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Obama Surrenders


By Jim Kirwan


To Netanyahu’s Criminal Fantasies

The world has been waiting with baited breath for what finally happened yesterday in the Greek Vote: The power of that vote threw down the gauntlet that was needed to free the people of Greece from slavery.

USI ‘let that happen’ to apparently cover their current sabotage of the nuclear talks in Iran this week. This morning the real-fire behind the Greek position, the Greek Finance Minister, ‘resigned’ supposedly to please those same forces that have held Greece and the EU in their European cages since the founding of the totally fallacious EU.

Meanwhile; tomorrow the illegal and posionous fruit of the outrageous intervention by the U.S. Congress will rise to smash previously negotiated arrangements, that had already been agreed to by several nations since 2003. This childish reaction from some of the pre-paid-for traitors in the US Congress was designed by Israel to derail all the years of work that so many put into relieving Iran of the hated and totally illegal sanctions. All of this was orchestrated to placate Netanyahu, the unindicted global-warcriminal from the shitty-little country called Israel.

These kinds of policies are reminiscent of millions of IRS agreements that are never “final” because no matter how many times ‘accounts are settled’ that illegal and foreign collection agency, the IRS, feels free to reopen any topic whenever they wish, despite any and all previously agreed to terms and conditions (according to what was supposedly the law). That happens because the USI is constantly changing the terms of everything that governs the lives of those they ‘own’: This is what is about to happen to Iran and it will run the risk of deepening the nuclear threat worldwide ­ to pacify the paranoia of a killer of global-societies who is today’s version pf Stalin in his rampant desire to genocide the entire Palestinian people.

The global ball has now returned to Iran and to the criminally-lame non-response from the publically declared eunuch that occupies the Oval Office: Obama refuses to charge those members of congress that went over his head to insist on projecting the congress into international affairs.

The deadline for this agreement with Iran is tomorrow, June 7,

This ‘illegal interdiction’ is totally beyond the purview and the paygrade of any congressional imposter and that has always been a fact: Because Foreign-Policy is something that the Administration ­ specifically the office of the president is responsible for. The loud-mouthed traitors in Congress had no legitmate place to go with their objections, except to try to influence current events from their offices that were all paid for by Israel. Consequently they just decided to break the law, since everyone with a few bucks is doing that everywhere now…

Congress is demanding this revistation of many issues that had already been agreed to. This amounts to changing the rules of policies again, long after serious aggreements were reached. On top of everything else ­ Israel has become the outlaw bandit throughout the warmongering policies in the Middle East, along with USI. Together these two “nations” have murdered millions upon millions of people since 1948 when the cancerous-paracite of Israel was unleashed upon an unsuspecting world.

Watch RT today. The first segment is on Greece. The segment on Israel and Iran begins @ 13min 45sec. It’s called ‘Nuclear Neverland’ ­ in honor of Israel. Netanyahu begins @ 17min 06 sec. Operation Protective Edge begins @ 19min 45sec. ending @ 23min 34sec.

RT News - July 06, 2015 (12:00 MSK)

The real situtation in Palestine has never been faced by the world, in the same way that none of Israel’s actual intentions have ever been challenged by the World Court, the UN or the International War Crimes Tribunal which makes Palestine and Gaza a 67 year long illegal war and occupation that the entire world has ignored: With no end in sight.

For a full explanation of Israel’s part in the decline and fall of the world watch this explanation of Israel’s continuing role in everything from 911 to today in this January 2015 VIDEO from Ken O’Keefe.

Overwhelming Evidence that 9/11 was an Inside Job, Who did it and Why - Ken O'Keefe


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