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Notice to the Oathbreakers 

By Jim Kirwan


Sent 2-1-16 to the Sheriff, the Governor of Oregon & Obama.

The message above reads:

"We the People of Harney County and also the people of the United States DO GIVE NOTICE THAT WE WILL RETAIN POSSESSION OF THE HARNEY COUNTY RESSOURCE CENTER (Malheur Wildlife Refuge}.

Remove all state policing agents out of Harney County.

Place a Harney County Sheriff guard at the entrance of the Harney County Resource Center, stopping all from entering or exiting for a time."

If this constitutionally legal notice is ignored or defied, then American's will have to face the fact that the United States Government, operating as US Inc., is not in compliance with the US Constitution and must therefore be treated as the hostile and occupying enemy force that it clearly is.

This is what makes this official notice so important now & for the future.

By illegally taking a third of the nation's lands from the people of this nation, and giving that land to the so-called government that has no constitutional right to it, as they have never paid the states for that land: Because everything they're doing through the BLM, since it's inception, has been illegal. The gray area inside the orange 100 mile border, above,is what the government is demanding ownership of.

BTW the government has already decided on how they will destroy the states and reassign all of us into 'numbered-districts', just as was done in the Hunger Games. Think about this ­ no more STATE affiliations, just a Roman Numeral as a designation for the faceless, socialist-communist state that will be a slave state to their so-called new world order...

How does it feel to have asleep for over a hundred years?

That's what is at stake now in Nevada, Utah and Oregon—but in reality this is about the entire nation which is now under the UN, who wants to use NATO to try to disarm the American public, to keep us from standing up against the thefts. the tyranny and the treason..The criminality and the murders that only increase from day to day have been driving the public ever deeper into this cesspool: That's why Cliven Bundy sent that official-notice, at the top of the article, to those that have been leading the theft in Oregon. His message went to he Sheriff of Harney County and the governor of Oregon, to reach the State of Oregon, and of course to the President where this crime was supposed to have been stopped. - decades ago.

There are still four people inside the Wildlife Refuge that are still not surrendering, and the letter “notice”d above could help to diffuse that standoff without having any more people dying at the hands of the corrupt state and the always deceptive feds.




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