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'Not A Winning Strategy'


Jim Kirwan


Samantha Power, the US Ambassador to the United Nations:

As the President said on Friday: “This is not a winning strategy”.

RT: ‘The US and Russia have distinctly different views of how to fight ISIL. Russia says: ‘You cannot succeed without the Syrian Army which is currently fighting ISIL. Washington says: ‘Supporting Assad in the fight is “Not a Winning Strategy”

This is the lizard-person that is married to Ambassador Power, who is a deeply imbedded Zionist from Harvard and the lawless USI government.

RT: ‘This begs the question, what has made a winning US strategy so far?

Has it been a wrong strategy to decapitate the Iraqi government, after the invasion? Has it been a successful strategy to unleash a devastating civil war,” as Obama said himself, “that has led us to Al Qaeda in Iraq?”

Or what exactly has been the ‘winning strategy in Afghanistan or Libya and now Syria? The U.S, led coalition has been bombing ISIL targets for a year now. (Kirwan: Actually for over four years now).And yet ISIL continues to control a big part of Iraq and Syria (Kirwan: And all of Libya) and recruit new fighters.” Begins @ 2min and 8 sec to 3min 45sec. in the link below…



The larger point here is that ‘no country’ is currently allowed to defend itself against the will of Western Imperialism, Israel, or the stumbling New World Disorder. This unofficial position began with the Monroe Doctrine in the Western Hemisphere in the 1800’s,

ADBUSTERS Magazine, May/June 2004 No. 53

The United States bequeathed to itself, the sole power over every nation in the Western Hemisphere from 1822 to 1867.

That was the first “War without End that we got away with.

The number of nations that were attacked and bludgeoned into submission became an unholy 47 years of slaughter for the corporations of that time—and this was not challenged until after the conclusion of WWII.

It took over one hundred and thirty years for any of those captured nations to rebel, which many of them have by now.

We need to take a page from that hemispheric history, about today’s crimes against humanity, and apply the experience to the recently looted and criminally destroyed nations in Africa, the Middle East and Croatia.


Of course the USI-Israeli War Machine will never allow such an outrage to interrupt their drive for Full-Spectrum Dominance: But if that could be done then the solution to the current problems, brought to us all by the lizard-people of the Khazarian Supremacy, could be remade by withdrawing all foreign troops and paying reparations to the scorched earth nations: That way the permanent, inconveniently-landless people could return to their own nations and rebuild them in whatever way they choose.

This is the only real solution to the problem that will totally overwhelm this dying planet, unless the nations that did the bombing which created the hell in so many places, are forced to face the global-extinction-event that will happen, if the problems of these tens of millions of people are not directly addressed or fixed.

Of course the world needs to hunt down and outlaw the reborn Robber-Barons that have stolen the world from the people that live here now. But don’t hold your breath for that to ever happen, because the only way that could ever take place is if ordinary people were to rise up and make it happen: It’s a bit like what happened to the world after the Black Plague ran its course.

The Black Death ­ Part One

The Black Death ­ Part Two

What’s about to befall humanity will be thousands of times worse than the die-off that came from the Black Plague…

The Catholic Church was the subject of much hatred for a hundred years after that event, to the point that the church had to find and destroy the savagely angry paintings that were produced at that time, because the church got the blame for all that death, just as the current Oligarch’s, and the Corporations will end up holding the bag for this never-seen-before global collapse that’s coming this winter…

If you know about the past then you do not have to repeat those previous crimes: Yet most of us know absolutely nothing about our own history, much less about the real history of the rest of the planet—so of course we’re bound to repeat every filthy aspect of all that blood and treasure, along with whatever remains of human dreams or goals.


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