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A New God Has Come To Earth


By Ted Twietmeyer

There is a new custom, a solemn ritual followed by more than a billion people. They now pay homage to their new god by bowing their heads day and night. This is a unique god which has come to the people of the world. Obedient are the followers, forever following and obeying what they are told to do. People everywhere have embraced this god of the world. They pay homage so much to this god, and do it so often that they do not realize how much of their life has has passed by while they were worshiping.

This new god's followers have children which are born, grow up and leave home for college or work. Children are now growing up as converts to this new religion. Many of these worshipers cannot tell you the color of their spouse's eyes - or even their children's eye color. A long time ago they gazed into their spouse's eyes when they were married, but soon became converts to the new god. Gazing into each others eyes happens no more. Worship is required and a all-consuming ritual by this new god. This new god doesn't make personal appearances, but instead is everywhere, all the time.

Their new god is known by just one name: Smartphone -  the god of fingers.

Are you a convert?


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