafia or any of the global-crime syndicates or even just the local drug gangs versus the super-cops of our cities across the land. So how have all those massively dangerous criminals magically escaped all the terror which the cops manage to inflict on ordinary people each and every day?

When was the last time that one our overpaid and glorious cowards in blue was actually murdered by a real criminal?

Remember that the valiant police that were supposedly the reason the public needed to have all that “protection” for our terrified “police” departments - organizations that shoot dogs, children, pregnant women and innocent civilians by the dozen: Usually because “the officers are always in fear for his or her basically useless life”.

If they are that terrified of dying then they need to get a different job.

There are so many lies and get-out-of-jail passes floating around now that it’s sickening to even try to contemplate the numbers of people that have had their lives and possessions torn apart by roid-rage cops and mental degenerates wearing the uniforms or local state or city cops or DEA, ICE, FBI or IRS thugs in bulletproof vests who attack the public as if that’s their only job which they must do day or night.

The real reason for this story can be found at 1hour 03 seconds into this one hour and twenty minute video. It lasts just a few minutes but it clearly illustrates this quote:

We outnumber these crooked cops a million to one. It’s about damn time we cleanse this country of these parasites.”

The rest of the hour and twenty minutes of this video demonstrates what’s actually been happening to Americans all over this place for the last fifteen years. How much longer will you wait for this to stop ­ because you know they will never stop unless they are forcefully stopped.


Police Gone Wild 2014 Domestic Terrorist Edition (Full Video)


BTW: No one from any branch of this so-called government has lowered themselves to answer any of the public’s complaints about this on-going and deadly war upon the public: Yet the public absolutely refuses to react to this war upon us all. Within the next few months the tide will turn, once the public actually decides to get involved, to end this bloody reign of torture and public intimidation ­ permanently.

The reason this has never happened before, is that no other population on earth has been so totally brainwashed and intimidated as has the road-kill that still passes for ‘Amerikans’ today.


Rising Victims Home Invasions rob victims of sense of security

We will have to stop them now or become just more of that road-kill that would not speak up.

There is of course one other glaring crime against us all which this story highlights.

Where are all the arrests that were supposed to have been made by these creatures with all their guns and their billions of bullets, not to mention their drones, tanks, and armored vehicles? Where are all the convictions of all these “enemies of the state” that this place had to give away all our freedoms’ for, and then some; in the first place?


After fifteen years of war (24 years if you know the truth about Iraq): Where exactly is all the benefit for this nation? What have ‘Americans’ gained by all the killing torture and devastation, not to mention the total annihilation of so many places that used to be states?


Arrests have to be made—because the prevention of those critically needed arrests is what all those fake-cops are all about. They’re the ones guarding the corrupted multi-national corporations and filthy politicians and the bankers, but apparently no is prepared to learn enough about the truth to be able to bring themselves to DO anything about any of this. It’s always been the same: There are none so blind as those who will NOT see, or hear or think ~ and if we don’t change this equation then we’ll all be dead in a very short time anyway ­ so enjoy whatever’s left to you and your friends because, this much we know is a fact: Our days are numbered and the window is closing fast….


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