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Obama’s Latest Putin Bashing Shows Desperation


By Stephen Lendman

Putin’s intervention last year in Syria was a geopolitical masterstroke - battling US-supported ISIS and other terrorist groups, halting their advance, systematically smashing them, confronting America’s regional imperial agenda, so far effectively foiling it.

Ousting Assad and installing a US-controlled puppet regime in Damascus is key to Washington’s aim for regional dominance, a vital step toward isolating Iran before attempting to overthrow its government belligerently, the same strategy used against Libya, Syria and elsewhere - raping and destroying countries to rule them, loot their resources and exploit their people.

It’s too early to declare victory. So far things look good. Hopefully Putin foiled Obama’s dirty scheme. It began five years ago on February 17 against Libya, continued weeks later on the Ides of March (the 15th) against Syria.

America systematically raped and destroyed both countries - the same way it ravaged Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, and other nations - an unparalleled record of global criminality and pillaging.

At a US-ASEAN press conference in California, Obama lashed out at Putin shamelessly, showing frustration and desperation - ignoring his aggression on Syria using ISIS and other terrorists as US foot soldiers, bashing Putin’s responsible intervention.

He lied, saying “(t)he fact that (he) had to send his own troops (support personnel alone are there, no ground combat forces) and his own aircraft and invest this massive military operation (it’s relatively modest compared to how much greater it could be and may become ahead) was not a testament to great strength. It was a testament to the weakness of Assad’s position.”

“(I)f somebody is strong…you don’t have to send in your army to prop up your ally.”

“(W)hat I said (earlier) was that Russia would involve itself in a quagmire. Absolutely it will. If…anybody…thinks that somehow the fighting ends because Russia and (Syrian forces) made some initial advances, (much) of the country (remains) control(ed)” by US-supported terrorists.

Obama ignored reality, calling them “folks other than Assad” - cutthroat killer “folks” armed and trained by CIA operatives in the fine art of committing atrocities, including use of chemical and other banned weapons.

Obama and Hillary Clinton as secretary of state orchestrated the raping of Libya and Syria, the highest of high crimes.

Obama claiming he wants to “stop the suffering (of Syrian people), stabilize the region,” stop the human flood of refugees, “end the violence, (and) stop (the killing of) innocent civilians,” belies his ruthless agenda - fully responsible for all of the above high crimes and more, criminality demanding accountability not forthcoming.

Putin has no intention of occupying Syria or getting bogged down in endless conflict. Obama claiming otherwise is one of his many Big Lies.

He wants Putin to abandon Assad, stop what he irresponsibly called “indiscriminate bombing,” let Washington and its rogue allies freely use ISIS and other proxy terrorist groups to eliminate Syrian sovereignty, transforming the nation into another US vassal state - without Russian interference.

Obama supports the terrorist scourge he claims to oppose. Putin is committed to degrading and reducing it to a shadow of its peak strength, letting Syrian forces smash its remaining elements.

As long as Washington remains committed to replacing Assad with a puppet regime it controls, and keeps supporting ISIS and other terrorist groups, endless conflict, mass slaughter, vast destruction and human suffering will continue.

America is fully responsible for genocidal high crimes against Syria and other independent states targeted for regime change.

Russia is the world’s most important imperial deterrent, a vital defender of sovereign freedoms, an antidote to America’s ruthless rampaging, the best hope for one day stopping it.

Putin deserves universal praise and support - why Obama disgracefully bashes him in desperation.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

Visit his blog site at

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