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Nullify U.S. Incorporated

By Jim Kirwan


The flaw in this Government as it functions today is the fact that there has been no way, until now, to actually say ‘no’ to the government: “Hell No!”, as the one irrepressible and legal response to any of the criminal laws that have been passed in the Twenty-first Century: Or more properly; going all the way back to 1798.

Nullification is actually a time honored and legal approach to turn back tyranny, as it’s been practiced since we crossed into the new Millennium.

10min 20sec into the Corbett Report.

Nullifying the NSA’ Published Dec 13, 2013

Corbett: “Power is in the hands of people. All they have to do is grasp it and use it instead of just rolling over and playing dead any time the tyrants in Washington put whatever edict’s out there they want—we don’t have to sit there and take it.”

Ultimately it comes down to what the people will do or will not do and that’s ultimately where the power lies.”

Tom Wood: “In 1798 we had some offensive legislation that was signed into law by John Adams, called the Alien and Sedition Act. So, I will dwell for a moment only on the Sedition Act, which made it a crime to be critical of the President or the Congress: To be excessively critical. Now notice they forgot somebody; they skipped over the Vice-President because at that time the top vote getter becomes the president, the second place finisher becomes the Vice-President.

So John Adams becomes the president belonging to the Federalist Party, Thomas Jefferson is the vice-president he belongs to the Republican Party. The Federalists dominate the Executive Branch, the congress and the courts. So you can’t criticize the president or the congress, but they jump right over Thomas Jefferson the vice president: You can say anything you want to about him under the law.

So Jefferson thought. You know, look I’m not really that stupid; I see this is really a partisan measure designed to hurt my party. And sure enough Republican newspaper editors were being tossed into jail: People who, what by today’s standards are astonishingly restrained comments about John Adams are being fined or imprisoned.

There was a congressman from Vermont who went to jail. This is a guy who had fought in the American Revolution. He was sent to jail for saying something, there again totally harmless about John Adams: Although I am happy to report that the thousand dollar fine he had to pay was actually paid for by his constituents, who took up a collection for him and then proceeded to re-elect him for another term—from jail!

Those are the Americans okay. Those are the ones ­ They are our forefathers, those are the ones we need to remember and emulate …

So Jefferson says look something has to be done about this, but what are you going to do? Well we could wait two years for the next presidential election but again and I hate to say things that fall outside the box but you know, once in awhile when there’s a presidential election that doesn’t yield you, ~ the results you might have been looking for? We’ll just put it that way. Plus by then we might all be in jail? We can’t wait for two years - that’s ridiculous.

Or we could refer this to the Supreme Court. Right? Have the Supreme Court look at it? Well Supreme Court did not actually hear any cases pertaining to this, but if they had, they would have supported the Sedition Act because all the Justices were appointed by Federalists. And in fact a number of the states ~

said that the Sedition Law was “most Excellent”. It’s about time we had this thing, to stop all these scurrilous things being said about our “wise president”…

So Supreme Court is not gonna work, but even if it would work, in the sense that it might give you the ruling you want, from Jefferson’s point of view the Federal Government is the problem: The Supreme Court is a branch of the problem! You don’t refer a dispute like this between the states and federal government to the Federal Government… ”

k) This is the same issue in the trumped up-dispute between Bundy and the current government over the use of his state land, by giving the case concerning the federal government takeover by BLM, that has no standing in any dispute between the state lands in Nevada owned by Cliven Bundy, to the federal courts to decide the jurisdiction which the federal government has been violating since before 2000.

“… So Jefferson’s view was that the federal courts are a party to one of the sides. They are one of the parties in this contest; you cannot refer it to them. It doesn’t even make sense, no, no. no. In this the States are the proper disputants as the States confer among themselves and ask: ‘Did we intend to delegate this power to the federal government?’

Those are the proper disputes. And that was Jefferson’s view. That was James Madison’s view as he wrote in the famous report of eighteen hundred, sometimes called the Virginia Report. He said: ‘It’s not the case, I’m paraphrasing, it’s not the case that our presidents are fallible, our congressmen are fallible, but our judges are ‘divine’.

That’s not our system. It’s to the contrary all three branches can betray us and so there needs to be “a last resort mechanism” when we’ve been betrayed by everybody. And that mechanism consists of the parties to the constitution themselves; namely ‘the States’ having ‘the last resort’ - NO!

That’s what Jefferson called Nullification. He introduced that word into the American political vocabulary. Now when you are attacked and smeared for talking about nullification ­ I can almost guarantee you ~ that the people attacking you will not dare mention Thomas Jefferson.”

Corbett introduces the solution to the problems raised by the NSA’s massive spying program and the storage facility in Utah. All efforts in the USSA to end this program have come down to nothing, at the present time. But if we followed the suggestions in the Corbett Report, there is a really simple solution that could terminate the ability to maintain the storage facility in Utah ­ permanently. Without the water needed to cool the computers, they are useless and if the people of Utah decide to nullify the feds use of their water, then the NSA is out of business!

The Abuses of the NSA: 18 min 58sec:

The New Data Center in Utah requires 1.7 million gallons of water every single day to operate. Billions of fourth Amendment Violations need massive computers and the water to cool them in order to be maintained. That water is being supplied by the State of Utah.

FACT: There’s nothing in the Constitution that requires your state to help the FEDS violate your rights. Our message to Utah:


However the problems with the NSA are only one of the latest major crimes being underwritten by the rogue government which owes its existence to the creation of The United States Incorporated which got its start on Jekyll Island, with the formation of the illegal Federal Reserve Bank. If we nullify USI, as a corporation, we can end at least one hundred years of tyranny in one fell swoop.

Nullification or the voice of the people of each state is the clear path that could legally end the Federal Reserve and all of the bogus legislation that’s been written by USI since the FED stole the right of all Americans to print and control our money supply…

Think about it and contact your state representatives. Demand that they answer to the will of the people of their states and vote accordingly to end the functions of NSA by Turning off the Water in Utah to the Federal government that’s been illegally using it since they built that monstrosity in Utah. But insist that the division between the states and parasitic federal overreach of United States Incorporated be permanently terminated.

Maybe then, even without an attack upon the people of America, we could begin to deconstruct the entirely criminal takeover of this nation by the Zionist cabal that gave birth to all our recent nightmares!

This is one of the things that millions of Americans can do to break out of the enslavement forced upon us by the Stazi-Police State created by the private corporate-outlaws of the world…


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