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Obama Indicted Himself

By Jim Kirwan


In his State of the Union Speech Obamanation very carefully laid out the charges against him which call for not only his impeachment for treason: But that entire body of the government who was present in that room on January 20, 2015 for that speech that should all have been arrested on the spot according to the Geneva Conventions…

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, about 2min in:

Well - Let’s cut to the chase and it’s got nothing to do with Syria. The reason for looking for a fabricated reason to attack Assad is to continue the radicalization of Muslims: In the hopes that this strife spreads into the Muslim populations of Russia and China. And of course both countries are bordered by Muslim countries. So the more radicalized Muslim peoples become the more trouble it means for Russia and China. It is the way that Washington can destabilize Russia and China and get them out of its way; in its pursuit of world hegemony…”

But now the whole world sees that Washington is again fabricating lies as a justification for war, no one will participate…. (This) all leads to nuclear war because if they succeed in getting rid of Syria, then Iran will be next. And of course when it comes to Iran the Russians and Chinese will draw a ‘firmer line’ in the sand.”

But I think what’s going on is actually even more scary because the congress now is being told by Washington that we have to show a ‘united front’ ­ you’re got to support the president. How can you not support the president? Our prestige our credibility, bla, bla, bla. And what the congress needs to consider is: If the congress supports the president; and the rest of the world doesn’t, then what has happened to congresses credibility? It’s got no more credibility than the Obama regime.”

k: Congress just bypassed the White House and invited the war-criminal that runs Israel, Netanyahu, to come to the U.S. to speak to them.

If the rest of the world says: “Well we still don’t believe you and we’re not going along with this” Then it leaves the United States isolated.

Now what if Washington is able to purchase the cooperation of enough of the NATO countries to… so if handing out bags of money is required then that will happen. We have to wonder what has the so-called socialist Hollande, in France been promised that he is so willing to demonstrate his power to make France Obama’s whore?

Something is going on. Now what if these governments end-up in the end, supporting the strike on Syria, which is against the opposition of every one of their populations? Then what happens: all the Western governments are discredited in the eyes of their own people.”

Greg Hunter: “The polls here in America range anywhere from more than 60% NO, to as much as 90% NO here in America, and an even higher amount of Americans in a most recent poll says: “NO DON’T ARM THE SYRIAN REBELS” which is Al Qaeda. But nobody can answer what happens if Al Qaeda gets control. What happens to all those chemical weapons? If you do topple Assad who’s going to be in control? It is Al Qaeda rebels I mean top commanders and they are picture taking with John McCain, who said: “Oh I didn’t know that”…

What comes after that?”

PCR: “I just told you… the most important thing that comes out of it is that you’ve got every so-called Western democracy and not a single government has the confidence of the people. So you have the complete discrediting of the entirety of Western democracy, not just in the rest of the world but in their own countries!

So when governments act on the basis of transparent lies then everyone loses confidence in them. So what I’m asking is what happens in the United States; when everybody says they can’t believe a word this government says? It lies through its teeth every time it opens its mouth a thousand lies jump out. War after war based on nothing but lies! …And what is the consequence for Western democracies? It just disappears when no one has any confidence, in any government. So that is far more serious than the fact that McCain is so stupid, that he doesn’t know when he’s meeting with terrorists…”

Suppose we succeed in turning Syria over to Al Nusra, the terrorist front? How do we get Syria away from them? …It doesn’t matter what weapons they have ~ how do you get the country away from them. We weren’t able to get Iraq away from the Iraqi’s. How are we gonna get Syria away from Al Nusra?”

k: Maybe we’ll just give Syria to Israel, to expand their shitty little country because Israel could never do that on its own. They’ve been trying to steal land from all their neighbors for 67 years and have failed every time.

Who has Libya ­ not us! Nobody knows.”

The real question is, if the congress backs a strike on the basis of transparent lies: I mean everybody knows that there is no evidence Then what happens to congresses credibility? (k which is already in the sewer). Especially if the rest of the world still doesn’t go along with the strike! …the issue is will any aspect of this government have any credibility if they back Obama when the rest of the world already knows he’s lying through his teeth!” (13min into the video)

(13min 40sec) “Under the Nuremberg standard that we established to prosecute the Nazi Germans and government officials, Generals and government officials after WWII: It is unequivocal naked aggression against a country and is a war crime. It does not say it’s okay to commit aggression “if they’re using chemical weapons, it’s still a war crime for the United States, whether or not they’ve used chemical weapons.

And moreover if Assad used chemical weapons he most certainly did not use them against his own people. The Al Nusra front are not Syrians. They are outsiders that we recruited and sent in to overthrow him, they are not “his people”.

The fact of the matter is that Assad has a higher standing in the polls among Syrians than Obama has with Americans, or Cameron with the British or Hollande with the French. So all of this garbage talk about “he’s a dictator and we have to overthrow him and he’s using chemical weapons against his own people”: This is just balderdash ~ how could anybody be so stupid or gullible to believe any of that? It’s still a War Crime no matter what he did unless he has attacked us. Under the Nuremberg Standard you cannot commit military aggression ­ it’s a WAR CRIME…” (15min 45 sec)

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts A Real Collapse in the Dollar

The principle above was the case in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya, as well as many of those other nations that we’ve been overthrowing since 911, under the exact same set of pretexts. What is crystal clear is that this government has become the enemy of the entire planet and especially of the American people who have paid for all of these outlawed endeavors worldwide.

Therefore to advocate, as part of American policy going forward, the idea that America can and should commit war crimes to get what this imposter in the Tarnished House wants to continue to so blatantly do; just because the Empire has issued their edict to their lackey’s to “Make It So”. To do this as part of the State of the Nation address was and is an obscenity and a crime against the rest of the world, not just the creatures that continue to tolerate this war criminal here in the Tarnished House. The congress who listened to this diatribe and applauded wildly the commission of war-crimes are complicit in this act that must be held accountable and punished.

Interestingly the United States of Israel has been using “Weapons of Mass Destruction”, throughout every military action we’ve taken since 911. We have slaughtered innocent people with drones and snipers by the thousands, without charges or trials and USI has imprisoned hundreds of thousands of innocent people in prisoner-of-war-camps. We have taken torture to a place so far beyond the Inquisition that everything pales by comparison. The last war that USI was legally involved in was declared by the congress for WWII, in 1941.

In fact the Congress that gave Bush this illegal “License to Kill” should have been indicted for their failure to protect the public from the War Criminal George W. Bush. We have not had a legitimate “Commander in Chief” since WWII, because for the United States to be involved in a real war, that action must be approved of by the Congress, in advance.

Congress is the only body in the USA that can legally declare any war.

When congress gave away that responsibility they were declaring themselves to be enemies of the Constitution that they were elected to protect. Consequently both Bush and Obama have committed treason because they have both used this illegal “License to Kill” to frustrate the Constitution and the real chain of command of the United States of America: All of this was ordered to be done by the United States of Israel, who actually owns the government in Washington today.

So when Obamanation went before the world and declared himself to have a literal trove of illegal rights that do not exist, he was pleading guilty to War Crimes and Genocide on an unimaginably massive scale…

That is why both Obama and the entire government that has gone along with all this criminality, of the preceding fifteen years, must be arrested and charged with their crimes ­ maybe then the world can get back to something worthy of being part of nature and the human race…


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