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The Obama ‘Famiglia’ Pays For
Attacks On Trump & Sanders
Anti-Trump 'Spontaneous' Violence Exposed


By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense
Permission To republish With Full Attribution


Everyone on both sides of the partisan divide are asking: Who’s behind the staged-for-media disruptions against the Trump and Sanders campaigns?

The short answer: The Obama “clan”, a mafia-like extended family in Hawaii, Chicago and New York of hedge-fund tycoons and political fixers connected with deep-state intelligence operations in support of a globalist agenda to erase national identity and eliminate popular sovereignty. Admittedly, that’s pretty long for a short answer, since politics, money and spooky business is not so simple.

The president’s circle of plutocrats use their politicized philanthropy and “social enterprise”, a code word for payoffs and blackmail, to fund fake activists like actor Tommy Dimassimo, who rushed at Trump in Ohio. That hire-for-pay clown who in a single breath claims to be a Muslim, a Sanders supporter and Confederate flag-burner has done these sorts of attention-grabbing stunts for years in Georgia, where his mother is a county transport official and heads the board of a local theater company. Dimassimo’s funding can be traced back to an Obama crony, a hedge-fund operator in Hawaii who is a former investment banker with JP Morgan Chase and go-fer of uber-bankster Jamie Dimond.

The Obama-Clinton war game against the anti-establishment Trump and Sanders campaigns is to send in thuggish provocateurs to polarize the American electorate along lines of race, immigration, gender and regional identity. It is crucial for supporters of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders not to fall into the clever trap by turning against each other. Whichever underdog team emerges with a presidential nomination at either national convention should receive cross-party votes from the anti-Eastablishment wing of the other party.

Grassroots Dems, Republicans and independents, right-left-and-center, are facing a common enemy in the Wall Street crooks who have dominated the White House and looted the U.S. economy for much too long, especially the hustlers in the most profitable finance sector, which is unregulated, tax evasive and makes fantastic profits with black money from criminal sources. That’s the hedge funds, which are now trying to rig the elections for Hillary Clinton.

What’s at stake in a presidential victory for both Trump and Sanders is the end to neoliberalist policies and rampant corporate pillaging that have robbed the people of America and the rest of the world of decent work, property rights, cultural identities and personal dignity. The money-grubbing globalist elite must be dethroned, and in this momentous year that tough task is up to Americans, inside the very heart of the beast called globalization.

The financial criminals who run hedge funds, including William Reeves and George Soros, are financing the shock assaults against the democratic process in their brutal attempt to confuse and intimidate the electorate. Do not cave in to their fear-mongering. The accursed Clintons are the problem not the solution. This crucial election year offers the rare chance to stand up to them and their Wall Street cronies and bullwhip the money changers out of the temple of Democracy.

Hawaiian Haven for Crime Syndicates

Any understanding of the inner circle of the president, the Dunham-Obama ‘famiglia’, begins in Hawaii, that paradise for the corrupt, this I know. One of my best friends, a young Democrat state senator slated to be a future governor, was murdered after he challenged the island’s corporate monopolies, which jack up the price of imported food, by drafting an economic plan to support local family farmers. For that daring initiative, he was killed in bed by traumatic blows to his head. His wife immediately took the rap, confessing that night on videotape, or otherwise she would have been forced to witness the execution of their newborn baby. She was then shot in the head with a high-caliber police revolver inside Waikiki police station. That’s what happens in Hawaii to a politician who actually tries to empower his constituents instead of following orders from wealthy patrons of the Democratic Party.

The carefully crafted double murder never made it into a script for Hawaii Five-O or Magnum P.I., which got everything else right about the collusion of the Honolulu mafia with the Democratic Party insiders, the missionary dynasties and rogue Navy officers.

Unfortunately for past-present America, the tough-guy lawmen played by Jack Lord and Tom Selleck never had the opportunity to bust University of Hawaii anthropologist Ann Dunham. She was constantly off to Kenya and Indonesia on CIA assignment, and therefore left her kid Barry in the care of her mother, Agency paymaster Madelyn and her husband Stanley. Barack’s granddad ran covert operations out of the W&J Sloan furniture store, a front for the CIA. (Another prominent member of Rev. William Sloane Coffin, the CIA agent at New York Riverside Church who spied on anti-Vietnam War protests. A graduate of Union Theological Seminary and Yale, he was a member of the Skull and Bones Society, like the Bush family) The sickening details of this disgraceful presidential family are documented in Wayne Madsen’s book “The Manufacturing of a President.”

Hawaii today is home to Obama’s half-sister Maya Soetoro fathered by Lolo, Ann’s second husband, who was a go-between for Unocal oil and the Indonesian military. Lolo did intelligence work with Ann to select those villagers targeted by General Suharto’s military coup, in which 2 million Indonesians were slaughtered. Out of her father’s Southeast Asian holocaust came Maya Soetorp, who is now a teacher in Hawaii and friend of Democrat philanthropist Deborah “Debbie” Keiko Berger.

Debbie Berger, a Japanese-Hawaiian who kept the surname of her first husband, met and married William H. Reeves while both were working for J.P. Morgan Chase investment bank in New York. After starting up and running a hedge fund called BlueCrest Capital in the UK and New York for a decade, Reeves and Berger returned their domicile to Hawaii. The couple run two nonprofit charities registered in New York, TLC for child education and Unbound Philanthropy on immigration policy. Unbound funds the front groups whose members disrupted the Sanders and Trump campaigns, as exposed by citizen journalist organizer Lee Stranahan, below.

Within six degrees of separation, Debbie is a close associate of Hawaii resident Pamela Omidyar, wife of Pierre, who together run the Omidyar Network. His foundation funds many of the same phony activist groups as his associate George Soros. Both the Omidyars and Berger-Reeves are major donors to the elitist Punahou School, the alma mater of “Barry O’Bomber” Obama, Bill Reeves and Brian Schatz.

Punaohou, Seedbed of the CIA

Punahou has a reputation for being a finishing school for politicians, military officers, police chiefs and intelligence officials. That’s where the grooming of Barack Obama for the presidency began.

Although his birthplace was Michigan, Punahou schooling enabled a Jewish boy named Brian Schatz to do the unthinkable for a “haole” (white person) and mainlander in the predominantly ethnic Asian and Protestant state. That was to run successfully for Congressman. Punahou credentials and Jewish money made all the difference. With boundless chutzpah, Schatz went on win a party caucus poll to hijack the senatorial seat of the deceased Daniel Inouye. So much for Asian-American representation in the Democratic Party.

Schatz had the inside track because he was the first person to urge Obama, who had moved on to become a senator in Illinois, to attempt a presidential bid and his Jewish pals raised the seed money for that successful gamble. This is why as president Obama took those vacations to an expensive Oahu estate, to meet and thank Schatz’s coterie of tycoons from Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York over bagels and lox.

Based on the precedent of the Watergate scandal that arose from Nixon’s burglarizing the opposition’s offices, it is unconstitutional for a standing president to send in his plumbers to permanently “fix” the Sanders and Trump campaigns (fix, as is done to lap dogs). But then again, unleashing violence against critics is to be expected from a president whose impressionable youth was spent under the Suharto dictatorship with its brutal repression and crony capitalism and later in the Banana Republic of Hawaii. Still, Obama should be impeached for election tampering, and his capos jailed like Chuck Colson.

We know the message from the hula mafia goes like this: Don’t even think of messing with the famiglia, not when the new Five-O is under our thumb. Hawaii is America’s Sicily, Barry is the don, Hillary is the chosen one, and anyone who contests these facts will soon be with Jimmy Hoffa. And the rejoinder to the extended family should be equally clear: With the election of an untainted president, you creeps will be bunked in the same room number as John Gotti.

IOUs from Too Big to Fail

The Obama famiglia would have been at most a sleazy West Coast political operation if not for the Reeves-Berger ties with J.P. Morgan boss Jamie Dimond, the biggest bankster on Wall Street. In 2000, Dimond funneled funds into Reeves’s start-up hedge fund called BlueCrest to park his off-the-books assets in British tax haven Guernsey island. Meanwhile Dimond lobbied the incoming Clinton administration for deregulation of the derivatives sector. A Guernsey fund is also convenient for discreet offshore payoffs to White House officials.

For services rendered to the cause of deregulation, Dimond returned the favor during Rahm Emanuel’s takeover of the Daley machine in Chicago. Loaded with Wall Street cash, Emanuel tactically invested in muscle from gangsta’ riffraff, who outnumbered the old-timer Polish and East Euro ethnics behind potential rivals like Rod Blagojevich. So, when Mayor Rahn snaps his fingers, these same thugs and ice dealers are ready to occupy the University of Illinois bleachers to block Trump. Street gangs are now the imperial guard that protects the towers of Wall Street and the Oval Office from the legitimate grievances of Main Street USA.

Every criminal enterprise is held together by IOUs, and same can be said for criminals in politics. Rahm owes Dimond for the cash that won the Chicago mayoral contest; and Dimond owes Obama for the $12 billion bailout of “too big to fail” J.P. Morgan in 2008; and Obama owes the Clintons for Hillary stepping aside and not unloading the dirt on his personal record in the first presidential run. Does it make sense now why Chicago boss Emanuel delivers for Hillary and gets his storm troopers out against Trump?

Payroll for Thuggery

The notable advocate for citizen journalism Lee Stranahan was the first to expose low-profile financier William Reeves in his must-read Breitbart article “Hawaii’s George Soros: The Hidden Donor Funding the Illegal Immigration, #BlackLivesMatter Activists”. Profuse thanks, Lee, for exposing that nest of snakes in paradise.

Some key points from Stranahan’s scoop:

- “Reeves and his wife Debbie Berger are the people behind Unbound Philanthropy, a group that has given tens of millions of dollars to pro-open borders activist groups both in the United States and the United Kingdom.”

- Reeves and Berger are also both major Democrat donors, and they and their group have connections to the exclusive Punahou School, the elite private school (in Honolulu) that President Barack Obama attended.”

- “Tia Oso is the woman who helped shut down events by Hillary Clinton’s rivals Bernie Sanders and Martin OMalley at Netroots Nation. Oso is a organizer with Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI).Unbound Philanthropy has given $100,000 to BAJI.

Clinton’s refusal to accept the Netroots invitation shows that she was obviously clued in to the made-for-media ambush of her rivals. She probably got a wicked laugh at Bern’s consternation at being confronted by a forceful in-your-face Nigerian-American woman. This also explains where #BlackLivesMatter white “activist” Tommy Dimassimo gets his booze money. For anyone who still believes Tommy is for real, he also heads an ISIS support group called “Muslims United Against Trump.” Forget Shakespeare, Tommy, you’re strictly stand-up comedy. Or better yet, why don’t you immigrate to Syria?

Stranahan then exposes Reeves’ deep-pockets funding for groups that support open borders for the U.S. and Britain.

Mr. Reeves gave $85,000 in 2010 to Active Voice, a San Francisco social change advocacy group to promote the film on Shelbyville, Tennessee. Also in 2010 he passed $500,000 through the Tides Foundation. In 2009 he gave $150,000 to Media Matters (a George Soros front) and $240,000 to the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition. And, this is how I found Unbound Philanthropy in the first place, they (rich Mr. Reeves) gave the Migration Policy Institute $95,000 to study amnesty for undocumented youth and women.

(The film “Welcome to Shelbyville”, about Somali refugee resettlement in Tennessee, is offensive to many white southerners who say that some of the locals are portrayed as stereotypical racists. For those unfamiliar with American regional history, northerners with haughty attitudes and prejudices against southern whites are considered “carpetbaggers”, after the camp followers of the victorious Union Army who came to fill their luggage with loot from the South. There are a lot of dimensions to the race issue in the U.S. Things are not as simple as black and white.)

Do Black Voices Matter?

Now some words for the brothers and sisters in the UI bleachers. After college in the Midwest, I worked as a millwright at that “shutdown steel mill on the lake” that Obama is fond of talking about while doing nothing to bring back jobs. Instead of resting on weekends I had to organize rent strikes to get the hot water turned on inside those Southside apartment blocks. So I earned the right to say this to the new generation: Being recruited as a goon is not liberation for black people; it’s just a cheap paperback edition of slavery. Remember what happened to the Blackstone Rangers? They got nowhere working for the man and ended up on death row.

And another point, Barack Obama didn’t do one positive thing for the neighborhood but just ran surveillance for the feds. So if your father spent time in Cook County, it was probably Barry who put him there. You owe them nothing, and have everything to gain by supporting candidates who trying to take down Wall Street. The fact stands that the first person killed in the Chicago violence was an African-American who supported Trump. Do black lives matter? Wake up.

Nobody is criticizing honest expression of grievances by African-Americans and other minorities suffering stubborn patterns of injustice and unfairness. Speak up, but remember that communication is a two-way street. Those who struggle for equal rights must get across their message to their fellow citizens, especially to people on the other side of the racial divide. Boycotting Hollywood was a smart move and should be done for a lot of reasons, with ending race bias at the top of the list.

But to copycat Kanye at the Grammys is ugly bullying that leads nowhere except deeper into disrespect between races and between men and women. With her ludicrous grandstand, all Tia Oso gained was a humiliating apology from a white man who fought long and hard for civil rights before she was born when it was dangerous to take the risk. It’s more like she owes him a statement of remorse for her insulting behavior. How one chooses to save black lives matters. Do it with respect for others and dignity for yourself.

Financing Weapons of Mass Migration

The Pamela and Pierre Omidyar Foundation donated $400,000 to the UNHCR; and the Deborah Berger and William Reeves Foundation gave $250,000 to the same refugee agency, according to UN records for 2013.

That same year saw the launch of early steps toward triggering the European migrant crisis. The UNHCR (UN High Commissioner for Refugees), prepared tent cities in the Mideast for “refugees”, including prison inmates, known terrorists, rapists and motley pickpockets with hardly a genuine war victim among them. By then aready, Open Society activists were deployed on Greek islands in coordination with Turkish people smugglers to move the migrants into Europe.

Meanwhile, there has been an incestuous tendency between the open-borders sponsors, for instance, Unbound Philanthropy staffer Taryn Higashi being on the advisory board of Open Society’s International Migration Initiative. Will Somerville, head of Unbound’s UK Program, is a senior policy analyst for the Migration Policy Institute, which received the $95.000 grant from Reeves. He worked at the Commission for Racial Equality, the U.K. Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit and wrote the book Immigration under New Labour. Sheffield University where he teaches is one of the underground recruitment centers for the NoBorders movement, anarchist mercenaries in the guise of refugee-rights activists. So Will was the right man for the 2015 challenge of arranging a New Year’s Eve grope-and-rape fest in Cologne.

Intelligence expert Kelly Greenhill defines this type of organized people-herding operation as “coercive engineered migration”, which means mobs from poor countries are shepherded across borders to disrupt the political system and economy in targeted enemy countries. The target this time is a German-led European Union. Germany has always been the enemy of choice for the British and their camp followers in Washington, and one should recall that Pierre Omidyar is a royalist in the Shah of Iran’s entourage and Reeves’ BlueCrest was based for a decade in Guernsey and London in German-hating Britain.

Reeves is also U.S. trustee for The Children’s Investment (TCI) Fund, managed by Briton Chris Hohn. Ostensibly set up to fund aid to children in Africa and other impoverished regions, TCI has been deployed as a holier-than-thou activist fund that blocked the Deutsche Borse from taking over the London Stock Exchange. The fund has also blocked India’s sale of coal on charges of dumping, and forced the sale of ABN bank to the Royal Bank of Scotland. Under the cover of charity, TCI is fighting an economic war.

Now that Europe is a total mess from their engineered migration crisis, its internal no-visa system in shambles and the EU divided over immigration policy, the treacherous Omidyar and Reeves-Berger are focusing their ill-gotten wealth to do the same to democracy and national unity in the USA. Sold to naive social-service agencies and university faculties as “multi-culturalism” (which low-brow coercive migration is definitely not), the goal is a polyglot society like Ninevah after the collapse of the Tower of Babel where nobody can understand the other’s muttering in the inchoate babble.

How perverse is it that Soros, Omidyar and Reeves, and their sock puppets Obama and the Clintons, can preach “democracy” to the Arab world while sabotaging the electoral process and political ethics at home?

Engineered Migration is Indefensible

The Migration Policy Institute (MPI) is the brain trust for coercive engineered migration (CEM). This nonprofit think tank crunches demographic data used by the CIA and State Department to hatch population-reduction projects like the utterly senseless war in Syria, biological warfare in West Africa and Brazil, and adoption policy for rich countries with a low birth rate. The data on Egyptian population growth was an impetus for the Arab Spring uprisings fomented by Hillary Clinton’s closest advisers at State. The State Department’s Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (PRM) provides the justification for the ongoing global genocide.

The PRM’s Social Darwinist eugenics agenda is obvious from the funding by the Gates Foundation and Rockefellers. Its intelligence role in periodical CIA world assessments is gleaned from grants by Booz Allen Hamilton and Soros’s Open Society. The list of spooky donors is found at

As a former immigration counselor during the 1990s Indochinese boat people crisis, I am in complete sympathy and support with victims of war fleeing battle zones for their lives. Besides resettlement of families, my work was also to protect children from the adoption racket and pedophiles disguised as foster parents and childcare workers. In contrast, official “refugee” policy has nothing to do with helping people in dire need. The politically manipulated “immigration issue” no longer has any bearing on real refugees but is instead a code word used by neo-liberal globalists for the dismantling of cultural identity and national sovereignty on behalf of market penetration by global corporations.

Trump understands what has been happening and is right about the need for a higher wall to stop drug cartels and the ruthless people smugglers known as “coyotes”, but a stronger barrier should also have a small door for those who are truly in need of sanctuary and who come north to work and contribute their abilities to the larger community.

End Hedge-Fund Secrecy

Whatever their philosophical differences, Trump and Sanders both aim to end the sorry slide of the American economy into deficit, debt and a coming debacle. The ever-worsening financial situation of towns and states, along with the U.S. Treasury, is caused primarily by the continuous drainage of profits, pension funds and investment capital out of the United States. The largest part of the financial outflow is due to expansion of the hedge funds, which are totally unregulated and non-taxed, plus private equity, which can get around taxes by manipulating capital-gains rules.

The lack of regulation and taxation enables massive annual returns by hedge funds for a tiny number of wealthy individuals and institutional investors, which explains why the industry has no qualms about political donations, bribes and other inducements for Congressmen, White House personnel and federal bureaucrats. The tycoons are astute enough to realize that a genuine democracy working for the basic interests of the American people might just crimp their obscene incomes and luxury lifestyle.

Therefore, forcing open the accounts of hedge funds for taxation and seizures of illegal assets, for instances, investments by drug cartels, are a sure defense of democracy and a relief for healthy bricks-and-mortar economy across the United States. A vote for either Trump or Sanders should be a petition to end the government’s mafia-like protection of cutthroat financiers.

The Whale of Wall Street

It is a bit of a mystery of how a philosophy grad student (MA from NYU) and English lit major (BA from Yale) like Bill Reeves quickly rose to become a high-ranking manager for Salomon Brothers (the crookedest firm on Wall Street by reputation) and then a managing director of J.P. Morgan London and head of proprietary trading. Then again, he is a product of the finishing school for spooks, Punahou, which because of Hawaii’s missionary history has a direct feed-in for its graduates into Yale, where the OSS (predecessor of the CIA) was birthed. Also based at Yale is the Skull and Bone fraternity.

In 2000, Reeves and a British stock trader at J.P Morgan named Michael Platt created BlueCrest Capital, a systematic arbitrage hedge fund registered in tax haven Guernsey. Most puzzling is the rapid expansion of BlueCrest to become Europe’s third-largest hedge fund before it went bust in little over a decade. Platt got his economics training at LSE (London School of Economics) and after graduating was hired in the debt-and credit-swaps division of J.P. Morgan in 1991. In the same year, fellow Briton Blythe Masters joined the firm as a full-time strategist.

The female Cambridge whiz invented the credit default swap (CDS), a trading instrument that the Guardian newspaper would later call a “financial weapon of mass destruction”. The first of her Frankenstein monsters had inauspicious beginnings, a debt issued for Exxon to cover the risk of loss from the Exxon Valdez oil spill off Alaska. The fabulously popular default swaps would eventually come back to haunt Mike Platt.

The individual who put Platt and Reeves together had to be Jamie Dimond since its methodology of systematic trading was then focused on the rapidly expanding derivatives market. (Systematic arbitrage is based on computerize tracking of trends in sectors to determine stress points in the market; followed by rapid selling of vast amounts of leveraged shares to take advantage of imbalances in the market.) BlueCrest surfed those big waves ahead of the competition, and reaped the rewards.

Another question is how BlueCrest thrived during and after the 2008 Wall Street crisis when its fundamental algorithm-based strategy was concentrated in derivatives and futures trading, a sector that imploded in the Lehman crisis. As a major beneficiary of Obama’s bailout, Dimond at J.P. Morgan is too smart to spend all the $12 billion from the Treasury to pay off his creditors. Much of that free-and-easy money could be funneled instead, off the books, into BlueCrest for a higher rate of return in the European and Middle East markets. To steal a line from Tina Turner: What’s the law got to do with it?

While taxpayers were being bilked by Obama’s crony capitalism, BlueCrest grew spectacularly, reaching just shy of the $50 billion milestone. Then like Moby Dick charging out of the fog, the London Whale blindsided J.P.Morgan and fast-talking Jamie Dimond suddenly looked as stunned and puny as Captain Ahab.

Over a few weeks in spring 2012, J.P. Morgan racked up stupendous losses at blinding speed. The accounting department didn’t dare announce the toll, which some estimates put at a total $7 billion. The damage originated in the UK, where trader Bruno “London Whale” Iksil overbought in the CDS market. Why suddenly did all the major players pull out of credit default swaps? Volatility. In hindsight it was Reeves and Platt’s BlueCrest statistical computer-trading that was making aggressive purchases and dumping shares, which rattled the market.

The printed record gets fuzzier from late 2011 to early 2012. At the end of 2011 in a most ungentlemanly manner, BlueCrest fired several of its traders, causing a firestorm of criticism in the City of London. Stock analysts were extremely critical of BlueCrest for its lack of transparency, especially when it sustained losses. Assets were stripped out of BlueCrest by unnamed parties. At some point during the nosedive, Reeves sold his position in BlueCrest, leaving Platt as sole executive. Soon, Platt kicked out all outside investors, downsizing Europe’s third-largest hedge fund with $43 billion in assets at its height to a $3 billion private equity firm. Soon Platt sold the skeleton of the fund to the Man Group. Within a couple of months, Man then sold off BlueCrest.

No Pieces to Pick Up

What can be discerned, considering the secretiveness of the hedge fund sector, is that for most of its short existence until going private in late 2011, BlueCrest Capital’s growth paralleled the war in Afghanistan and the invasion of Iraq. It recalls the history of the Nugen-Hand Bank, the CIA-created repository for the heroin profits from Golden Triangle during and after the Vietnam War. Where were the “CIA and MI-6 share” of the Afghan drug revenues invested? What happened to the billions of dollars looted from the Iraqi central bank disappear during the U.S. military occupation?

It would make complete sense to put such a banking operation in a tax haven in Britain, and to send over an American minder to keep an eye on the treasure trove for Langley. His personal failing in the BlueCrest debacle would explain Reeves’s continuing service for American and British intelligence services in their covert project of “coercive engineered migration” from the Mideast into Germany and Continental Europe.

Don’t feel sorry for a loser like Bill Reeves, since he kept his holdings in one of BlueCrest’s 14 partner companies called BlueMountain run by Andrew Feldman and valued at $20 billion in 2015. One of the firm’s partners is a Harvard economics professor named Moise Safra, who is a former board member of the Governors of the Federal Reserve System. So there it is, the Federal Reserve Bank, the bright shining lie reflected in Unbound Philanthropy.

Occult London in Merrie Olde England

How did Reeves and Platt get away with running one of the world’s biggest money laundries? The answer lies in the company they kept in occult London.

The Octa Finance website describes Mike Platt as “a serial art lover.” Bizarre, yes, but fitting because he owns an art gallery inside the crypt of the deconsecrated Marylbone Church, which adjoins a still-operational Anglican school for girls. The OneMarylbone Gallery features the work of taxidermist Polly Morgan, whose sculptures are made from stuffed dead birds. His personal holdings includes a collection of human skulls, a sculpture of a crucified gorilla, works by necrophiliac Damian Hirst, and another of a black Christ strapped to an electric chair. Former residents of the Marylbone neighborhood include Gary Glitter and celebrity chef Clement Freud, brother of the grotesquely perverted painter Lucian, grandchildren of Sigmund Freud, founder of the Tavistock Institute in London, which inspired the MK-Ultra program. Crazy as it may sound, does it all start to make sense?

Another interesting find in the Unbound Philanthropy closet is Jake Lee, deputy director of ITS UK program and attorney in charge of “the foundation’s strategies and legal rights and protections program. Prior to 2012 (note the year) he was a lawyer at Allen & Overy for nearly 10 years, where he managed the firm’s global pro bono program and the Allen & Overy Foundation.

Allen & Overy is one of the “magic circle” law firms headquartered in the City of London, the old Jewish quarter that since the medieval era has been an autonomously ruled financial district in the center of the British capital under the authority of a secretive Corporation of bankers and attorneys.

Journalist George Monbiot describes the 1 square mile City banking district as the dark heart of Britain, the place where democracy goes to die, immensely powerful, equally unaccountable.

Continuing, “This autonomous state within our borders is in a position to launder the ill-gotten cash of oligarchs, kleptocrats, gangsters and drug barons. As the French investigating magistrate Eva Joly remarked, it has never transmitted even the smallest piece of usable evidence to a foreign magistrate.’”

Why would an attorney from Britain’s largest and richest law firm join a pro-immigration non-profit group? What could Berger-Reeves be hiding? Please don’t tell us, Bill and Keiko, since it would be lies and we’d rather find out for ourselves by digging it out coin by coin, bone by bone. And Berger-san, quite trying to be a den mother to the Girl Scouts of Hawaii, since your past shows your absolute lack of ethical qualifications.

Won’t it be refreshing to have a simple and normal American president instead of a Kenyan-Hawaian mafioso with occult connections in the White House?

Baker Street to the Rescue

The City of London is governed by a Lord Mayor and a council of aldermen. From the Guardian newspaper: “the alderman belong to City institutions including Linklaters & Paines, Rothschild Asset Management and Carr, Kitcat & Aitken. Some are businessmen. Seven hold directorships of public companies. And they can expect to hold their positions until they are 70.

Hold it right there. Lord Rothschild, as depicted in the character Lord Blackwood in the 2009 movie “Sherlock Holmes”? Recall how Robert Downey Jr. As Holmes is summoned to the Temple of the Four Orders, a secret magical fraternity with considerable political influence, something like the real-world Illuminati? Truth is stranger than fiction, for this dark side of London holds the secret of why the globalist cabal is plotting to stop the candidacies of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Neither are sworn to whatever demons govern the financial netherworld.

What could Hillary have that her rivals don’t, besides bulging eyes, a nervous laugh and brain-addled weirdness of the terminal delusional? The symptoms appear to be a lot like those of the fictional Lord Blackwood, who ended up hanged from Black Friar’s Bridge.

Yoichi Shimatsu, a science writer based in Hong Kong, is an investigative journalist and occasional political commentator.


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