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‘No Boots On the Ground’

By Jim Kirwan

Nero’s made a Hollywood production out of



Congress the Courts & the White House

have totally forgotten the history of



History is replete with American examples of “No Boots on the Ground” which figured prominently in four major war-crimes that were never paid for. The first of these four was Dresden, Germany.

On the night of February 13, 1945, Allied warplanes began one of the deadliest bombing campaigns carried out prior to the US aerial bombardment of Tokyo and atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The two-day attack on Dresden has remained the center of lasting controversy over its use of carpet bombing and the massive wanton death and destruction it left behind. It killed roughly 25,000 people and destroyed some 13 square miles of the city as part of the Allied effort to bolster Soviet troops advancing from the east into Nazi Germany.” (1)

That was followed by the Firebombing of Tokyo.

More than 300 B-29 "Superfortress" bombers dropped nearly a half-million M-69 incendiary cylinders over Tokyo that night and early morning, destroying some 16 square miles of the city. The attack, coming a month after a similar raid on Dresden, Germany, brought the mass incineration of civilians to a new level in a conflict already characterized by unprecedented bloodshed.

The official death toll was some 83,000, but historians generally agree that victims unaccounted for bring the figure to around 100,000 ? overwhelmingly civilians. It is widely considered to be the most devastating air raid in history.” (2)

These crimes-against-humanity were followed by the two Atomic Bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan.

On the morning of August 6, 1945, the United States Army Air Forces dropped the nuclear weapon "Little Boy" on the city of Hiroshima, Japan. Three days later, the "Fat Man" bomb was detonated over Nagasaki.

In estimating the death toll from the attacks, there are several factors that make it difficult to arrive at reliable figures: inadequacies in the records given the confusion of the times, the many victims who died months or years after the bombing as a result of radiation exposure, and not least, the pressure to either exaggerate or minimize the numbers, depending upon political agenda. That said, it is estimated that by December 1945, as many as 140,000 had died in Hiroshima by the bomb and its associated effects.[1][2] In Nagasaki, roughly 74,000 people died of the bomb and its aftereffects.

In both cities, most of the casualties were civilians. The intentional killing of civilians by the Allies of World War II—who claimed that their cause was just—raised moral questions about the just course of the war, as had the Bombing of Dresden, Germany.” (3)

American BOOTS ON THE GROUND were not involved in the slaughter of civilians above. Apparently the currently intimidated American Congress is about to be “persuaded by Nero” to add Damascus, Tehran and Beirut to the existing LIST of war crimes

IF the public allows them to do so!

According to the White House Chief of Staff: Denis McDonough, another nothing-face that is telling the Congress, this week, what they “will-do.”

White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough said President Obama will win the vote to authorize military strikes in Syria, despite mounting congressional opposition.

Kicking off a three-day White House media blitz on Syria Sunday, McDonough brushed aside the rising number of voices in Congress against military action, saying it was still “too early” to reach conclusions.

This resolution is going to pass after we work this,” McDonough said on ABC’s “This Week.” (4)

Congress has become totally irrelevant in American political life. It began last year when Nero slashed the 535 member congress to just 12 people in what he called the SUPER-COMMITTEE: That failed and was replaced by the Gang-of-Eight, who was only partially successful, but they too had to be reduced in size to be more manageable, thus the current Gang-of-Five. At no time during the last two years has the congress even mentioned the downgrading of their governmental functions. Nero has eliminated the remaining 530 members of the fraternity that continues to call themselves “Congress”!

This is why a fully televised joint session of the Congress must be called on to VOTE either for or against US participation in the planned WAR on SYRIA. If congress votes to commit the US to creating an international act of war, illegally ­ then the entire congress must be charged with the attempted commission of War crimes. The only way that the congress can even partially redeem itself is to hold that VOTE and follow the desires of over 90% of the American Public who are the only constituency they were selected to represent.

NOT Israeli interests, NOT corporate interests, and definitely NOT UN, NATO or any other foreign interests—just the ordinary-people of the United States. If Congress fails to hold that vote then congress should be spit-on and dissolved! (5)

A great example of how corrupted congress has become is John McCain. He’s run for president a few times, and he was captured in the Vietnam War: Yet he REFUSES to allow his military files to be open to the public - despite the fact that he apparently committed treason as a prisoner of war in Vietnam by aiding the North Vietnamese military, for which he was handsomely-rewarded during his capture, in Hanoi.

McCain is a congenital liar and a traitor, and he’s only one of the Gang-of-Five that was chosen to represent the whole now defunct congress. Congress has no balls. They refused to force Nero to face trial over his birth certificate, just as they have failed to ever challenge that Welfare pushing Drug-Dealer to answer for any of the crimes he routinely commits as Dictator. There are lots of reasons to simply drop the congress. Congress works fewer than 75 days a year. They just got back from another month long vacation, and they still don’t know shit about what’s been happening in the world. Instead of doing their own research they are waiting to ask the traitor what they should do about the latest obscenity on the way to more crimes against humanity. Poor babies, they haven’t yet learned how to think for themselves so they’re not worth bothering with, on any other topics either!

There are much greater issues at stake now throughout the world. Yes we are at a Crossroads. It’s probably the last one we will have a chance to influence, and literally the survival of the planet depends on what we do this week - to end the treasons and the traitors in this government.

The New World Order, which is just the Old World Order in shabby new clothes, wants to shrink the entire planet into only one of everything in the world: This is exactly the wrong thing for anyone to ever wish for much less to try to physically enforce.

To be alive on this planet is to be involved in ‘Ideas and projects that are greater than ourselves’ as just part of normal existence. When life contains these things that make life worthwhile, the very first thing most people recognize is that to have only one thing to choose from is hideous. That non-choice has always been slavery to the thoughts and dreams of “others”. It has never worked wherever it was tried—so why have we come again to this place where we must crush these non-humans again, if we want to have either a life or a future in this world…

We can start by staying with our convictions and demanding that congress follow our instructions to the letter ­ or face whatever comes next which will be what will happen once this criminal government is attacked for what they have refused to do to change the nightmares THIS WEEK!

Congress is as phony as Nero’s claim of “No Boots On the Ground” Let’s make them pay for their arrogant insolence, by putting them on trial in their own Congress, for all the world to see…

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