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The Nightmare Deepens

For The Government

By Jim Kirwan


These are the people I remember from the days of my youth in Oklahoma City. My three best friends growing up were a half-Cherokee, half Irish poet who was forced early into the marines; a full blooded Apache maniac who died early and a wild bull of a man who built full scale replicas of stagecoaches for Hollywood. He always had a bottle of Chivas Regal in one hand. We didn’t take crap from anyone then and especially not from the government.

We also had many friends across the entire spectrum of Outlaw Country. The large nickel plated belt-buckle I still wear came from a leader of the Houston Bandito’s at the time, which I took in a dispute over a similar kind of territorial disagreement ­ that took place off the books in Texas, near the Mexican border.

Until I saw this story this morning, I thought the past was dead and buried but it looks like I was thankfully mistaken.

For those of you that disagree with what I write about everyday: Can you imagine 50,000 young and angry Kirwan’s armed and ready to take-on the federal government? If I weren’t approaching 75, I’d be in Arizona, right there with them now…

50,000 Strong and Ready to Rumble… Oklahoma Militia Pledges Support for Cliven Bundy


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