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No Mincing Words


By Jim Kirwan


Yesterday (10-20-15) in a monthly interview with Jeff Rense some topics came up that opened some windows that have been closed for far too long, since the crimes against humanity became visible. Ironically 'this society has turned away from anything and everything to do with real life, to a global-obsession with slavery of all types, punishment for every minor infraction and death for anyone or any nation that chooses to stand against the current nightmare.

Everything is now based on official permissions, penalties, censorship or death for anyone that seeks choice, freedom, human rights or life in any aspect. The time has come for the world to reject this perversion in all its forms.

With the invasion of Europe by the current one million undocumented, mostly single men: This number of strangers could easily swell to 32 million, unless this tsunami of primitive bodies are turned back to wherever they came from. In this process the EU must be dissolved if the human race is to be able to benefit from what the people of the planet have learned over the last fourteen centuries of human existence.

Why is this happening now?

Political Correctness in tandem with the new Communism of the new-millennium, is the vehicle that combined to do this to humanity in 2015.

Europe today has no room to accommodate the latest demands of the EU. These edicts from bureaucrats now seek to force multiple-millions of undocumented bodies into the already settled and established 28 nations of the EU. This despite the fact that every square inch of Europe is already 'occupied'. This bogus policy is based on an entirely false set of assumptions that the current residents of Europe can just “share” their lives with millions upon millions of strangers, that do not share the same values that the Europe of 2015 was currently trying to live by'.

These strangers refuse to be integrated into Europe or the United States, in terms of common-language, their traditional habits or their everyday practice of “living”. In many cases these creatures have no shared experience of using indoor plumbing, personal hygiene or modern medicine in daily life: On top of that they seem to lack any knowledge about where anything comes from, never mind what anyone must do to earn their own way in a civilized society. Instead their 'so called-lives', remain apart and totally ignorant of how or where anything necessary to life comes from, in any form.

These self-appointed crusaders have come to pillage and plunder many continents. These un-certified savages came to purge their 'host nations' of any and all creations that differ from their current existence, which still believes in living in the Seventh Century A.D.

Their goal in 2015 is nothing less than to destroy everything that did not exist in the seventh century, from all of everything that has come into existence until now: Including all the societal acceptances of practices between men and women in particular: Along with every modern improvement that has been created, which this filth now hungers to exterminate everywhere across the globe...

These invaders come from the time before personal hygiene existed, in the Seventh Century. Even the perfumes that were created to hide that fact, had not yet become common in the ancient world. Of course there was no refrigeration in the 7th Century, so all those glorious European sauces had not yet been invented to hide the blue and green of rotting meat; which the Europeans created to make their vile food tolerable. But most obvious of all is the fact of indoor plumbing, which apparently the savages now flooding into Europe are obviously unfamiliar with. Exhibit A: They tend to defecate and urinate wherever they might be in public—just as they still use the windows, stairwells, streets and alleys to throw their garbage into, with no care for the stench,or any of the problems which that practice creates for anyone else trying to use the streets to get from place to place.

There's also the double-obscenity of demanding free money, food, shelter and clothing, along with medicine not to mention their supposed “right” to take over the homes of those whose daily lives they are intruding upon: With their anger and their hatred for everyone whose life and existence has now been invaded by their arrival. Many are demanding the right to abuse and rape European women, whom they tend to view as unclean, preferably white women, as it is “their right” to use and abuse any and all women under their form of Islamic law.

If the people affected by this invasion do not rise up and evict these creatures: Then those who choose to submit to this now global-obscenity, do not deserve to live: Because people must fight to keep what they've spent their lives creating, otherwise they have lost any right to participate in living ­ anywhere again.

Civilization itself is under attack so this is a case of “Either-Or” because the world cannot live with both groups in it any longer.

How did all this just happen “to happen” in 2015?

None of this happened as an isolated event:

This is and was a series of carefully layered events

that ultimately led the world into this global cul-de-sac.

Democracy” & “Freedom” as they supposedly exist today

were the primary lies that started humanity down this literal road to hell.

'Democracy' is the primary lie that was invented in Ancient Greece and was a method of government meant to work within a single city-state. The term means “Mob Rule”. When the population using it, is as small as a city it works perfectly, because the people know each other. It also worked because it was illegal to not participate in the life of the city and its politics (Any citizen who refused to participate was evicted from 'the city and had to forfeit all their possessions').

But when anything as large as the first thirteen colonies in America were created, government was designed to serve no more than 2 million people. Today there are 50 states and over 380 million people, a huge number of which are not even Americans. In brief 'democracy' cannot possibly work here within this society that barely practices any political life at all, except for the owners that have taken over 'the game' entirely.

That's why the founders created a Republic because under a Republic every opinion has value and must be respected, thereby ending mob-rule. What the new world order sells as 'Democracy' is a flat out lie and must be left in the dust of history, except for isolated city-states, wherever they might still exist?

The “FREEDOM” that is meant by this illegal government, whenever and wherever it is used to prop up any argument they offer us ­ has nothing to do with your actual freedoms: They are referring to the freedoms of the privately controlled corporations to dominate you and me. The “freedom” most people think of has been dead since long before the Rothschild seizure of our money supply, with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

With the truth behind the actual definitions of “Democracy & Freedom” above, let's move on to what American Society and the world is actually founded on today...

The world of 2014 is totally founded on criminality, in every area throughout the society, especially in the United States, but a huge degree of this is also true in the wider world as well: Because literally almost everything today is directly founded and maintained by global-criminality!

Anyone who believes otherwise is living in a Hollywood-Fantasy that 'almost always' refuses to tell the truth about the true condition of human society or human beings, anywhere in the world of today.

The world is now filled with treason, lies, duplicity and deceptions at every turn.. Business is based on government protected lies theft and extortion: As well as the blackmail, torture, rape and murder of American citizens, as just part of the everyday occurrences of ordinary life inside this police-state that is still growing by leaps and bounds.

Think about this.

This government wants to ban heterosexual marriage, the differentiation between males and females as sexist, while the state advocates for taking children away from their parents because they now believe that the State is the best agency to raise our children, not the biological parents.

And these same agencies are the ones who designed the new PC rules and zero-tolerance, in Europe and the US, to make it illegal for citizens to even try to stop the invasion of their lives and homes by total strangers, because no one has the right to decide how to live for themselves, any longer, only the state has that right in 2015 ­ unless of course we crush those creatures and end this global-nightmare now.

And finally we come to the last part of this evil-control over the here-to-fore passive-planet of half-dead zombies, masquerading as everyday-people....

The natural rights of all men and women in the world of today.

Have always been the real targets in all of this.

This War has been planned as an attack on everyone

especially on the women in the world today

This global-crime must be stopped cold

along with everything and anything to do

with the whatever has happened to men and women

from the Seventh Century until 2015.

The world got a real 'heads-up' in the film “Children of Men” that featured a central premise in the story where women failed to be able to get pregnant.

In today's world, if the extreme Islamic laws are reintroduced worldwide, then because of their non-role for women, the human race will be staring at a future without women and the end of the human race as a viable part of life on earth.

6min 27sec of Children of Men

LIFE is Woman & our connection to the Universe,

While EXISTENCE is the refusal to face Life.

In the war of today: Women and the White Race have been

the global targets all along,

At least since the barbaric seventh century.

Radical Islamist's want our white women,

And they want them now!

But what happened to their women?

The radical's in exchange for their slaughter of unbeliever's

look forward to a paradise where they are rewarded

with fifty virgin women.

But what do women get for their part in this murdering mockery?

Women in Islam are expected to cover their bodies from head to toe, or face stoning, torture or murder for failing to do so. This is apparently 'her lot' because 'she' was born a woman.

When I mentioned this 'practice' to a female friend she said:

I'd rip off that funeral garb,

twist it into ropes to strangle these massively primitive

pedophiles and perverts that claim to be men.

After all why should I cover my body from head to toe,

in this trite-emulation of the walking dead,

just because I was born to be a strong proud woman!”

My friend was right, because women literally are the representatives and protectors of the life-force in this world. Without women there could be no “next generation” of anything at all.

Meanwhile the 'American women' who naively dress this way only serve as captives to their owners and are prelude to the total sacrifice of their own potentially productive lives ­ which Islam denies, in order to sacrifice the lives of all their women to validate the heresy of being a woman, by the criminal standards of the seventh century, wherever that's practiced today. Because wherever this is done, in the name of whatever 'cause' this is still a very personal attempt to use, abuse and kill all the women who are the source of all human life on the planet.

Welcome to Sweden - The Rape Capitol of the Europe


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