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Of Me And My Work

By Dr. J Chiappalone
My Motto...Take It Or Leave It


In 1985, I commenced the Work for which I had re-incarnated on Earth for the last time. It was to be the last time for I knew once I had finished my Work in this lifetime there would be no more incarnations on Earth for Earth would no longer exist!

I have been on Earth numerous times before, always doing the same Work basically, which involved, as it does in this incarnation, awakening those who deserve to be awakened, and supplying Energy to those who were and are being suffocated and drained by the Evil System. Simultaneously, my Consciousness has manifested in other planets, Galaxies and Universes, as required.

In the many incarnations I have had on Earth, the body I used rarely died of old age. Being a frontline warrior, the body I used was subjected to all forms of torture and death. Some episodes of that cruelty have been made into false religions doctrines with which to trap beings even more stringently.

Even in this life I have had to escape numerous times from death-dealing accidents and attempted murder. All so-called accidents are set-ups, whether you want to believe that nor not. In Israel, in 1990, where I had gone for the funeral of a dear friend, and to lecture to many non-Zionist Jews, I escaped from death, by machine gun carrying fanatics, by miraculous means. They could not smash my hotel room door down quickly enough and had to flee as police sirens wailed. The hotel staff, witnessing the attempted murder had called the police. Why would assassins who did not know me at all want to kill me? It is the energy really. The Evil Energy directing them knew who I am and whom I represent.  

I have, in numerous incarnations, revealed that we are in a War of Essences. In former incarnations I explained an Endtime would come. In this one I stated the Final Stage had been set for the resolution of this War which was between Good and Evil.  I stated emphatically that the End would be within the lifetime of this body I am using.

The Problem of Evil would be resolved once and for all on this planet, as it has been resolved in so many other places around this cruel and untenable Universe, with the Final Victory going to the Good Essence, which is the “Light” of True Love and Justice. “I” have been involved in all those other areas of Correction.

Especially in this last incarnation, I have explained the why, when and how of it all.

I have explained how this Universe is the result of a Celestial Error that demanded, by its extremely corrupt nature, to be corrected. This Universe is a rogue state; it is an illicit creation by a disobedient, Evil Mind.

I have explained how it is to be corrected.

I explained that not all people are equal in spiritual terms and that only a minority would spiritually survive the coming Global Destruction to continue their Divine Evolution elsewhere. The others were to perish forever via a process I have called Spiritual Transmutation.

Btw, those who think there is no existence outside of the Physical State are morons and do not deserve to continue.

I have given details of how all people, animals, and other levels of consciousness have been trapped in a hypnotic state in the Illusion of the Virtual Reality created by the Evil Essence for that very purpose.

For those whom I have called Theomorphs, that is, those created by the Light and trapped here, it has been a very real and horrifying nightmare.

In this way of entrapment in this nightmare, the ones with the pure Divine Energy within could, and were, drained, against their wishes, of their precious energy which the Evil System used to sustain its illicit, but doomed, Universe. Thus, in this explanation, we have the concept of the Goyim, the fat cows to be milked by the Sons and Daughters of Darkness, who would use the energy for their nefarious activities which always involved lies, violence, rape, hypocrisy and murder.

This we, with true vision, have witnessed throughout the history of this planet.

In my books, I enumerated in great detail the factors of Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination which were used by Darkness to keep both Viables and Non-Viables somnambulant in this morphic and very destructive state of consciousness.

But my written and spoken words had and have a specific Energy with which to awaken one and all, and to tell them of the End!

I revealed a plan for this Earth, the Resolution of the Problem of Evil, which entailed the total demise of the planet within 50 years from my first announcing this Message in 1985.

The outer time limit for total destruction of the planet was set by me and my team as 2035.

With diligence and valour, under extreme conditions, victories in little energy battles have allowed the End to be now set at November, 2016.

I set this as the Final date just a few days ago. I will not explain how I arrive at the termination date. I will only say the date is totally my responsibility to set on this level.

This can only be an approximation of course, and it could vary a little either way.

We are in a War. You don’t really expect either side to give out precise information, do you?

All sides in wars give out false information called propaganda.

But know this: that figure is as accurate for the End is as you will get.

Who dares to set the date?

The mechanism by which I receive all the information I have published is less important, for now, than the concept of accuracy of the information.

Does this body have the authority to put out this information and such dating of the Endtime? Well, seeing that I have done just that, put out accurate information, that is, obviously it has, especially when retrospectively none can argue with my past accuracy.

Thus, I consider this body, and the consciousness which dwells within it, do have the authority to do such a thing.

Back in 1985, to unawakened fools and unawakened Viables alike, I must have sounded like the craziest of the demented Fundamentalists who broadcast their venomous spiel to one and all.

For my efforts, I was called the vilest names imaginable.

Who cared then? Who cares now?

The minions and Archons of Darkness had done worse to me (the body I was using at the time) in past lives, but “I” am still here, ready to lift forevermore the Banner of Triumph over totally decimated Evil and to take the Viables Home.



The information I have released is resonating more and more with the internal knowledge of many who have awakened somewhat and managed to contact their Inner Source, as I have explained would happen in my books.

Unlike in earlier days when I first gave out the information, sceptics can now actually examine my detailed publications and utterings and assess their accuracy or otherwise.

Let them look critically and carefully at what I have forecast.

Have I been correct or not?

On that basis they can make an informed opinion of whether I am on the ball or not.

With due humbleness, I think you will find my “form” has been excellent and I have given a very precise account of the developments to take place on Earth since 1985.

This can be now easily verified by reviewing my track record.

I stated in 1985 that all need to awaken to the Illusion of the Virtual Reality in which we live, and I stated that the Pillars of this Virtual Reality will tumble. Those pillars are been Science, Religion and the perverted History of this planet.

Apart from the mass awakening, I stated that there would be a complete Fracturing of all Systems in this Evil Empire, and an unprecedented Fragmentation in all facets of existence on this planet in preparation for its extermination.

And I did not hesitate in the slightest to state that Terminal Madness of the Endtime would engulf ‘Humanity” and all the other levels of consciousness on this level, of which we are aware, simply because the controlling mechanisms keeping robotic minds in check were being dismantled.

Look around you and tell me, if you dare, that Madness is not ubiquitous.

It is Terminal Madness hat has led to so much fear, pain and sorrow.

It is Terminal Madness that led to 9/11.

It is Terminal Madness that results in so much unprecedented depression and suicide in societies everywhere.

It is Terminal Madness that will lead us into the Nuclear War which is to commence very shortly that I predicted long, long ago.

You can see these terminal Earth changes for yourself now if you bother to examine the landscape astutely.


Americans as a group form a perfect example of the Awakening, and the Evil that is exposed, along with the pain and sorrow that must be endured.

Americans thought they were living in a land of bounty, like lambs in green pastures, protected and nurtured by the ones they elected for those very duties.

Instead they are now awakening to the Evil that allows their own Government to destroy nation after nation, as it has done, to steal from them, the citizens, with a flick of the economic switch, and which can murder them with utter contempt and mayhem as in 9/11, and so on. Worse is to come. All you have to do is open your eyes and see truly.

But the Americans have awoken. Now they know they are trapped in a cauldron of ‘Hell’, held there by Demonic Archons who care naught for them. All these Evil Rulers want to do is exploit them maximally. The Demonic Archons suspected this mass awakening would occur, and all the measures they have taken to imprison the terrified populace are testimony to this reality. Why else do you think you are abused with such persistent brutality?

It is because you, as individuals, have awoken to the evil scam that had entrapped all of ‘Humanity’ for so long.

Thus, the Mass Awakening has allowed all to see Evil, feel the Essence of Evil, and suffer under Evil, even when they chose nothing of the sort. Now it can be clearly stated that only blind fools deny the existence of Evil.

Everyone has to awaken in these Final Days, not just Americans.

Everyone WILL awaken to his or her ontological status. By that I mean each will know deep within its heart whether it is Viable or not, whether it is of Peace and Love or whether it is not.

There can be no pretence in this matter.

How do I know so much about the Clearing of the Planet, the Awakening, the Terminal Madness, the numbers that are Viable, etc., etc.? How do I know facts and figures no one else on the planet knows?

Could it be that I am intimately involved in the process?

Indeed I am.

From another level, whether you want to believe it or not, “I” and my team are conducting this Clearing of the Planet, its Destruction, and the Evacuation of Viables, while sending the non-Viables into the Transmutation Process.

Whether you accept this or reject it is of no relevance to me.

I simply state it to show you the reality of what I write.

And this fact, that I am conducting it from another level, and representing the Process on this level, explains why I am to be here for the Final Day, as I have stated numerous times previously.



The entire Universe is fragmenting.

I mentioned in my work that our Sun, the planets of this Solar system, and the whole Galaxy would be destroyed as Earth would be. I mentioned some 94% of the Universe was already corrected and no longer physically exists.

Want some sort of proof? Watch this clip:



If you do not believe the Archons are insane, and definitely in self-destructive mode, look around the planet more critically and tell me what you see. They are destroying all aspects of existence on this sorry orb: ecologically, financially, agriculturally, medically, militarily, etc. There is absolutely no chance the planet would survive their onslaught if my actions were to cease.

Pollution of air, soil and water, death of the Oceans, disappearing Flora and Fauna, irradiation from Fukushima, etc., unstoppable and evermore destructive Terminal Madness paint a Doomsday scenario. The most conservative of scientific estimates has it that ALL Oceans will be sterile by 2048. We will never see that year!

But I and my Team are here to assist the evacuation of Viables. We will make their end swift.

Then consider such lunacy as the Lucifer Project by NASA by which they attempted to destroy the whole Solar System.

These same lunatics were the ones who, in our Solar System, destroyed the atmosphere of Mars and blew up the planet Maldec, the remains of which now form the Asteroid Belt.

There is some information about the Lucifer Project on the clip I gave above.

Copyright Dr J Chiappalone

April 25, 2014


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