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By Jim Kirwan


The Global Keys to Survival

Regardless of whatever will be coming to the planet, the people of the United States need to understand some basic facts about everything that’s been brought into the world by “The Global Wars of Artificial Terror”.

The first thing that must be understood is that Iraq is about the size of California. The second reality is that the global-war-powers have been slavishly slaughtering the people of Iraq since 1991. This, amounts to 24 years of virtually uninterrupted warcrimes that the USI and Israel have waged against the people of Iraq ­ a state that has never attacked the U. S. or Israel. Thirdly, Americans must accept, that regardless of everything that has happened in that continuing war, these illegal-foreign-forces are still losing on every front. And ‘fourth’ every American has paid for every minute of those 24 years of crimes against humanity with our taxes and our complicity by failing to Question anything that we have allowed USI & Israel to do to millions of innocent people, the world over; under the guise of the fake “War On Terror”.

In reality this ‘war’ has always been “The WAR OF TERROR” that’s been openly operating against the world since Bush junior stole the White House, via the Treason of the ‘Supreme Court Intervention: Committed by the Supreme Court on 12-12-2000 ­ in direct violation of the Constitutional prohibition that assigns any and all difficulties in any ‘presidential election process’ to the authority of the congress of the United States.

To date those five Supreme Court Justices; Rehnquist, O’Conner, Scalia, Thomas and Kennedy that are the individuals who committed the treason that put Bush Jr. on his self-appointed throne - have still not been charged for their treason in voting to intervene in December of 2000.

So much for the ‘politics of treason’

Here inside the United States; Obamanation and the global-criminals in the UN, NATO and Israel are about to launch their continuation of ‘The WAR OF TERROR’ against the people of the United States.

Physically this ‘nation’ is beyond massive when compared to the size of Iraq (the same Iraq that has repeatedly handed the U.S. its own ass over and over again in Iraq) ­ while covering up any of the facts that might have killed the ‘faith of Americans’ in the “rightness” of this series of global crimes that erupted after 911. Specifically there was the obliteration of Forward Base Falcon, just outside the Green Zone where over 300 U.S. servicemen and women were slaughtered on the same day in Oct of 2006. The event was scrubbed from the net, but has recently returned ­Ask your friends in the military how they explain this and the other coverups ­ because in 2006 if over 15 Americans were killed, in any single-day’s actions that appeared publicly - then hell would have broken loose ­ so what happened to this report on the deaths of these dead people, when it happened?

That’s simple: If news of this had been publicly reported the “WAR” would have been immediately shut down. That might also have forced revelations of how much we actually paid, in American blood, to take the Bagdad Airport or Fallujah ­ where the truth was also ‘censored’?

Massive American Casualties At Ammo Dump Covered Up
by TBR News/ Brian Harring
Saturday, Oct. 21, 2006 at 9:08 PM

Given the fact that for over twenty years we’ve been throwing everything we have at Iraq, including tactical nukes under two members of the Bush Die-nasty, and yet they’ve failed. So how in the hell could any of that continuing US criminal-dynasty actually believe, under any fake-leadership - that they could conquer something the size of the US that has more than just the well-armed population of the United States to deal with?

Yesterday some stories were floated about the possibility of an EMP attack inside that circle drawn in Texas (above), on the official government map of JADE-HELM, that began today; but which will supposedly start tomorrow ­ on Monday - when the whole world will be watching.

Near that small red stripe of Southern California (Also above) here’s something that also surfaced yesterday at The Red River Army Depot near Bakersfield, CA. Heads Up! Thousands of Military Vehicles Lined Up Outside of Underground Bunkers In America - 3min 11 sec VIDEO

Whenever we see supposedly prepared US Troops preparing to attack anywhere, the film footage always looks like something from a war-game for kids. Repeatedly we are told about how ruthlessly powerful US fighting forces are overseas ­ what no one knows at the moment is how many of those supposed ‘fighters’ will remain “loyal” to the treason-driven USI government when and if it attacks U.S. civilians here in America?

Clearly if these robot-like-‘troops’ are used they won’t last long against the millions of armed and soon to be beyond-angry Americans. This is the question of the hour in the world that now exceeds ROGUE. In every former nation-state that we have turned into nothing but scorched earth and contaminated ruins we were not challenged by our own family members, nor were troops ordered to potentially shoot their own family members. Syria is still not finished, after over four years that was supposed to be as quick, ugly and final as Libya became ­ yet now after our continuing failures in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere these barbarians want to redirect America’s military fighting forces against their own people ­ really!

If the weapons they use to “Make that so” inside the US are used against the people of the USA, the results will be much different than whatever the PR spin is claiming ­ you could’ve taken this statement ‘to the bank’ ­ except that the only bank in the world that’s still refusing to cooperate with the US takeover of the global-banks, when it comes to owning gold ‘privately’ in the world, is currently located in Hong Kong (?).

That’s important because all of these wars have always been all about stealing GOLD and only gold. This interview is filled with information about all of these global and continuing crimes against humanity. Beginning with the attempted murder of John Kerry at the opening of this interview.


This world is far too large for the Darkness to the Khazarain Supremacy to ever even entertain the idea of taking total control of all of us, without something as destabilizing as whatever is coming to interact with the planet and the survivability of the universe we’ve all been living in.

And given that the dying troglidytes like Rockefeller who just turned 100, are all on the way out ­ these inhuman beings will not live to see the end of their ancient wet-dream of attaining anything like Full Spectrum Dominance. Instead they will reap only the global failure of their schemes that were specifically designed to end everything they’ve been targeting to destroy for millenia.

This world belongs to those who will fight to stay alive despite whatever awaits us throughout the next three months during which JADE HELM will do its damnedist to finish destabilizing this planet.

Even if Planet X turns out not to happen or if it doesn’t directly impact this planet ­ the one thing that will happen here is the forceful violence of treacherous betrayal that is spearheading the treasons about to be unleashed against America for three long months, at a minimum, unless we can force them to surrender before that time…

It’s been a really long and interesting journey personall. It would be great to be wrong and to finally see the remaining world publicly coming to fight this farce all the way to the end. ‘Fighting’ in this case involves a whole lot more than just thinking, we must bring those fires of mind and heart that can set us each free, with the physical force and intention required to turn our thoughts into worldwide action...

Good Luck America we’re going to need it!



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