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October’s Closing Thoughts

By Jim Kirwan

This is a real time shot of the Sun, yesterday,

I wonder how much of these explosions will actually reach us?

San Francisco won the World Series last night and the whole Bay Area went far beyond ballistic. The noise of the artificial celebrations was deafening and continued far into the night…

As I watched the helicopters doing their dance above it all, accompanied by the blood-curdling screams of hundreds of thundering individuals that were vying to dominate the roar over the city—I became convinced that nothing that was written yesterday would be read because of the day and time that those articles went up. For that one day and night ­ “THE GAME” trumped everything!

This morning I remembered that the celebrating mob last night was made up of the same people that have refused to even blink, when leader after ‘leader’ declares illegal wars, on country after country around the planet.

These are the same people who continue to ‘listen’ to every puppet with a microphone being hailed as the next leader that will turn everything around: If only we ignore the past and approve our continued loss of more liberties along with the theft of more of our lives. These are those people who watch while president after president spits in the face of all national and international law everywhere in the world today: Now we are actually surprised that the world is finally falling apart…

The lists of crimes against humanity is so long it can’t be taken seriously any longer because it’s been going on in the open since JKF was murdered: Crimes Against Humanity, torture, genocide and murder have become acceptable now that they’ve added beheadings, and being buried alive to the daily feral-attacks upon the public in every aspect to our lives. This is not new. It’s been going on for DECADES without public objection to any of these global crimes.

Hell, we can’t even field a decent sized protest, much less the hundreds of thousands who are outraged around the world—but not the USA—Never the USA. Why the hell not!

Here, in the United States thousands of US citizens are routinely molested, raped, tortured, tasered, beaten or murdered by the state: That’s the same “state” that never prosecutes any of the “officials” who are responsible for these continuing crimes - WHY NOT?

The Police-State” does this every moment of every day: But these same children of all ages always “Say Nothing”, “Do Nothing” against the state: Instead they just continue to worship their petty addictions, as if that is “normal”.

What we have put up with in this regard has perverted everything we’re willing to listen to. Yesterday a huge number of Russian transgressions into the airspace of other nations, on a single day, were reported as though Russia is about to attack Great Britain while launching WWIII.

There is no sense behind any of these accusations, the entire show is meant to move idiots that must have long since had frontal lobotomies, at the very least: Yet it all continues on and on and on… No one even remembers all the dozens of wars we’ve launched in the exact same way that we’re now accusing Russia of: There is no honor in anything USI does, because it’s a corporation not a nation. It needs to be stripped of its charter!

Some of us have been writing about all this for a very long time. And of course we know that whenever we begin to use words like “MUST STOP THIS”, or “This must end” ­ we’re not going to hold our collective breath waiting for those sentiments to magically appear. But on the other hand most of us know that unless some of these unmentionable problems begin to draw some serious fire, then basically this little experiment we think of as the human race is over:

Living in the Echoes’

If the world was honest about just how far we’ve all fallen; then we would forbid every talking head on mainstream media to wear civilian clothes: They all need to be seen in the military uniforms they so justly deserve: Because they’re the official psyops division of the illegal military pretending to be “journalists”. If we were serious we would stop watching the boob-tube entirely: We would boycott television and cut that artificial umbilical cord, between the public and all that useless shit they insist on selling us. But for those who need to hear it: We “know” that won’t happen, at least not until Martial Law takes over and “tv” begins to imitate George Orwell’s “1984” ­ and by then it will all be far too late…

Bet you just can’t wait to see what will follow Halloween this year? This time November should end up changing so much that we’ve all been playing with, like some pretend sword swallower, breathing fire on a bunch of rubes in a run down carnival that has no future…

Remember, Remember the Fifth of November

And don’t forget to smile!


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