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Obamanation’s Illegal Czars

By Jim Kirwan

Obamanation and Israel have been frustrated at every turn with Barry’s personal solution to everything surrounding Ebola. Now he’s gone so far as to create another entirely illegal solution—one that has no foundation in either settled law or the U.S. Constitution: The “CZAR” has again made headlines and again the public has yet to register the fact that appointing a Czar to deal with anything, is as illegal as it gets!

As mentioned yesterday: “There is no such position in this government for a "Czar" of any kind. Yet Obama has appointed over 75 of them during his six years. Have you ever heard anything positive coming from the appointment of any of these "czars"?

Moreover the track records of the idiots he wants these Czars to "report to" are equally moronic and totally unqualified for any of their supposed "jobs" in this government today.

But none of this matters because this professional screw-up is only there to absorb the criticisms and the continuing failures meant for the White House and its current dictator. So why does this government bother with this Ship of Fools that has not managed to get anything right throughout the last six years?

That’s simple: He does this because it ‘sounds like’ he’s doing something which actually has no basis in any reality except in the single-mind of the puppets who are running all the sideshows in the wider-world.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest got a little more specific with reporters after the announcement was made FridayRonald Klain preps Obama for a foreign policy debate in Nevada in 2012.

Ronald Klain preps Obama for a foreign policy debate in Nevada in 2012…

Democrat: Appointing Ebola czar a good idea

McCain: Obama needs to appoint Ebola czar

"I think what you can assume Mr. Klain's role will be is an important, high-level implementation role," said Earnest. "Ultimately, it will be his responsibility to make sure that all the government agencies who are responsible for aspects of this response, that their efforts are carefully integrated. He will also be playing a role in making sure the decisions get made."

The administration has been criticized for its response to the incidents of Ebola in the United States, in terms of how prepared hospitals have been for potential Ebola patients and also how prepared health care workers were in terms of their personal protective gear.

Some lawmakers have called for a travel ban on individuals coming from West Africa, where the outbreak is most serious but the administration has so far not embraced that idea.

Klain is highly regarded at the White House as a good manager with excellent relationships both in the administration and on Capitol Hill. His supervision of the allocation of funds in the stimulus act -- at the time and incredible and complicated government undertaking -- is respected in Washington. He does not have any extensive background in health care but the job is regarded as a managerial challenge.”

kirwan: What the Ebola problem requires is medical expertise, based on a sound and long practiced history in dealing with medical problems of this magnitude: Not some third rate hack known for his political screw-ups and not his success stories, of which there have been NONE!

"He's strong. He's very tough," said CNN political analyst David Gergen. "It's important in this job to be a coordinator; you have to knock heads together. He's tough enough to do that."

Gergen said that while Klain doesn't have a health care background, he does have both domestic policy and foreign policy assignments on his portfolio and both will come into play as the administration deals with Ebola.”

kirwan: Klain’s only real qualifications consist of being just another Israeli-American willing to completely destroy any government effort to fix anything: Because his current job is insure that Ebola spreads throughout this nation—rather than to do anything to even interrupt this manufactured pandemic that was made and patented to kill as many people around the world as possible.

Klain will report to both White House homeland security adviser Lisa Monaco and National Security Adviser Susan Rice, according to a White House official.”

kirwan: Both of these creatures are far beyond inept, regardless of whatever they manage to get assigned to do. Both have huge resumes of nothing but FAILURE, so why are they even involved with something as dangerous as this “outbreak” can potentially be?

A former chief of staff to Vice President Joe Biden and also to then-Vice President Al Gore, Klain is currently president of Case Holdings and general counsel of Revolution, an investment group. He has clerked for the U.S. Supreme Court and headed up Gore's effort during the 2000 Florida recount and was portrayed in the HBO movie "Recount" by Kevin Spacey. He could not be reached for comment on Friday…”

…“Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida had called for an Ebola czar to coordinate the government's response to the deadly virus, but said Friday that "already, concerned have been raised about the president's choice."

"I hope Mr. Klain will come forward quickly with a set of concrete actions to reassure Americans that this administration is taking this situation seriously, including but not limited to common sense travel restrictions on individuals from the affected countries in West Africa," he said.

Biden, though, endorsed Klain's selection in a tweet.”.

Congress and the nation have put up with Czars for decades, never raising the illegal nature of these fake officials and their non-impact on everything they are charged with overseeing.

And in fact the entire former nation has put up with these criminals now for over fourteen years with only dead birds, broken glass and shattered lives to show for all their efforts; while the nation has been asset stripped and raped so often that most people think its normal to expect to be raped and beaten if we ever dare to call the cops for anything anywhere in the USSA today.

Now this additional heresy on top of everything else—it’s far too much to bear. None of the people in office today have done anything to alter this nations’ war upon our own people. We’re just like the people in Eastern Ukraine. The only difference is that we’re still waiting to have all that U.S. military hardware unleashed against us by what is supposed to be our own government.

In the meanwhile Monsanto and the government who are together “managing” their privately owned and patented pandemic to thin out the population after they finish dipping the nation in a pool of FEAR and TERROR so toxic that it can kill thousands even without being exposed to Ebola in the first place.

See also today’s second story:

The first story is on England’s demands for a pay-raise across the board and an end to “austerity polices”, because people there did the math and they’re now demanding major shifts in what ordinary people get for “working” in this “global economy”.

The answers to our problems are out there & always have been.

What we need to do as citizens, not as consumers, is to take to the streets with pitchforks and weapons to DEMAND real changes from all those who are supposedly in-charge of “managing” this society: Which has only seen colossal failures in every area of life for over fifteen years!

The public is told to “vote” their way out of this quagmire: But that’s a total lie because everything about “selections here” has been rigged since before the coming of the new millennium.

The public in Amerika has tried “elections” and that’s been a total failure every time—just look at how many promises Obamanation has broken, or any of the other phonies who ascended into public office? How many times will the public continue to stand for being cheated out of everything they’ve earned by the sweat of the brows and the blood of their beaten down loved ones?

If this takes public lynchings to make the point, then that needs to be done ­ because this level of public obscenity cannot continue to be tolerated anywhere else in the world today.


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