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The One Billion Pound Gorilla Bearing
Down on USA: Screwing the Pooch

By Frosty Wooldridge

Have you ever heard the term, “Screw the pooch”?

Astronaut Gus Grissom uttered the term during the early "Mercury" days of the US space program. It originated from a Yale graduate named John Rawlings. The phrase is actually a bastardization of an earlier, more vulgar and direct term, slang for doing something very wrong with a dog. In the end, the term means to make a very bad, un-repairable, misguided and serious mistake.

In Roman times, Caesar committed a huge blunder when he “Crossed the Rubicon” to battle Pompeii, which led to his demise via stabbing, “Etu Brutus?”

How about the phrase, “Ignoring the 10,000 pound gorilla in the kitchen?”

We know it means to ignore something so obvious and so destructive, but because of political correctness, we continue to evade it.

For over 40 years, as a world traveler, and one who witnessed China, Africa, Mexico and India’s horrible problems firsthand, I awakened to humanity’s “Seven Billion Pound Gorilla in the Kitchen” long before most folks. So did Dr. John Tanton, Dr. Paul Ehrlich, Dr. Albert Bartlett, Dr. Diana Hull, Dr. Jack Alpert, Dr. Edward O. Wilson, Joanne Wideman, Marylou Tanton, Kathleene Parker and Dr. David Pimentel.

Instead of paying attention and making rational choices, Americans ignored the “Gorilla” in the kitchen. Now, its ugliness grows exponentially out of control.

I’ve been writing and speaking about it ever since. I cannot begin to tell you how terrified I am for our children and this country. We are “screwing” future generations to lowered quality of life, standard of living and environmental calamities making their presence known to us. If you and I don’t stop it, if we fail to stop our US Congress from its obsession to flood this country with another 100 million immigrants, you can bet your bottom dollar that we will have “Screwed the Pooch” for future generations.

For the record, I get called names, shunned by radio and television because, like Galileo, I am exposing a reality that the “power paradigm” of the 21st century refuses to recognize—no matter how fragmented, overloaded and fractured our country becomes. No matter how extreme our weather and how much drought, our media won’t mention the cause.

Even after 9/11, you won’t hear Brian Williams, Diane Sawyer or Scott Pelley or even Wolf Blitzer or Shepard Smith breathe a word that the Boston Marathon bombers followed the Muslim faith which commands, “Convert or kill all non-believers—especially the Jews.”

So it continues with mass immigration. Damn it fellow American, we remain on course to add 100 million immigrants into this country from 150 third world countries within 36 years. How much more do I have to spell it out? We generate a mega-truck-load of trouble the size of Lake Michigan.

Roy Beck from produced another video to spell it out. Please watch it and share it nationwide.


By the year 2050, census estimates predict that our population will reach 438,000,000, or a doubling of the population of our top 35 most populated cities. We could very well exceed ONE BILLION people at the turn of the century. Behind China and India, the US is the third most populous nation in the world. We are already seeing energy and water shortages in some areas of the country. If you think we have problems now just wait a few years.

“Immigrants don’t travel by covered wagon anymore, the majority congregate in our cities,” said Executive Director of Jo Wideman in California. “The demands on our cities are overwhelming. Anyone who lives in a large city can see the results of overpopulation on their roads, schools, hospitals, courts and jails. While many reasons are given for water shortages, electrical outages and the high price of energy, the root cause (usually not stated) is simply overpopulation.

“Environmentalists should be leading the fight to control immigration; instead, they are sitting on the sidelines.  Rising populations increase pollution and deplete natural resources.  Environmentalists are on a fool’s errand if they believe we can be ‘green’ without reducing immigration.

“Every wave of immigration, legal or illegal, pushes black and other low-income groups further down the economic ladder as immigrants will almost always work for lower wages.  Many immigrants fight their countries’ wars from our shores.  This fragments communities along ethnic lines and is not in our best interest.  Every day state and local authorities are forced to deal with a Babble of languages yet politicians are too timid to make English our national language.  Language is the glue that binds a nation together.”

Recently: When calling in to a talk radio program one illegal immigrant said, “What a country! For fifty dollars you can buy documents that let you get food stamps and money to make babies that become American citizens. When the baby is older, this allows the rest of my relatives to come and make their babies.”  Unless we elect politicians who have the courage to reduce immigration levels and cope with real problems, the future is grim—there’s a one billion pound gorilla waiting in the wings.

“Anyone who believes exponential growth can go on forever in a finite world is either a madman or an economist.” Economist Kenneth Boulding
I’m here to tell you, we screw the future for our children if we continue in silence while the pro-growth, endless pro-immigration forces pass endless amnesties like S744 and flood our country with millions of people. Remember this, other countries exporting immigrants into our country don’t give a crap. They continue to multiply by 80 million net gain annually. They love us because we continue importing their irresponsible birth rates.

When I say, we are “screwing the pooch”, I mean you screw your children’s future. If S744 passes, it will redefine, “Crossing the Rubicon” ; “Screw the Pooch” and create a whole new understanding of the “One Billion Pound Gorilla in America’s Kitchen.” Once it manifests, everybody’s pooch is screwed.

Join ; ; ; ; and make your voice heard and magnified by sheer power of numbers. Call Speaker Boehner and Congressman Eric Cantor to tell them to stop any S744 amnesty and reduce all immigration to less than 100,000 annually. (The current bill increases legal immigration to 2.0 million annually.)

Boehner: 1 202 225 0600 Cantor: 1 202 225 4000



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